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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Studded Ballet Pumps - Urban Outfitters (£20.00)
Coral & Nude Ballet Pumps - H&M (£5.99 each) 
Burnt Red Chunky Heels - New Look (£19.99)
Metal Leaf Sandal - Accessorize (£32.00)
Lace Sleeve Dress - Topshop (£20.00) 
Navy Linen Shorts - Topshop (£20.00)
Embellished Tee Vest - Topshop (£20.00)
Chiffon Cream Cape Blouse - Topshop (£20.00)
Tropical Print Playsuit - Topshop (£26.00) 
Navy Dress - H&M (£7.00)
Brodie Bikni - Accessorize (£28.00)
Burnt Orange Vest - Primark (£8.00)
Navy Printed Dress - Primark (£5.00)
Shell Printed Dress - Primark (£5.00)
Paperbag Skirt - New Look (£24.99)
Marc Jacobs Pomegranate Perfume - Selfridges (£20.00) 

Thoughts? Not sure whether i'm cut out for YT - isn't really my thing i dare say. 
And yes, i do come from Surrey.

I came along, and wrote a song for you.

 Last night i went to the Globe Theatre to watch Dr Faustus, the summer evening was perfect to watch the play in the open air settings. 

Top - Topshop (current season)
Cardigan - H&M 
Skirt - Topshop (recent purchase £26.00)
Ballet pumps - H&M (recent sale purchase £5.00)

Me, myself and i.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 Before the rain came & with an intrigued fluffy westie dog.

Tee- Topshop
Skirt - Topshop (Recent sale buy - £15.00)
Sandals - Accessorize 
Alexa - Mulberry

I also picked up some other bits from the Topshop sale, which hopefully i will snap soon.

Sweet dreams or a beautiful nightmare.

Monday, June 27, 2011
After three hard years of university work, not to mention the last few gruelling months, i finally received my final, final results and grading. Various date push-backs and complete miscommunication meant i was even more nervous and crazy than ever. However, to my utter most delight and complete excitement on Tuesday last week i logged on to find out that i, yours truly, will be graduating with a First Class BA Honours in Magazine Publishing.


I am SO pleased, even more so to see that i received 90% for my dissertation! LCC are pretty harsh when it comes to grade barriers, needing 85% alone to hit a First. But honestly i really couldn't be any happier. After many thousand family and friend phone calls, i had an enormous celebratory dinner at my Grandparents house to celebrate! Much to the delight of my Grandmother who probably cried happy tears throughout the entire evening, and whom decided to tell the entire WI. I can confirm that i spoke to majority of the Over 60's group on speaker phone and the lady in our nearest Chinease take-out thinks i'm expecting my first child, rather than a First degree. Family, you've got to love them.

With the happiness of receiving the highest grade for all my work comes the sad realisation of not being a student any more. Time to hand back the student discount (sob!) and actually go out the real world and show em what i'm made of. But in the mean time, lets panic about the GRADUATION OUTFIT!

Cream Tired Dress - French Connection (£110.00)
Peach Blazer - Miss Selfridge (£48.00)
Lace Pumps - ASOS (£25.00)

Whilst my parents are suited and booted, my mother in a godawful dress she let my dad pick out (yes i'm still confused too!) They kindly agreed to go halves on the cream French Connection dress i tried on previously. It may seem pretty classic and simple, but i like it that way. I honestly don't want to show my grand children photos of me turning up in god forbid some block-colour maxi dress with ombred hair (i kid.) The French Connection dress fits perfectly and accentuates all the right areas, that is if i remember not to bend over. I plan to hunt down a pale dusty pink blazer, to add some colour and some sharp tailoring. I love a good blazer, it brings out my inner Balmain runway model. Forget the heels, flats are my fail safe option, i don't intend to make it any way possible to trip and land on an audience member whilst receiving my certificate in front of a full auditorium of people. No sir-ree. Pretty, delicate, embellished flats are the way forward. Then i may toughen it up with my black Alexa, which will hopefully look contrasting in a good way.

Then roll on my holiday a week later, then it really is time to knuckle down and start the career ladder - gulp. Thoughts on the outfit? And most importantly, do i really have to wear that ugly hat? I had in mind for a sweeping updo, and i don't want the horror of hat hair. What would the grandkids say?




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Growing pains.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How could i not resist? I was so there. Admittedly at eight am on Wednesday morning none the less, but i did literally get first dibs on the sale pieces up for grab - and i'm glad i did as by mid-morning most items had already disappeared. With the sole intention of nabbing some extra holiday bits, i thought the sale was a tad pants, i guess we are still holding tight for our British summer. I did however manage to nab three bits..

Orient Maxi Dress (£15.00) 

The word maxi doesn't exist in my wardrobe vocabulary, don't get me wrong i think they can look so effortless in the summer, but i've never really been drawn to the longer hem, preferring to get maa legs out. Clearly caught up in all the excitement of sale shopping i added this to my basket, the print is so very pretty and it's more of a beach cover up than anything. In a light, thin material i thought this would be perfect for my holiday, walking on the beach or going for lunch. I'm still not all convinced on the maxi side of things, may have to rope in my grandmother to slash the hem line in half..
Knitted Spacedye 70's Top - (£15.00)

I've had my eye on this Missoni-esq jumper for a while now, toying whether to purchase. I adore the burnt reds and orange shades, i'm seriously hoping its as soft and finely knitted as i imagine. I think this is that item you glaze over when you see in-store, but when worn it looks completely amazing. Basic but simple. Can't wait to pair this with white linen shorts and tan moccasins.

Tall Bell Sleeve Dress - (£20.00)

As soon as i saw this pretty lace and chiffon dress i snapped it up, in which i must confess a smaller size that what i would normally purchase. I then instantly regretted it and made my way into my local branch to see if they had my size, to which they had a full rack full of different sizes. I picked up my normal size ten and when i tried it on later that evening and found the sizing to be really, really generous, it looked pretty stupid to be frank - maybe as to why they are in the sale? So i'll be returning the size ten and hoping the size eight i ordered is a better fit, and i don't resemble a lacy sack. If not, i'll just have to order the Miss Guided dress everyones banging on about!

I intend to raid the in-store sale over the weekend, on the look out for another two (cheap) bikinis. Did you purchase anything from the Topshop sale? 

In trends - animal printed clothes and accessories

Monday, June 20, 2011

 animal printed clothes
 In trends - animal printed clothes and accessories

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Lets be Innovative - Modify a T-shirt into a halter top

Lets be Innovative - Modify a T-shirt into a halter top

This a lovely video which shows how you can modify your t-shirt into a halter top.
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Pic of the day -- Girl in denims but only 20% (Weird fashion)

 This girl seems to have bought the denims on 70-80% discounts.

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Lady Ga Ga - the queen of fashion disaster and weird looks

Lady Ga Ga - the queen of fashion disaster and weird looks

Lady Ga Ga fashion, Lady Ga Ga weird dresses,Lady Ga Ga weird fashion, Lady Ga Ga ugly fashion
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More money, more problems.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is my face, clearly. You've seen my mug quite a fair few times, though mostly minus my specs - of which have made an appearance on only three posts out of the four hundred and eighteen i have published to date; despite the fact that i actually wear my glasses every single day. 

I've been wearing glasses since school when all the girls in my tutor were going through a phase. I went along with my best friend, who was dying to be part of the crowd, and sadly for her it was i that was branded short-sighted. I started wearing them in class mainly to see the board, but in recent years it has become worse, and more recently i've been wearing them every day. Which i think is rather upsetting to think that your eye sight is continuously going downhill as sad as it sounds. To say wearing my glasses doesn't bother me would be a lie, i continuously take them off if theres a camera near by and only till the woman in Boots last year scoffed at me and asked how on earth did i live my day to day life not wearing them and not hurt myself? Because to tell you the truth, i'm blind as a bat. 

Over the last five years my short-distance eye sight has worsened, not wearing my glasses was somewhat silly, if not a little comical when i completely ignored passers by, literally due to not seeing them. But as mentioned over the last few months i have been wearing them solidly, finally i can actually see the world in all its full glory! Honestly though, i'm not that keen. Its not that i dislike my glasses (they were bloody expensive to say the least), i just hate hiding behind them. As materialistic as it sounds, i spend a small fortune on mascara alone, adoring long lashes as i do i find that they well simply just hide behind my specs, in-fact the glasses gobbles my entire face up with it. It saddens me to think this as i know so many others that look fantastic with glasses and it adds to their 'look' - i just don't see it on myself. They also happen to be a complete nuisance - forget four eyes, when wearing 3D glasses in the cinema i turn into six-eyed nutter, when i sneeze they catapult off my nose into the distance and i also had to wave a sad goodbye to my retro Marc Jacobs sunnies.

In reflection i've grown to love them in a weird and wonderful way, and most of my friends and family are used to seeing me avec glasses. Cue the boy even saying i look 'all squinty' when i take them off, thanks for that - death stare. Despite the fact that yes they do make me look instantly more intelligent and how i can instantly transform into vamped up sexy secretary in less then thirty seconds, i'm starting to feel they are 'me', just an added extension if you please.

  This past couple of weeks i've been looking towards the world of contact lenses. The option of having the best of both worlds, whether i want to bat my eyelashes to the world or create that instant intelligent allure. I'm rather scared, scrap that, petrified of the thought of wearing a lense, but the thought of being glasses free for my holiday and graduation are just far too temping, plus i daresay i do have my eye on a fabulous pair of Ray Bans..

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? What are your feelings? My mother had laser eye surgery and it changed her life, something i would do in a heart beat, but until the pennies start rolling in i'll stick to my specs.