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Friday, April 30, 2010
This is the longest post of my life, sorry.

InStyle - June Issue

This issue of InStyle has the fantastic free gift of a Nails Inc. nail varnish. They are giving away three shades Candy (a baby pink), Mink (think beige) and Beach (a coral red). Usually they are quite naff to apply, but these were surprisingly quite good formulas.

Of course i set out to buy all three ;) but sweet, its all the name of research of my studies! I made a mad dash to Elephant & Castle WHSmiths on route to uni, to grab a shade of Mink, which reminds me of the new limited edition Chanel shade Particuliere. I bypassed the Candy shade, as i have about 15 other versions of baby pink in my varnish collection.

A girl cannot have enough Coral/Red varnishes.


Can't tell if i love or hate it? The Boy hates it. Which makes me kind of like it even more..
I reckon this will sell quite fast, if all else fails, put on a bullet proof vest and head over to Elephant and Castle.

Television Junkie

Seriously, i am the biggest television junkie at the moment.

Currently hooked on:
Outnumbered, The City, Glee, Mad Man and Ashes to Ashes.

Im the biggest Gleek
I want to work in the 1950's ad department
actually scrap that, i wish i could wake up the 1980's sing along to Duran Duran and fight crime.

The Times
I start my weeks placement at The Times next week, very nervous but dead. dead excited.
I think i may do outfit of the day posts for next week, what do you think?

My Birthday

Okay, fair enough, my birthday technically isn't until October..

The Boy and i are planning to go to Paris for the weekend.
Our birthdays are 12 days apart.
We have been together 7 years and haven't been on holiday yet,
i love to travel but he burns even sitting in the shade.
so Paris it is!

and i don't think my 21st birthday would be complete without a little Chanel ;)

Topshop Make Up Launch

Launches on Wednesday the 5th.
Going to Oxford Street branch in the evening, to do a little shopping, have a few drinks and hopefully a mini make over by Hannah Murray.

Bank Holiday Deals

Space NK- MAYDAY - Free Delivery
HQ Hair - HQHAPPY - 15% off orders
E.L.F - THEBIG40UK - Free Delivery over £10 with free lipglosses
Miss Selfridge - MSBANKHOL10 - Free Delivery over £40
Warehouse - FB10 - 10% off orders
Peacocks - 20% automatically taken off at checkout

Washing Make Up Brushes

Needs to be done, but it just takes so long..

Middle Age Women in Surrey

To the Middle Age Women in Surrey,

Seriously, can you stop trying to run me over in your 4x4, i would kindly appreciate making it to my 21st birthday.

Also, stop giving the evil eye when you spot my Mulberry bag.
Not my problem.

Thank you ever so much.

tweet tweet tweet

i got twitter,
follow me?


The City is back bitches!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm torn.
i love Whit, but Olivia is just so damn fierce!

I've been eagerly awaiting the second series of The City for a while now, i'm so over The Hills is untrue. I cannot bare to watch ceiling eyes Audrina, Stephanie's god awful eyeliner, not even mentioning Hedi's Frankenstein transformation and bloody Kristen! To me, personally the The Hills was all about LC - sob! But, truth be told I'm kind of glad Lauren got out at the right time and kick started a 'real' career, having cameras trailing around you all day can't be a bunch of roses all the time. (But of course, even though I've just justified about six reasons not to watch it, i still will.. trashy 'reality' TV at it's best).

But enough of The Hills, it's all about The City! Last time we left the girls, Whitney had moved in with Roxy, the annoying, put your foot in it room mate and yet Whitney is taking her fashion designing to another level. Olivia was at Elle, being editor of accessories (srsly- if that is all i need to do to get into this industry, mtv give me a show now!) but completely pissing off Erin, getting in to more cat fights and squabbles that could fuel a whole other mini-series. But left Joe, i love Joe, with an ultimatum, one must go! So i caught up with the latest episode online, i'm not sure when it airs here, but probably not till forever.

I don't want to spoil it for you ladies, but the first episode revolves around Whitney's first Fashion Week show with only one week to prepare, under the critical eye of Kelly Catrone and Bergdorf Goodman buyers, can her last minute collection wow without Roxy shoving her nose in? Will Olivia and Erin finally come together and put the past behind them? You better watch now!

i also have some spoiler alert! photos of the up and coming series..

this post is in dedication to the many changing faces of Erin, part of me only watches to see her expressions!

phew, it took me forever to screen cap them! will you be watching?

Whitney or Olivia?

looks like your lucky day sweet cheeks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over the past month, i have spent many-a-pennie on quite a few beauty bits and pieces. I thought i would post some speedy reviews on each item in one, big she - bang! So here goes..

Boots Buff Puff

I love these. They literally buff your skin, exfoliating your skin, ridding off old, dead skin cells. A bargain at £1.89, they can be used every day or a few times a week, at your own desired pressure. I'm usually a slave to my St. Ives exfoliator, but i get the feeling my skin 'adjusts' to it and my skin doesn't feel any brighter. So i switch every now and then to my buff puff, they instantly smooth and make skin brighter and fresher - genius! You have to buy one, me and my mother are die hard fans of these weird puffs of material! Simply use alongside your normal cleanser and be amazed by the results!

Boots Essentials Facial Exfoliating Sponge - Boots (£1.89)

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25

This has changed my life. Alright, slightly dramatic - but if your not aware i suffered from a long painstaking search of the perfect foundation. My search has been high and low, i just can't seem to find the correct formulation to suit my skin. sigh. I am however currently using Mac Select Foundation which seems to be working, i just feel like it wears off halfway through the day.. until i came across City Block Sheer. It's main priority is to serve as a sun block for the face, but it acts as an excellent primer!

I, myself have never encountered the world of primers, but City Block Sheer really does provide an excellent base for my foundation. I firstly moisturise and then apply a pea size amount of the City Block to my face, its light and easy to apply, sinking in fast. My initial thoughts were that it would be that the formulation would feel heavy on the skin because its a sun cream, but its light and doesn't make my face feel 'tight'. What's more important that my foundation is easily able to be blended over the top, leaving my face looking like my foundation has just been freshly applied all day without the need to re-powder or wonder where my foundation has ran off to during the day?

Overall, a great primer that works well under any foundation, with the added best bit of it actually being a SPF sun block? Because we are all guilty of not applying sunblock in summer, let alone the winter.

Clinique City Block Sheer - Clinique (£15.00)

Clinique Rinse Off Foam Cleanser

I got this trail size bottle in a Clinique deal, after i've used this i will most definitely be buying the full version. It states to effectively remove all traces of make up, dirt and grime before the cleansing process. I wasn't sure about washing my face twice - as i already use the Clinique Three Step Cleanser. However i gave a whirl, the SMALLEST amount lathers like crazy! It made my face super, super squeaky clean, with squeaky noises and all; i then went on to use my other cleanser. After doing this for a two weeks now, i feel like my skin is more fresher, cleaner and clearer. My skin is benefiting from the actual second cleansing. My Three Step Clenser is able to 'work' and 'do its job' without the tough job of having to remove make-up first. I'm quite hot on skincare as you can tell, sometimes i feel conflicted with the idea of using too many products on my skin but then there are so many products that do different things, such as night and eye creams, the list is endless. However, if my skins happy and responds well, im happy!

Rinse-Off Floaming Cleanser - Clinique (£14.50) - warning you only need the tiniest amount.

Pan Oxyl

I was both excited and nervous to use this product, Pan Oxyl is quite strong medicated treatment for acne. My skin does not suffer from acne, yet ocasionally i do suffer from the odd pimple and i do have large pores on my nose. Pan Oxyl can bought over the counter at large Boots stores and chemists and can be bought in three strengths, the weakest being 2.5, 5 and the strongest being 10.

I purchased the weakest formulation in 2.5, after reading quite a few horror story reviews about the stronger formulation, i decided to try the weakest.. just in case. I first applied this onto clean, moisturised skin just before bed, a very, very, very thin application on my nose. When i awoke in the morning, i could dramatically see a difference. The pores had radically reduced in size and were alot 'fainter.' I was pretty fucking ecstatic to be honest, i've used all lotions and potions, cheap and cheerful to quite expensive and they never made an ounce of difference. However, after a few days application, my skin seemed faintly red and very dry. After lathering lots of Nivea on the dry patches, i've decided to use it once every other night, just in case!

Overall i am so glad i gave this a try and i am excited to see how my skin improves! I do suggest that if you want to go down the Pan Oxyl route, try a test patch first before going heavy handed.

Pan Oxyl - (price varys - roughly £3.50)

Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

I had heard some rave reviews about this product, but i have to admit i'm disappointed - boo! I have used other products from the Botanics range and i have been very impressed, yet i felt this eye make up remover was good at removing eye make up at the end of the day, but it doesn't really suit my use of which i intended. (if that makes sense?)

Whatever mascara i use, i simply always get mascara on my top lids (annoying if you have long lashes! although i wont complain! ;) ). I usually dip a cotton bud in eye make up remover and wipe away the mascara or eye liner mistakes, but this product left a oily residue on the skin. Which looked greasy and noticeable, meaning i had to blot with powder and ruin my eye make up. When i have used other products such as L'oreal that don't leave this weird train of oily mess on my eyelids. So im afraid this one will be buried in the dark realms of my beauty box.

Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover - Boots (£2.99)

So thats my fast, speedy, yet quite long reviews. I hope they prove useful, i definitely think i could get a job writing advertising copy now. ;)

I also purchased a Mac Brush in 210 for my Clinique Gel Liner and so far, its so easy to apply! So glad i purchased this brush.

yes, ;) my hunt of mascaras is still on-going, im currently trailing L'Oreal's pretty damn famous Telescopic, so far so good. Not used to ever using such a thing brush, i like 'em fat and big!

Have you tried any of these products?

Hello, is it me your looking for?

Friday, April 23, 2010
My apologies for lack of posting, i was sick again! boo. blame my mothers cooking - no really.

However, i was fully recovered by Thursday, when i hit up Westfield with my bff Sarah. I was determined to demolish my student loan - i am an excellent student i'll have you know - plus dare i intern without a new wardrobe? So off to Westfield we traveled, only a quick train to Shepard's Bush. Hm. I don't think i'm really that wowed by it, sure it's big but most of the shops are either to farr out of my price range or i've simply never heard of them! Yet, it does house a stand along Mac and Inglot stores, and ladies - that overcomes any flaws ;)

cringe shot of me, but its SUNNY. bring out the Marc Jacobs sunnies on the asap.

nomming it at Gourmet Burger. this place is amaze. even though, the dork behind me in the line ordered food to the wrong table, meaning they got ours. but after a very, very large of complimentary Rose in the sun put a smile on my face!

standing outside some funky mirrors, the mall itself is very sleek and pooosh. i really recommend going early morning week days, its EMPTY. oh, the joys of the recession ;)

i was suppose to go to a Mulberry sample sale, yet i decided against it. i'm really indecisive and Sarah didn't have a rsvp, trust me i would have bought everything.. although i did take my bayswater in for a maintenance and grooming session, hence the Mulberry shopper! they hoovered, buffed and waxed my beloved. what bloody good service, eh?

Sarah 2!

i had my eye on these for a long time, they look pretty horrid on the hanger, but on they look cute.
note to self: must pre-tan before wearing these!

lace shorts - River Island (£19.99)

they are short, short, short.

bargain, bargain, bargain!

did anyone else hit up the TS sale? i had my elbows at the ready and i found this lacey, summer dress. it makes me want to skip in a field of buttercups? no?

Lace Dress - Topshop (£45.00 reduced to £20.00 with s/d £18.00!)

the topshop sale went live Thursday online, but apparently according to the bff, the server crashed! come on Topshop & Outnet, for the love of god, sort out your servers!

i think this is my awkward innocent pose, epic fail.


military skirt - River Island (£24.99)

it fits perfectly.

technically i didn't buy this. did any one enter the Flake Benefit comp? Well after fifty million of Flake bars eaten, i finally won a lip gloss. It was a pretty good competition, i got to eat chocolate and win lip gloss at the same time - and you got to choose the actual shade you wanted (so no icky dark purple). One was delivered to me about a month ago, but to my disappointment the sponge wand was all ripped and i couldn't even apply the actual gloss, groan.

after a stroppy email later and no reply, another! lipgloss appeared on my door step on Thursday, with wand sponge intact. who knows how this ended up on my doorstep - they certainly didn't reply to my email and I'm sure i didn't eat that many Flakes..

a yummy nude shade.

and what you've been waiting for! Inglot is a Swedish? company with only one store in the UK. I have seen some amazing products on the blogs, but the range of lipsticks, nail varnishes and eye shadows is amaaazing. See the crazy, pictures here - they had me swooning!

me and Sarah were able to browse the dinky yet impressive store considering we were the only customers. the sales assistants explained that each pan of eyeshadow was £3.50 each, or we could fill a palette - the above was £15.00 - not bad for 5 highly pigmented eyeshadows. there were all different types, shapes, sizes of pallets available at different prices, which could fit lipstick pans , bronzers and blushes.

The prices are slightly cheaper than Mac, if memory serves a nail varnish £7.00 (any nail varnish junkies must visit), foundation £12.00, lipsticks £11.00 with brushes with a max price of £25.00.

i am seriously impressed with Inglot, we were like two kids in a candy shop. part of the fun is choosing like pix and mix! i can't wait to go back and have a closer look at the varnishes and cream blushes.

here's a swatch of my shades, do not ask me the names! this photo gives no justice!

Studded Heels - Tesco (£18.00)

sun/teadress for a fiver - win win.

Sundress - Primark (£5.00)

i actually hate Primark, but i had to buy this.

cute buttons!

brush holder from Paper Chase.

i adore Paper Chase.

I also bought a Mac eyeliner brush for my Clinique Gel Liner, L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara and a Boots Buff Puff - yet all these are for another post!