Thursday, July 23, 2009
I'm so freeking exciting for the new season of Gossip Girl, don't panic, you need not to set your sky + just yet. It doesn't air in America till September, so it wont air in the UK until 2015 i'm guessing? ;) Thankfully, my diddy mac laptop answers to my craving for the adventurous 
escapades of New York's upper east side's elite and their extensive and disgustingly good wardrobes. 

Blair is my one, true style crush. Forever looking prim and proper, with her classic style and endless headbands - she is actually a big influence on my fashion picks.

Until then, heres a GG fix:

Who art thou this new woman with Nate?
 and most importantly why is holding her handbag, no comment on the gay rumors. oups, guess i did.

Blair and Chuck, the promise of happy ending?

Pictures sourced from OHNOTHEYDIDNT
Will post moarr as they come through...