Monday, May 30, 2011

A short post to inform you of an amazing events taking place at various Topshop's around the country this week. Dazed Digital, the online sister of magazine Dazed and Confused will be holding workshops discussing the transformation of fashion and style moving online. Although i strong believe that the fashion print glossy format will be around forever and a day, its delusional to ignore the rising presence of fashion taking over the internet - who needs to be invited to a Burberry show when you can watch it at home streamed live to your Macbook whilst wearing your pjs? heh. With hundreds and thousands of nobodies (everyday you and i's) writing blogs commenting on the latest trends and runway designs, the lines of fashion critique and comments are somewhat becoming blurred. But i think thats exciting right? 

Topshop says:

Join the Dazed Digital team as they be talk us through their role in representing fashion in the digital age. From generating the largest independent fashion week coverage four times a year, with rolling show reports from all fashion capitals, to keeping the Dazed DNA alive by supporting and highlighting new design and photography talent.

Get an insight into the world of online fashion publishing and get advice on how to make the most of your photographs online.

Liverpool - Wednesday 1st June, 6-7pm
London Oxford Circus - Thursday 2nd June, 6-7 pm
Dublin - Friday 3rd June, 6-7pm
Manchester Arndale - Thursday 9th June, 6-7pm

If you are looking to pursue a career within the fashion or publishing industry i strongly suggest you pop on down, or even if you intrigued by the advice for your blog. Publishing isn't just on paper anymore, whilst fashion survived solely on print before, online is a whole new world. I shall definitely be hotfooting it over straight from work, especially so as Dazed and Confused was founded by Jefferson Hack and Rankin whilst they were students at London College of Print - my ends, i've literally just studied for my magazine publishing degree. Topshop do some fabulous free fashion events, its definitely in my eyes worth a visit! 

Will you be popping along? 
I think i might do a separate ramble on print vs blogs, slightly bias of course! 




Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I've been searching, looking up, down, all around for that shade, the fine balance between baby pink and light tones of coral. No chunks of glitter please, but a rather lovely shimmer to highlight and to create that subtle flush of colour that pops on the apples of the cheek, brightening your complexion and creating the perfect sun-kissed glow. Not too peachy, definitely not orange, but not quite bubble gum pink. You know that blush? I do, i just haven't found it just yet, but i found some lovely contenders along the way..

Jemma Kidd - 5th Avenue - (£12.00) 

I have religiously used this blush since i bought it, becoming a firm favourite in my make-up bag. It deposits the right amount of coral pop on your cheeks without being crazy, something i can apply in a 2 minute rush without worrying. I can rely on it to go with any look, it instantly adds warmth and a healthy glow. The shimmer is barely there in a good way, adding a highlighting effect without becoming a disco ball. Highly recommend. 

Bobbi Brown - Calypso Coral (£17.00)

Do not be fooled but its tangerine screaming allure in the pan, it translates in to a lovely bright shade of wearable coral. A soft cream consistency, it best to apply with a stippling brush rather than fingers - as it is so bright. It easily blended, but less is the more definitely being the way to go. This certainly packs a punch in both the winter and summer months! 

Elf - Candid Coral (£3.50)

Similar in style to the Nars blush packaging, don't let Candid Coral fool you into thinking the same with pigmentation. A very, very sheer light shade of coral which can be built up. But honestly, i like the sheerness. It adds a hint of colour to the cheeks, very natural for the summer or to simply accompany a heavy eye or lip. It also doubles up as a highlighter too, with a slight shimmer. Just pretty really!

Nars - Deep Throat (£21.50)

If i could choose one blush to last me forever more, it would be this badboy. Ignore the filthy connotations of its title, Deep Throat is as pretty as can be. If you are yet to step into the world of Nars, let this be your first purchase. Ignore the hype around Orgasm, Deep Throat is personally my all time favourite. Not only is the shade the perfect mix of pinky coral, it has amazing pigmentation and the only blush i find, to last through an entire working day. Non-offensive baby pink with a slight shimmer and tinge of coral, this is your must-have.

If your a bit sceptical of the price, look out for an ASOS discount where its sold online or alternatively, Nars do some fabulous value gift sets that nine times out of ten contain Deep Throat, alongside some other Nars iconic products.

Nars - Gina (£21.50)

The mistaken free Nars blush that ASOS sent me in a strange cock-up. Gina is borderline orange, straying away from coral. It looks almightily scary, but i wasn't going to pass up a freebie. To be honest i haven't used it a great deal, simply because it is so shockingly orange. And with such strong pigmentation i need to use a gentle hand, although it does i must admit blend out rather well. I think i'll reserve this for when i've built up more of a tan, and resist looking like a orange zebra.  

Nars - Gilda (£21.50)

The blush i originally ordered, but they didn't send. It did however make its way to me in the end, and like Gina its still waiting to be used on a more sunkissed face. A more reddish orange, its less bright as the other corals i own, more dusty shall we say. Serious blending and very natural eyes needed, but alas still very pretty, and rather different.

Laura Mercier - Lotus Pink (£20.50)

My love affair with Laura Mercier continues. This blusher was made to stand out. When i say pink pop, i i'm not kidding. A slight reflex of coral (how did you not guess?) it is crazy, flamboyantly beautiful! I need to start using this more. It's Deep Throats much brighter brighter cousin - the Space NK sales assistant assured me, of course, i'll buy it!

Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour - Oleander (£18.50)

A dusty rose pink made for winter months, its not as light in consistency as the Bobbi Brown, meaning it needs a dab on the back of your hand in order to deposit the right amount on the cheek. It may not look all sparkly and exciting, but its definitely my go to in the winter.

Mac -Peaches (£17.00)

My first peach blusher, i find it hard to wear as a blush. Its quite dark and hard to blend, but i use it as a more soft contour. Too pale to pull it off completely.  

Mac - Pink Swoon (£17.00)

My mother was given this by Lisa Elderidge, to which i swiftly borrowed it and never returned, as you can see. This was my first real blush, i used it every day and soon realised there was more to blushers than pretty pinks. Pink Swoon however is seriously underrated, everyone harps on about Dolly Mix or Well Dressed, when really Pink Swoon is the most simple sheer baby pink that can be built up to create such a lovely colour. It works well with any look, and i most definitely think it should be a staple in any Mac hoarders collection without a doubt. 

Mac - Shell Beauty Powder - Limited Edition from Liberty of London

I clearly bought this on a whim, seduced by the Liberty print. I still can't quite fathom this collection as Liberty still don't even stock Mac in their make-up department, hinting much?

I also still can't quite work out what a beauty powder is, a more sheer highlighting blush? A highly iridescent sheeny golden pink highlight only to be worn on hot summers day, in fear of reflecting too much sunlight, subsequently blinding passers by. Either way, it sure is pretty.. as a highlight.

Accessorise - Pretty Pink (£4.50)

Another blusher thats actually a highlighter. Sigh. I had high hopes of this baked blush, but it remains unloved.

 Bourjois - Paris Rose Coup De Foundre (£6.99)

A lovely pink toned shimmery blush, similar to Orgasm strangly - see a pattern here? However, it has the ghastly Bourjois smell of roses, it continuously falls out of the packaging and the baked top layer constantly needs to be scratched off to receive any suitable pigmentation- talk about effort.

Sleek - Rose Gold (£4.20)

It is what it is, rose gold. Its pink with crazy amazing gold sheen reflect. Nars Orgasm without the chunks of glitter, perfect! Looks a tad scary in pan and needs a light hand but is definitely a complete utter bargain for its quality and pay off, definitely recommend. 

Une Cream Blush - Grand Air (£8.99)

I won this in a twitter competition and what can i say? Rather bad quality for a rather expensive drug store blusher. I adore the rusty yet dusty red shade, but i literally have to ram my brush in the product like a mad women to get any pay off. Seriously annoying.

Looking at the mirror on top, you can tell i took my photos in the garden!

So this is my very long rambly blushers post! From writing this i think its clear that i own ENOUGH pink and coral blushers to last me for the foreseeable future, but, alas theres always room for more! 

What is your all time favourite blush?  

You've got the love.

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Precisely three months ago i decided to embark on a journey of hair growth, strictly the hair on my head of course. After my lovely hair dresser announced that my shoulder length hair was simply just 'done' growing, i set out to prove her (and my stubborn locks) wrong. I decided the way forward was solving the problem deep down, completing changing my routine to conditioning it back to health, in order to stimulate growth. 

I'm rather well behaved when it comes to my hair, i religiously have it trimmed every nine weeks at my local Rush salon and it's never met a bottle of bleach either. I was however, intrigued to try a more natural approach rather than slathering my hair in chemicals - i'm looking at you Lee Stafford Hair Growth - by using products that are sulphate and paraben free.

  Let me break it down, sulphates and parabens are chemicals used within the cosmetic industry, whilst deemed 'safe' for usage, by cutting out these extra chemicals it is a more gentle, 'organic' way of washing one's hair. I'm not going to pretend that i know all the in's and out's of this chemical talk, but i gave it a whirl and had some amazing results.

My hair is definitely more healthy in appearance, in terms of shininess and being more sleek and manageable. I've also noticed a distinct lack of split-ends, something my rather thin hair battles when a hair dressers appointment is creeping up. And most importantly, the ultimate aim from this routine, my stubborn mop has grown - hurrah! Rather quite quickly, may i add.

Here are the products i bow down to:  

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (bought here £7.50 each)

These two products have certainly been raved about constantly on blogs, so i decided to see what all the fuss was about and ordered myself a pair. Without the jargon of most shampoos and conditioners promising shine like no other, i was pleasantly surprised to actually see real results. It took a few weeks to kick in, but these bad boys have certainly had an astonishing impact on my hair. It wasn't until a work colleague commented on how shiny and healthy my hair looked did i realise how amazing they are.  

Being sulphate free i was worried how well they would lather, i found this not to be a problem in the slightest. Although the conditioner doesn't exactly feel moisturising in the shower, my hair is definitely soft and sleek for sure! I have gone on to purchase these products again and probably will do for the time being.

Cherry Almond Leave in Conditioner - TIGI (bought here for £5.70)

After searching high and low for a natural leave-in conditioner i finally came across the Love Planet Peace range from Tigi. I snapped it up in minutes when i saw the scent was cherry almond, its smells so yummy, i find my self having to stop myself from eating it. I'm a stickler for leave in conditioners, they add an extra surge of moisture for my ends, especially as my hair is so fine, it really needs that extra love and condition from heated styling.

 I've used all brands from the disappointing bog standard L'Oreal, to impressive yet expensive Kerastace, so i was interested to see TIGI would match up. It did so surprising well, each night i slathered a 10 pence piece amount on my ends and left to air dry naturally. In the morning my hair felt softer and tame, and three months on my split ends are no where to be seen. And that, ladies is the biggest test of all. 

Wen Intensive Hair Treatment - (bought here for £18.95)

Lastly was a hair mask by the brand Wen, of which i received as a press sample. This cucumber fresh smelling mask comes in at a rather pricey £18, but with only a selected number of brands producing natural products its clear to see why it holds a high price. 

Its important to add that I'm not fussy when it comes to hair masks, i've used all types of brands and been  fairly impressed with all results. I usually keep them for Sunday pamper nights, so every week i moisturised the thick cream in to my hair and left to sink in for 5-10 minutes. After washing out and styling, my hair was left amazingly blow-dry-esk perfect. Eat your heart out Cheryl. For such a thick mask, my hair was soft, light and bouncy. So much so, i found myself using this product every other night as it made styling a dream. Until i realised that i was quickly running out, so it was resigned to special occasion washes. Thinking back i seem to always go through this process with hair treatments, slathering it on like its going out of fashion.

Sadly my pot is no more, and however much i fell for this product, the rather high price is a complete no-no. Not when i can pick up a sachet of good old trusty Aussie for 99p, and still have similar results.

My rather long ramble on hair yet again. What products do you swear by? 
I'm trailing a styling product at the moment, so watch this space.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011
After four months of blood sweat and tears, my printer finally gave birth to my dissertation. Weighing in a hefty 116 pages and 26,430 words, this was the hardest achievement to date. If you ever need to know anything about men's magazines - i'm your girl. No seriously, there is so much more than bog standard set of boobs and a few jokes, men are down right strange. After a strong rum, I soon decided that i definitely needed a treat.

I swapped this bad boy..

For this lovely young lady. The Mulberry Alexa. 

I have been umming and ahhing over the Alexa for a very, very long time as you may remember. After much pondering in House of Fraser (poor sales assistant thought i was crazy), and of course being slightly persuaded by Michelle, i really decided i needed the Alexa in my life. Although i had slight reservation about size, and whether it is less roomy is compared to my Bayswater, i realised i'm not actually a student anymore (sob!), so it nicely holds all my necessities and of course the kitchen sink, so all is well. I also went for black leather, considering my Bayswater is tan. Bloody crazy - i can't quite believe it!

I'm a very happy girl!

Just a note to say, in case you were wondering, as alas, i am a student and i do only work part-time, i am a very dedicated saver. Armed with both my 21st birthday money and Christmas money, i was lucky enough to be able purchase. Although i do think it is horrendously over-priced for what brand it is, i was lucky to receive a large discount from a friend who works in fashion industry, of which has no correlation to maa blog.

one word: bloomin' heck.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I need the dollar.

I'm just going to say it: i'm a Lauren Conrad fangirl. Don't judge. Whether its stalking her style or watching endless re-runs of The Hills, LC has well and truly got me hooked and following her every stylish move. From the infamous kitten eyeliner flick to her pinned back braid, i aim to adopt her classic, simple yet sophisticated look. Miss Conrad has come a long way from Laguna Beach days, she successfully has her own business empire, from a collection in Kohls, fronting the Mark make-up line in the US, and of course not forgetting her LA Candy book series which fast tracked her to the The New York Times best seller list. Not bad for an MTV reality starlet, eh? 

Since her Style book was released i've been itching to read, in the mean time of getting round to finally purchasing it, i stumbled across the recently launched The Beauty Department.

The Beauty Department is penned by Lauren and her make up artist Amy Nadine and hairstylist Kristen Ess, jam packed of beauty news and advice, with tutorials, and step-by-step guides. LC who basically lives and breaths curling tongs and liquid liner, i can't wait. Who else better to learn from to finally learn the knack of liquid liner! 

Enjoy! ;)