Never too much

Friday, December 9, 2011
Most of us will have some inkling of the clothing brand Forever 21, as it has long graced our American cousins across the pond with frivolous throw-away inexpensive fashions. It did however hop over the shore earlier this year, with its two flagship stores being on Oxford St, and bizarrely Birmingham. I must admit Forever 21 did intrigue me, seeing the odd item in Teen Vogue in my teen years and knowing that Lauren Conrad buys her white staple tees there was enough to suck me in entirely. I literally just hand't got around to visiting, until i was invited to their S/S 12 press day. 

Sarah and i decided to have a good mooch round in-store first, and quite frankly 5pm on a Wednesday night wasn't the best timing. Just like Topshop up the road, there is a never a quiet moment. The store itself is rather weird, taking over the old HMV flagship (much to my boyfriend's horror), the store is weirdly shaped out. The stock however is a gem, slightly more feminine that Topshop, less basic than H&M, but more on par with New Look, with very reasonable prices sits Forever 21. 

If you need one reason alone to visit Forever 21, it is their amazing treasure trove of jewellery. The top floor houses stands upon stand of the most precious, beautiful jewellery i've seen on the high-street, for anyones taste. And its cheap as chips!   
I was on the hunt for a statement gold necklace to wear with a simple grey jumper, as soon as i saw this it was perfect. Littered with diamonds, pearls and golden flowers, it really adds something to an otherwise rather plain outfit. Priced between £3/£4, you really can't go wrong.

Then along we popped to the press-day, of which i won't bore you with hundreds of photos when its far to cold to think about dainty summer dresses! I was seriously impressed with whats on offer, slightly dubious about the quality but at that price you really can't complain. It was again the jewellery that caught my eye, so pretty!
 Over the last few weeks i've been pondering over their site, which is crazy rammed with hundreds and hundreds of items. Their basic tees are amazing, as well as their Yellow Tag deals which are pretty barginous. However their product images on the main site are way to small, and must admit this this really gets my goat. If i want to online shop, i want to be able to see your stock, no? Rant over. After much pondering and deliberation these are the items making their way in the post to me!

'S' Necklace (£1.68) / Gold Hair Slides (£2.25) / Rhinestone Hair Slides (£2.25) / Manicure Set (£1.05) /
Basic V Neck Tee (evoking my inner LC) (£3.75) / Iridescent Sweater (27.75)

I bought these items with a gift card kindly given to me, but once i started putting stuff in my basket i couldn't bloody stop, luckily they had a really good deal on and i got 21% off (see what they did there? genus!). I really recommend you to sign up to their newsletter too, since i did they have been sending me offers my way non-stop. 

And finally i decided to write this post today as currently on the F21 site they have 30% off all jewellery until Sunday midnight! This offer is seriously too good to pass on, no really, their jewels are a strong winner in my books and already cheap as chips already. I also think they make a great stocking filler or great little gifts for friends - totally miffed i sorted my Secret Santa at work already. Heres my top picks...

key necklace (£2.21) / flower necklace (£1.68)
star & pearl ring (£1.68) / pearl cluster ring (£2.21) / spring ring (£1.68)
horse shoe stud (£1.05) / bow stud (£1.68) / flower stud (£1.05) / pearl stud (£1.05)

Excuse me when i say, how sodding cute? I may or may have not ordered three v-neck tops, LC fan-girl and not ashamed! Anything take your fancy - or have you already shopped with Forever 21? I was annoyed to see that you can only buy the tees online not instore bleugh, i also think i prefer shopping for their clothing items in store rather than blindly online. I'll be rocking up to their Oxford St branch at 9am then! 

Yay or nay to F21?