Oh to be a Super Model

Monday, November 23, 2009

Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and the lovely Helena Christensen
for i-D.

OH hello Christmas!

bloody love it ;)

Showing my Mac some LOVE

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I adore my Apple Mac, Marc Jacobs and my Mulberry Bayswater.
Lets mix the three.

Winter Winter Winter Beauty Lust List

Nars - Laguna (£21.00) orr (£18.90 with discount!)

I have a big lusting after Nars iconic bronzer, Laguna. I always feel healthier when i have a bit of colour on my cheeks. Sure - my Mac foundation is the perfect colour match but i still need abit of warmth specially with whipping the fake tan out over Christ
mas. Laguna is a lovely bronze colour with golden hues, without a trace of orange or shimmer - eurgh! I want to look mildly sun-kissed, not wag orange. I can't wait to play with this and give my skin a boost on dull, windy mornings.

ALSO. follow this link for Selfridges to get 20% on selected lines in store from the 26th November to the 29th November. (HELLO to 10% off beauty!) - get shopping girls!

Christmas Survival Guide

The Only Survival Guide You’ll Need This Holiday.

Receive a rubbish gift? Its so awkward when you get given a really useless present, that you’ll never, ever use. Well smile politely and act grateful, because Recycle A Gift is an online swap shop where you can trade any unwanted DVDs, CDs and books for cash. Just pop in the product code, name a price and wait for somebody else to snap it up.

Too broke to afford Christmas? Don’t be a scrooge; there are plenty of ways to save money over the holidays. Firstly, swap expensive nights out with friends for cocktail nights in or have a romantic night in with the boy. Even if you are going out, become the designated driver so you don’t waste money on expensive drinks, think of it as a cheap, early detox. And finally, ditch the Christmas cards, go online and send e-cards - free and environmentally friendly

How to tackle ‘your still single’ from distant relatives and irritating friends? Simply tell them you haven’t met the right person and you will defiantly not settle for any less, they must surely agree too? Then swiftly change the topic to another area of excitement in your life: new career move/ new holiday booked/ amazing experience/ new designer bag. (Delete as appropriate)

How not to make a prat of your self at the Christmas party? Firstly stick to one type of acohol, do not mix drinks as this definitely spells disaster. Never, ever rely on tit tape – far too risky. Don’t ever be tempted to telling the cute guy in accounts that his thick-rimmed glasses look oh so sexy. And never be the last to leave.

You’ve attempted to make Christmas pudding and mince pies that resulted in nearly calling the fire brigade? Easy, three little words. Marks and Spencers.


Thursday, November 19, 2009
Mini Trail Set (£20.00) / Clarifying Lotion (£14.00)

After purchasing the trail size of Clinque's Three Step Routine before i went to Egypt, i became totally hooked. The Clinque Three Step routine consists of a cleanser (in both a liquid or soap form), a toner and a moisturiser. It has been around for quite a while and i had already recieved quite a few samples already so before i went jetting off i though these would be the perfect minis to take away. The trial kit with smaller sample sizes was around £20, but they lasted me such a long time - no lie - i had the liquid cleanser and toner for atleast a good month and a half (if not longer).

The liquid soap lathers so well you only need the smallest pea size amount and the toner only needs one dab on to a cotton pad. And, most amazingly it actually cleared my skin pretty well and i really feel like it has throughly cleaned my skin. Although, the moistriser was nice and light, i still prefer to stick my normal one.

However, a couple of weeks ago, on November the 2nd (to be precise) i ordered a full 200ml bottle of toner. It arrived an after a few days use the smell changed to a rusty, very acholohic tone - not nice in the slightest. Plus i was horrified what i was using on my skin - incase it actually irratated it or burned it? This may sound drastic but the small was really, quite potent. So i emailed Clinque with my issue, they responded promply asking for the batch code on the bottom of the bottle. After doing so they replied..

"Thank you for your email.

While we are pleased that you enjoy our products, we regret to learn of the difficulty you experienced with your most recent purchase. Please be assured that all Clinique products are produced with utmost care under the constant supervision of Quality Assurance personnel. This ensures their unvarying high quality. Because such care is taken throughout production, we are concerned that your purchase did not measure up to our usual high standards. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused. We are forwarding a replacement which we are confident you will find to be completely satisfactory.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns.


I think this is fanastic customer service and i am pleased that i havent wasted £14 on a toner that i think may be out of date or a wrong batch. My thoughts of Clinque as a brand have really improved, sure they may have sent me a duff bottle but their customer service team were really helpful! Kudos to Clinque!

Mulberry Sample Sale

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got invited by Mulberry to go to a sample sale next week, to go or not to go?

To have a a sneek peek and spend all my pennies?
Or not to go and regret it?

Oh, what a troublesome life i live.

Christmas Wish List

I have really gotten into the Christmas mood this year, even more so than usual. I've already listed what I'm buying friends and family and shopped for most of it online - although i do love picking up small, christmassy stocking fillers in the big Christmas shop. I adore buying and searching for gifts for people, i always, always try to buy something special. However - this is a great downfall on my bank balance, but it is so worth it.

I have spied these bits and pieces that will most definitely be going on my Christmas List:

Vivienne Westwood Pearl Choker - ASOS (£85.00)

I love collecting jewelery! I don't buy it often, but the bits i have are really special (and expensive). I've been pondering over Vivenne Westwood jewelry for a while, although i think the earrings are farr too chunky for my ears. But i adore this pearl necklace with the iconic orb symbol, its very pretty. I have an unhealthy obsession with pearls.
Mac - Do The Trick Buff and Line Brushes - (From the Holiday collection) - (£39.50)
Includes: 68SE, 187SE, 219SE and 252SE.

This Mac brush set is perfect for my collection and what a bloody saving! And after the Mother spent hours in House of Fraser last Sunday befriending most of the Mac sale assistants then hopefully, i will be unwrapping this ;) but please Mac sale assistants continue to serve me and not making mental lists for my Mother!
Mac Naughty Noir Eye Bag - (From the Holiday Collection) - (£27.50)
Includes: Shimmertime Pigment, Black Track FluidLine, Zoom black Zoom Lash and 209SE liner brush.

I love this diddy set too! I'm a smokey eye girl and nude lips girl. And I'm very eager to try the gel liner and a pigment - I'm quite lazy when it comes to eyeshadow. I'm a mascara whore.

Chanel by Danielle Bott - Play (£16.99)

I bought this book for a friend's birthday last year and i disgustingly regret not buying a copy my self. It is full of beautiful images and detailed information on the rise of Chanel brand, focusing on clothes, accessories, jewelery and cosmetics. The perfect coffee table book.

Nails Inc 10 Piece Marvellous Minis Collection - QVC online (£22.00)
Includes: Victoria, Dover Street Market, The Serpintine, Regents Park, Richmond Park, Brook Street, Shoreditch, Jermyn Street, Little Venice and Pall Mall. (i fucking love these names)

I'm obsessed with Nails Inc vanishes, they come in stunning shades that you couldn't pick up in drug store brands. I spotted this on the QVC website, that a friend recommended, what a bargain and a great way to try out shades in a mini version. Infact i think I'll most just probably buy this when i get paid ;).

RIP Luella.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Only this time last week i was browsing the Luella website, thinking that the prices were slashed quite dramatically. Now, if your a well recognised British designer, with a well received S/S '10 then surely your prices shouldn't be that low?

This disgusting recession has killed off one of my favorite designers. Luella Bartley created dresses that were made for me: feminine, fun and fucking beautiful. Her designs have been seen on everyone from Lilly Allen to Kate Moss and had only just won the 'Designer of the Year' award at the British Fashion Councils Annual Award gala. And literally a few weeks ago, her amazing Spring/Summer '10 collection was shown at London Fashion Week with the likes of Anna Wintour closely watching front row. Famous for her sweet, sassy, preppy designs that had an English eccentric edge. Luella Bartley was the poster child for London cool, in the words of the Wintour. But since her investors have backed out, she cannot even fulfill orders for her latest collection.

Here are my favourite Luella designs:

So who was Luella Bartley?

Bartley studied at Central St Martins (aka my uni homegirl at London Uni of the Arts) where she finally decided to follow on the path of fashion journalism. She has written for the Evening Standard, Vogue, Dazed and Confused before she took up a drunken dare to create her first clothing line. 'Daddy i want a pony' was Luellas first collection which she debuted at Pulp bassist Steve Mackays flat. From then on she has risen to producing many London Fashion Week debuts, starting with 'Daddy, who were the Clash?' She once recalled: 'i think we just got a bit drunk one night and my friends were like, 'Just do it! Just make your own fashion label.' And i was like, 'All right then. Yeah!.'

I'm just hoping a knight in shinning armour can rescue this amazing designer out of the dark, lurking waters of the recession, pretty please?

“The Luella girl can have an exciting future, whichever incarnation she takes on next. We have a number of options open to us.” - Luella Bartley.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have been waiting so long for the Jimmy Choo for H&M launch so badly - i bet your sick of me blabbering on about it too. Well while die hard Choo fans were queueing at ridiculous o' clock this morning, i was fast asleep, happy dreaming after a well night spent at the launch party, where i had already purchased my Choo's!

The Jimmy Choo for H&M launch was hosted at the Regent street branch and there was a hell of a queue of ticket holders and press, all the way past Liberty's and Banana Republic! Although, after much waiting we moved quickly on in. We were greeted by lots a lot of free champers, not my favourite - but everything always tastes better when its free ;). The bff and i mingled in search of Mr Dylan Jones (the editor of GQ) so that i could bombard him, but there was no sightings. (however, i am much glad of this because i was absolutely wankered). More mingling while grown women scrambled, yes scrambled! on the floor through shoe boxes to find their size - crazy times.

We headed on downstairs to queue again to gain access to the 'shoe room's' which were packed full of women all ages pushing and shoving for the nearest handbag or sky scraper heel. After my 9th champagne this was oddly amusing to wander round and find my pair of pumps. When i came across them, i turned to ask the bff what a European size was a 6 and about 5 women barked 39 at me - which threw me into a drunken state of giggles. I tried on a pair a zebra, print studded pumps and i bought them purely because a) i was drunk b) three women told me i HAD to buy them. Drunken shopping experiences are dangerous, good selling technique there Mr H&M.

I also picked up the cutest mittens, which are cream woollen with tiny pearls sewn on them - as there was a 25% discount on other H&M products.

the cutest mittens ever?

goodie bag!! A copy of Vogue - that im in! (i had great delight in leaving the copies lying around in store open on page 83 ;)) It has had a copy of H&M magazine, which im dying to scan in on here. Plus a limited edition studded Jimmy Choo bracelet, that i cant say il ever ware but it was free!
it came with a dust bag too, very handy!

Spotted: a very tiny, bubbly Alexandra Burke, a very grumpy looking Little Boots - who does actually have tiny feet, Sophie Elis Bector and her poor husband, model Alice Delall, Britney's Dance teacher and X Factor choreographer Brain Freeman doing kiss kiss poses in the mirror when he thought no one was around (very fucking odd) and young actor Tom Payne who was in BBC Wuthering Heights who was slightly upset that no one paid him any attention. Also Bonnie Wright and Nicola Roberts were there - damn, not seeing Nicola!

Unfortunately, after much rushing around and in a general fluster, i forgot my damn camera. But i will update soon the pictures that my bff took.

Happy Birthday NARS!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Mr Marc Jacobs made up by Nars

To celebrate Nars 15th Birthday, owner Francois Nars personally made up and shot 15 celebrities including Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini for a charity project called 15x15. All together the 15 portraits and 1500 limited edition books, which contain all the photos and has guest edited pages by the leading celebs, will be available on the 15x15 website.

Nars has also created a special edition palette to celebrate its 15th birthday, called Everlasting Love (£49.00)

Photos taken from Elle.