Best i ever had..

Friday, December 16, 2011
 The other day i received an email from My Wardrobe offering me cheeky discount on sale-preview items, i hopped right on over and snagged myself an early Christmas present, to myself, from myself. With 30% off and my £20 gift card (that i had been keeping for a rainy day), i really couldn't resist...

Black Tall Hunter Wellington Boots - My Wardrobe (£69.00)

I treated myself to a pair of classic black Hunter wellington boots for a rather steal-worthy price of £33, including the very luxurious packaging and speedy delivery. My Wardrobe - i'll put my hands up here - have fantastic customer service. I ordered standard delivery, they were with me the very next day, with ribbons and fancy white wrapping paper, the whole she-bang. Definitely worthwhile signing up to their mailing list too, as they are forever dishing out personal discount codes every season. 

I've had my eye on a pair of Hunter since last Winter, but always been put off by coughing up that amount just for a pair of rubber wellies. However some of you may have already heard of my knee trouble that i mentioned the weekend before last on twitter, but its really been troubling me. It all started when i was in duty free before i was due to jet off on holiday in the summer, my left knee gave way completely as i bent down (damn you Victoria Secret lipgloss) and felt rather crampish and achey after. Simply dismissing it as just one of those things at the time, over the past few months it's happened a few more times - giving way whenever i bend or crouch. Part of me think's i've been serving the grannies in retail so long, i'm slowing morphing in to one.

 Yet last Saturday night was breaking point, my leg gave way and actually locked in to a bent shape. Looking back now its hilarious to think i couldn't actually straighten my leg, had to hop to the bathroom and have my dad carry me around the house whilst i was agony. Luckily (and thankfully, and bloody typically) it clicked back in to place just as i was about to jump in the car to A&E on the following Sunday morning. Straight away that week i went to the doctors and after inspection i have abnormal cartilage in my leg - lovely. And he informed me i'll probably need key hole surgery at some point to give a trim (puke). After a brief car-park cry to my Dad, who indecently everyone thought was my boyfriend in the doctor's waiting room, and with the advice of muscle building in the gym (er, exercise, what? this word doesn't exist in my vocabulary) i'll be fine. I just don't do any heavy lifting, any crouching, or knee bending. Basically, i turned into a granny.

So cut a long story short, i bought these wellington boots for strictly medicinal purposes, as god help if it dare snow i'll be knee lockin' an' hoppin' all over the shop. Now if that ain't a reason i don't know.

On a side note, how odd is this? Theres room for you to write your name and contact deets, just incase i don't know they should happen to be caught up in a mass wellington rendezvous and one should stray?

Tell me, am i the only 22 year old girl who makes her parents come to the doctor with her? And secondly, a desk chair makes the perfect DIY wheelchair should you ever need to know.

Final, final thing, my diy marks and sparks Christmas cards are now half price here, and i snapped up two beautiful embellished skirts in the New Look sale online with free delivery with both totalling to a steal worth £16.50! I bought this one (bloody steal) and this beaut!