Lindsay Lindsay your looking finee!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
So while Misha Barton is one hell of a disaster atm, another one of our favorite trash celebs Linsay Lohan is looking fucking fabulous! About time, this girl has an amazing body and hair (im thinking Mean Girls era) and i have been patiently waiting for her to appear back to her stylish healthy looking nature. Shot by Rankin for Elle's UK September issue for long page spread, she is clearly on top form and i cant wait to read the interview see if she dishes any dirt on her famous relationship (with creepy and fucking freaky) Samantha Ronson.

Some one give me Lindsay Lohan hair please?
Pick up the latest copy of Elle if you know what's good for you! The new issue gives away three specially designed note books with cover designs from (my homeboy) Giles Deacon, Viviane Westwood and John Galliano. I plan on picking up all three! Hello, collectors item! plus a cute notebook to write my new blog ideas ;)