At last.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tulip Shaped Dress - Topshop (£20.00)
Cardigan - Primark (p/s)
Wellies - Hunter (£69.00) 

Well, well, well i thought i'd reign in this last post of 2011 with two of my great loves, one new and one old. The newest being the theft of my dad's fancy SL R camera (something Cannon) and my brand new set up for 2012 once i've mastered the art of the self-timer button. And secondly, my old love - a bargain Topshop dress i bagged in the sale last week. 

The past year has been a pretty damn good one to say the least, i hit my two year blogging anniversary, worked my arse off doing my dissertation, graduated with a first class honours degree in Magazine Publishing, sunned my self silly relaxing and soaking up the culture of Cuba, met many faces of the blogging community (much to my grans horror), treated myself to Mulberry Alexa, braced the world of contact lenses, hit my eight year anniversary with Matthew (shudder), grew an amazing pair of eyebrows courtesy of Charlotte and M2Beaut, all my glasses of fine champers were always on the house (an achievement right there), discovered the genus Stieg Larson and Jo Nesbo, listened to Etta James on repeat and my hair finally grew past that sodding length. And on the downside i gained a gammy leg and still remain a job-hunting graduate, whose perfectly happy looking for the perfect career. 

Some of the blogging beauts i met this year..

And finally, what would a new years post be without one little resolution - to stop fooling oneself and everyone that your saving for that dream Chanel bag when we both know that £4.20 you saved all year wouldn't even buy you a tube ticket to stroke one, let alone buy one. So heres my very own money box, a horrendously wrapped tissue box that will be filled, and not emptied in emergencies that include needing that Topshop dress or taxi fare. Heres hoping in 2013 i will buy one, not 2012 of course, we are in a recession don't you know? ;) 

(And yes it near killed me to cut up my Chanel shopping bag to stick that on the front).

See you next year my sweets. x

(yes i plan to show allllllllll my sale purchases, and christmas presents when they arrive..boys)

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Papa was a rollin' stone

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
 Let me start this post off by wishing you a very Merry Christmas! I truly hope you had a fabulous time, getting merry, eating plenty and having a lovely time with family. I went to Worthing to visit family on the day itself, then battled it home on the motorway with Matthew to spend the evening at home with friends, eating plenty of nibbles and watching the Inbetweeners film. I received some wonderful gifts both from friends, family and Matthew, and definitely found time to raid the online sales - of which i will be posting shortly. This post is all about a rather lovely Benefit set i was gifted from my brother for my birthday, but has recently gone into sale at a rather steal worthy price. Sharing is caring after all ;).

Ticket to Glossy Town - Benefit @ Boots (reduced from £19.00 to £13.00!)

This set contains five dinky miniature Benefit lipglosses, ranging from nudes to pinks to more daring shades such as a light lilac toned pink and a festive red. Benefit is a one hit wonder kinda brand to me, some of the items i think are truly amazing - i adore Highbeam and Magic Ink - but some are godawful, looking at you Bad Gal mascara and Some-Kinda Faker foundation. I also had the worst experience at their Croydon counter, it was my 18th birthday i went for a classic navy smoked eye, and resulted in a cross between Dame Edna and a glittery hooker - not cool. However, one of my gorgeous friends Victoria had worked at Benefit in one of their London boutique and introduced me to their lipglosses. They really are an understated gem in the Benefit line, non-sticky, amazing shades and ultra shiny. I fell in love with a shade Life On the A-List a few years back but it got bloody discontinued, the most beautiful perfect nudey pink. As soon as i saw it was in this set i was delighted! They may be dinky sized, but i think its a great way to try out more daring shades, or even to pop in a clutch on a night-out. 

Kiss You - 'a clear fuchsia'

A somewhat scary purple in the tube, but a beautiful lilac toned pink applied. 

Life on the A-list - 'a bubblegum pink'

Not bubblegum pink in the slightest! A lovely pale pink/nude gloss - my go to shade.

Spiked Punch - 'juicy coral'

A very bright juicy coral shade, perfect for the summer.

Foxy Lady - 'diamond rose'

A true winner of the set, a true bubblegum pink with beautiful silver and blue reflective shimmer, so sparkly!

Nude-tudie - 'gold-spun twist'

Peach toned nude, with gold shimmer. Your lips but better.

So Frisk Me - 'gilded berry'

Another shade that looks rather scary mary in the tube, but rest assured on it applies to a berrylious dark pink jam packed with sparkle.

L-R Life of the A-List, Spiked Punch, Foxy Lady, Kiss You, Nudie-Tudie, So Frisk Me.

I highly recommend this set, even though i'm not a full blown lipgloss wearer, i do think they are perfect for travel or evenings out. I do love me a Benefit gift set, i received one or two for Christmas! I am pondering over a Christmas gift post as they are rather controversial, but will definitely be revealing my sale bargains as soon as they land on my door step. Never ending. I still have a few presents to receive thanks to mailing/postage cut off dates being missed - boys eh? Can't complain though, two lots of present opening! I was very, very well behaved when it came to the Mulberry sale, though it pained me. I thought the Net-A-Porter one was complete pants, though i still have a gift credit to use, watch this space! Also pondering on what to spend some Christmas pennies on, this Liz Earle set is calling my name, thoughts? Talk to me ladies, yay or nay!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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