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Sunday, December 11, 2011
Firstly, lets get two things straight: i can't be faffed with nail art and secondly i'm a shamed nail biter. Anything to stop me nibbling is a godsend, and anything that looks half decent and is fairly fool proof i'm there. Queue Models Own glitter polishes, easy to apply and i don't have a sneaky nibble in fear of a glittery gob. Classy girl. I've mentioned Model's Own Pink Fizz previously, but i wanted to show you it's full glittery-goodness potential, in all my new camera's glory. These polishes may be a god-awful nightmare to remove, but my heavens they are undeniably pretty, especially so at this time of year. At £5 a pop, they are ten times the bog-standard glittery varnish we've seen previously, fantastic quality and pay-off. 
Pink Fizz & Disco Mix - Boots (£5.00)

I bought Pink Fizz a while back and have been using continuously, it has silver particles that glitter pink in the light - or vise versa, i can't tell! Secondly is Disco Mix, another Model's Own Polish i was kindly given to by the lovely Yinka, of which has purple pink and turquoise green glitters. 

I found layering the glitter over another polish not only intensifies the colour of the sparkle, but over all is less damaging to your nail when removing, as theres nothing worse than stubborn glitter. I've been using Pink Fizz over Ciate's Guest List, a dark purple wine shade. It creates the perfect purple base providing a strong wine/pink tone to shine through the glitter, without looking too tacky. 
There are two ways to wear Pink Fizz over the wine shade, two layers to create a full impact glittery nail or lightly painted with glitter so the wine colour shines through underneath.
Next up is Disco Mix, although the same glittery formula as Pink Fizz, the glitter is less chunky, being less build-able to the full impact nail of the Pink Fizz. It does however look as equally as striking, and i paired this over Nars Night Flight, a shimmering navy. This too provides a strong base colour for the polish, really striking against the pinky purple specs of glitter.  
Excuse the mess! 
Sally Hansen Insta- Dri - Boots (£6.15)

Another great product i would definitely recommend is the Sally Hansen Insta - Dri, cheaper than the likes of Essie and Seche Vite top coats, it works amazingly well. Especially so when your layering rather thick glitter layers over other polishes! It also works wonders smoothing over the glitter and giving maximum shine.

Have you used any of the Model's Own Varnishes? You can find them online at Boots or their own website. I may have to buy this multipack of all of them as a Christmas present to myself, what a steal! 

(Why is it so hard to photo glitter?)

And finally, finally i'm so excited to say i'm getting my nails Shellac-d in time for Christmas! Anyone had this done? I'm slightly scared that my nails are too short, but watch this space. Another little thing i wanted to share is Laura's post on the AMAZING deals online at Bumble & Bumble hair care this weekend, free delivery, free samples and a free thickening travel kit when i purchased a £5 bottle of shampoo! Score. I may have placed three separate orders ;)