Giles Deacon at the V&A

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Get your freak on Giles Deacon!

On Friday the 17th July, i attended a Fashion in Motion event at the V&A. 

At this particular event, it showcased designer Giles
 Deacon's most favorite pieces from all his past collections on one runway. The show was fabulous. From when the first model graced the runway i was locked on to the amazing range of outfits, from pac man styled hats to elegant, unique dresses with intricate, little embellishments and quality printing and designs. Deacon has previously commented on how he likes the mixture of 'glamour and grit,' and many of the outfits were highly glamourous and sophisticated, yet with a grungy twist. 

Here are a few of our photos of the set up at V&A that was transformed into a catwalk.

Music included music from the theme tune to Fraggle Rock (hah!) to LL Cool J & Jlo.

We were in second row, i have good contacts ;)

Sitting in front of us was Hillary Alexander, the Fashion Editor for the Telegraph and Barbara Hulanicki (the founder of 60's iconic, fashion store Biba and whom recently completed a collection for Topshop).

Barbara Hulanicki

Here is a collection of outfits included on the runway, unfortunately our diy photos do not do them justice.

Reconise this top? As seen on Emma Watson on the latest cover of Elle magazine.

This dress is one of my favourite pieces of the collection: simple, monochrome, effortless and chic.

Here comes the Pac Man influence and Deacon flaunting his dramatic designs.

I personally wouldn't wear the head design, ahem, but this pink metallic mini is amazing.

These over the knee boots may seem OTT but they are all over A/W collections, time to search out a pair now.

I feel for the poor girl who modeled this scarf, she deserves a medal.

The heels modeled in this photo were used throughout the collection in a variety of colours and very versatile in teaming with different looks and styles. nom nom nom.

This is my all time favorite Giles Deacon piece, its so girly, romantic, please?

The best part about the show was actually meeting Mr Deacons himself! Sitting on the V&A steps, we had a cosy chat with Giles. He was so down to earth and i quote told us 'put as much effort as you can into any thing you do and you will get so far!' And yes, we are on first name terms ;)


Giles Deacon is a British Fashion designer who studied at Central Saint Martins (as well as Luella Bartly, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Stella Mccartney.. phew) graduating in 1992 to then move on to Paris. Whilst in Paris, he began his fashion career in design working alongside Jean Charles de Castelbajac. He has previously designed for Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Lois Vuttion before launching his own label Giles. His debut collection received instant, international acclaim and bought a closer inspection on British fashion. 

Deacon has received success in not only his collections but in being the recipient of the 2004 British Fashion Award for Best New Designer and in 2006 he went on to receive the prestigious Designer of the Year Award. 

Many of you may reconise Giles Deacon in another sense, in 2007 he partnered up with New Look to create his 'Gold' by Giles Deacon range. This collection made his work and style accessible for a wider audience at a more affordable price. This collection was quickly snapped up and very successful, so much that i am eagerly awaiting his A/W fall collection. 

His latest collection Spring/Summer 2010 for his Giles label will be shown at Paris Fashion Week. 

Heres the link to Giles Deacon at New Look:


In just under two weeks i am traveling to Egypt, for two weeks, all inclusive in a 5* resort (amen! to the credit crunch) right next to the lush Red sea tropical beaches. So as i frantically list and gather last minute bits to buy, i thought i would post a taster of where i am staying ;). 

This is second trip to Egypt and i for one can't wait to see all the tropical fish scuba diving, smoking shisha and relaxing in the sun! 

As eager as i am to get out of this wretched weather of England, is to hit up duty free! I plan to rape the cosmetics counter, to which i have recently run out of these.. 

Chanel Hydrating Lip Treatment - £18.00 

This lip balm is actually amazing! It can be worn as a sheeny lip colour or it creates a great base for other lipglosses/lipsticks. It also relieves chapped lips really throughly, a bloody lifesaver when i burnt my lips in Cuba - epic fail. This lipbalm lasts for ages, you need the smallest amount and it isn't too slimey! I bought this last August and only recently run out!  
Doir Black Out Mascara - £19.50 

This mascara is the biggest secret in the beauty industry! It's actually quite scary how it transforms your lashes, many people even asked if i was wearing false lashes! It doesn't appear lumpy at all and the bigger brush adds extra lift and length to the max. If i was trapped on a desert island..

Clinque Almost Bronzer - £21.50 

Im yet to try this bronzer, yet while away i slap on Clinque Face suncream SPF 30 to prevent going all wrinkly and sun spots, so to not too pasty or white this bronzer is perfect. With two tones you can both highlight cheek bones and create that perfect bronzed, tan, healthy look.
Lancome Juicy Tube - £13.50

This is the god of all lipglosses and it comes in soo many shades, perfect for any skin tone.  I'l be sure to pick up a travel gift set including a range of different colours. 
YSL Easy French Kit - £30.00

This french manicure set is rather pricy but its so worth every penny. A very, very lovely friend bought this as a gift for me and its shockingly fabulous. French manicures can be really messy and tricky to dyi, but this two step set transforms scrubby nails in to the primmed, neat nails. It works as a pen, firstly the nude colour is applied by pumping the end for it to apply on the brush, then apply. Then after completely dry, pump enough white vanish on to the pen, and then draw a neat line onto the tip of the nail. Then tadah! a perfect french manicure ..or pedicure in my case! :)

Miss Allen & Chanel

Well, well, well Miss Allen has certainly been a busy bee these last few months, promoting and headlining her new album 'Its not me, its you' as well as performing at many festivals. She recently made a big side step into the world of fashion. 

Long gone is the faze of scruffy Nikes and prom dresses, but a more stylish Miss Allen has appeared. And with this new adopted style, its fit that her next move was into the fashion industry. Earlier this month it was revealed that Lily is set to launch her own new jewelry line, but the icing on the cake was to be new role in the advertising campaign of Chanel's new collection 'CoCo Cocoon'. 

After sporting so many Chanel bags and being front row at many of Karl Largerfield's shows, it was sure to happen. As you can see from these new ad shots, she brings a new light on the Chanel brand. These playful shots illuminate the modern Audrey Hepburn with the chic updo hairstyle, iconic sunglasses and of course, the classic Audrey Hepburn pose. Not only is she fronting the line, that hits stores in October (fyi my birthday month) but the actual shoot was shot by the legend designer himself Karl Largerfield; how bloody lucky! No wonder she looks amazing, a man you could trust to make any women look fabulous!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am a BIG fan of Grazia, it screams sophistication and feeds your craving for all your needs high end fashion news on a weekly basis. Grazia is one of those very successful titles in the market, it just works. For Vogue and Elle fans that need that fix weekly. However, times are about to change. In the fast pace of the publishing world, magazine titles can waver and disappear (heh, has anyone seen Disappear Here by Peaches Geldof? thought not). With the recent change in the economic climate, many magazine titles are suffering badly. So badly they are now offering me More and Heat at a bargain price of £2 packaged together! With even more covermounts (freebies) and that added extra edge of fast fashion, gossip and celebs on hand to entice you in.

However, this October there is a new high- end fashion weekly set to stamp its Louboutin heel right all over the capital London, in form of free sheet STYLIST. This magazine will override the old rules of publishing, by solely relying on advertising from high-end brands. It will offer everything that Grazia does, but better, for free and minus the hash of the celebrity overdose we are subjected to from most weeklies. Aimed at women aged 20-40, it will cover fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Yet, although STYLIST will be printed on newspaper like paper, Mike Soultar, the chief editor of Shortlist (STYLIIST's sister title) ensures that the photo quality will be high. But one must ask, how good of quality can you really print high fashion photos on to newspaper material? 

Certainly, i am very excited about this new, innovative, rule breaking title entering the market. Personally, already a fan of men's title Shortlist, i am intrigued to see whether Grazia will be left quivering in their skyscraper heels?


I'm so freeking exciting for the new season of Gossip Girl, don't panic, you need not to set your sky + just yet. It doesn't air in America till September, so it wont air in the UK until 2015 i'm guessing? ;) Thankfully, my diddy mac laptop answers to my craving for the adventurous 
escapades of New York's upper east side's elite and their extensive and disgustingly good wardrobes. 

Blair is my one, true style crush. Forever looking prim and proper, with her classic style and endless headbands - she is actually a big influence on my fashion picks.

Until then, heres a GG fix:

Who art thou this new woman with Nate?
 and most importantly why is holding her handbag, no comment on the gay rumors. oups, guess i did.

Blair and Chuck, the promise of happy ending?

Pictures sourced from OHNOTHEYDIDNT
Will post moarr as they come through... 

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse appeared at court today to face charges bought against her when she allegedly assaulted a fan. Dressed in a grey, ill fitting, pinstripe blazer and pencil skirt, she looked polished as Winehouse could be. Unfortunately, her iconic bee's nest made an appearance along side blood strained free, gasp, ballet pumps. However, it must be said that Amy has improved since her stint in St. Lucia and we can only hope that the newly divorcee can go on re-create that amazing voice once more and not fall in to her crazy, pathetic drug ways. 

KUDOS for the JEWISH necklace and cute pearl earings! However, dad Mitchell should book one hell of a long appointment at a dermatologist fast! ick! 

pictures sourced from OHNOTHEYDIDDNT