Saturday, January 30, 2010
I have returned to the art of blogging after my brief sickness (abiet still deaf in one ear), the lure of Chanel Couture and my new loves and inspirations of lilacs and pastels of Spring '10 have set me back on the bloggers natterings and scribbles.

First of firsts. A couple of weekends ago i went glasses shopping, a very gruesome and tiring experience i must say. I should start off to state that i am short - sighted, basically blind as a bat, and that i never, ever bother to wear my glasses - you should be glad to know that i do not drive and have no immediate plans to do so within the future. My last pair were shockingly awful, the frames were lovely, but not so lovely on my face. Leaving horrendous marks on my nose and overtaking my face wasn't a look i pulled off well. However, this was my entire fault, i did buy them on a whim and rash decision, whilst wearing hair extensions. They looked amazing with long hair (it balanced out) but i can't be faffing around with that nonsense day in and out.

And after realising that i was squinting through my actual glasses in class, was in-fact a hint that i should most definitely book my self an eye exam, after realising i was already two years over due.. With the boy in tow we set off to find a pair, funnily enough the first pair i tried on really, actually, no lying, suited me. This seemed a tad to easy, but i went for my eye exam.

I have this peculiar, annoying urge to burst into giggles or laugh whenever im a) having my hair washed at the hair dressers (they always get 'too' into the head massage - its weird) b) eye exams or c) someone's told me their pet/loved one has died. awkward. So after stifling my giggles through a tense eye exam with the poor optician, who was clearly a baffled man, i picked up these fabulous frames..


after.. my new D&G frames.

thoughts? i like to think i look like Gisele in her glasses in the Devil Wears Prada - well i can hope ;)

edit: bluergh.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have flu, brb - hopefully getting better.
I possibly couldn't drink another lemsip if i tried.
it has now transformed into an ear infection :(

Help mio?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Could i please ask you lovely ladies to moi a favour? As part of my degree i have to complete a high percentage of market research, which is very tedious and costs me a bloody fortune in printing costs. However, dramatic pause, i came across an internet site that i can post a survey and readers can simply fill in and it will produce me with a nice little set of results!

So, if you would kindly take a spare 5 minutes out of your day to fill in one of my wonderful surveys, i would be very grateful :) I promise it's strictly anonymous and its only clicking a few boxes.

Here are the links (i had to split it into three unfortunately):

Haul 17/01/2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010
I had the weekend off, and! it was pay day, and! of course i was going see all the new pretty springish bits and pieces instore - all with the poor boyfriend in tow.

As well as purchasing some new glasses (oh yes, i'm blind as a bat) that i was in desperate need off, i was also dragged to Selfridges, so i made this the perfect opportunity to have a good ponder around the beauty hall.

Nars Laguna Bronzer (again) - £21.50

I recently bought this about a month ago - however after an unfortunate series of events on a bitter Monday, my Nars Laguna cracked after a good soaking from my leaked Evian water bottle. To add insult to injury, it then fell on my carpet, and smudged, i cried.

Thankfully, my bbf bought me a gift card for Selfridges, so this little beauty cost me a mere £1.50! This bronzer is worth the hype, its perfect for my skin tone.

GOSH face powder brush - Superdrug (£10.00)

watch this space.

Mac blush in Peachy - £16.50

Im currently obsessed with peach blushes, i bought one from Benefit a few years back and its been discontinued - why do they always do this? This is a perfect substitute for my Pink Swoon, it works lovely with blue eyes and i feel tanned and healthy.

Mac eyeshadow in Hypnotizing - (£11.00)

This limited edition eye shadow is from the Love and Lace collection, its described as a frosted greyed mauve. Basically it appears aa a very frosted brown, grey, purple hue - very pretty. I am no longer a Mac eyeshadow virgin and very proud!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout - £7.00 ish.

A great dupe for a Mac lippie.

Stripy Tee - New Look (£6.00, with s/d £5.40)

Wardrobe staple.

Pink Cardi with gold bobbles - Topshop (£48.00 with s/d £43.20)

I had to return a few items so this was a bargain at what i exchanged it for, the colour is perfect for Spring/Summer - hello cute, pretty neutrals, goodbye to grey (finally!)

Floral vintage dress - Topshop (£20.00 with s/d (£18.00)

Click to enlarge photo. This cute tea dress has a very vintage feel (see the buttons), can be teamed with sandals in the summer or thick black tights and black boots. BARGAIN.

Striped Embellished Jumper -Zara (£29.99)

i adore this.

The holidays have finally finished and its back to work, heres hoping to a summer holiday please? Many interesting uni projects on the cards and of course my placement at Hair, im so excited!

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Get nine Lush items worth over £17 for £12.50 in its 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes' gift set. The set is available from Mon 18 until Sun 31 Jan and contains:

The Big Shampoo 45g sample
Fresh Face Mask
Vitamin C Toner Tab
One sample sized moisturiser - choose from Skin Drink, Celestial, Cosmetic Lad, Vanishing Cream or Imperialis
Handy Gurugu hand cream sample
Lemony Flutter cuticle butter sample
Mini Sugar Scrub
Mini Each Peach and Two's a Pair massage bars
Pied de Pepper foot lotion.

SEE Chole's blog for more detail.

im just about to pop out shopping, most definitely raiding my local Lush store for surre!

January Offers.

Even CoCo Chanel puts her foot down now and again for a good bargain.

After the past month i have been given, found or sent various offers and codes, i finally got round to compiling a list! I hope these help ;)

- Free delivery for Miss Selfridge online, code MACXMAS (offer ends 31st Jan)

- 20% of HQHair online (stocks GHDS, Nars, Benefit, Nails inc, OPI), code LOOKMAG (offer ends 25th Jan)

- Free delivery at HQHair if spent £20, code FREESHIPPING20 (offer ends Monday at midnight)

- 15% off Benefit online, code BENLOOK1 (offer ends 12th Feb)

- 20% off Barry M online, code LOOK20 (offer ends 19th Jan)

- 20% OPI nail varnishes at, code LOOK20 (offer ends 12th Feb)

These aren't really on an offer but still they are bloody amazing, each pack contains 25 vitamin E face wipes for a staggering 27p each! I'll let you do the math.

I have a tendency to raid the WHSmith magazine stands whilst at uni (all in the name of research i tell you) and i came across this little bargain. If you purchase Feb's issue of wedding magazine for £4.80 you get a free Nails inc vanish worth £10! Unfortunately i don't have a copy of the cover, as i gave the magazine away - i have no immediate plans of marriage just yet.. However, there are three colours: coral (see above) bare nude or a deep red.

In Boots if you buy any L'Oreal mascara, you get a free eyeliner (from the kohl pencils to the liquid liners) for a limited time only. I really rate the L'Oreal super liner, it has the easiest applicator ever.

Last, but not least, don't forget those £5 No7 vouchers, that draw you in to buying stuff that never ever appealed to you in the first place - but say hello to the make up brushes available.. bargain!

All you need to be is classy and fabulous - and apparently, branded with Chanel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
The latest beauty craze is actually crazy. The new must-have beauty accessory is the Chanel transfer tattoos! They were seen all over their Spring/10 collection, following on from all the lace, intricate beading and embellishment, the transfers present a vintage, delicate design to one's body. Featuring the iconic two C's -the Chanel logo and adorned with lace patterns, they were seen snaking and twisting up models legs and arms on the runway in Paris. Available to buy in Selfridges and the Chanel boutique from March 1st, 'Les Trompe L'Oneil de Chanel' - a set of 55 individual transfers will be sold for £49.00.

I'm slightly torn by the idea, im eager to purchase these transfers, the intricate, beautiful patterns are calling me to buy. But, am i only drawn to them a) because apart from cosmetics, it currently the only piece of Chanel i can afford or b) it has one great novelty factor?

I think it falls to the latter of will i look like: a chic, Parisian model or 13 year old thats had a good rummage in Claires? - i think we know the answer, but im still swooning.

What are your thoughts?

cleanse, tone and moisturise ladies!

Doesn't it feel like Christmas was months away, huh? Crazy. One little present i didn't share was this enormous parcel i received from Boots, just after the festive season. Of course, true to my bargain hunting nature, i logged on to Boots asap to snap up any good beauty sale sets - never bother buying them full price, disgusting prices!

My eyes were amazed when i came across this Clinique gift set for £40 (reduced from £60), it includes the three step cleansing products i use (and swear by), as well three mini travel products anddd a cute travel bag to store it in, perfect! Considering that i roughly pay £14 each for the toner and cleanser, i paid £40 for products i would normally use, plus a toner twice the size i usually buy - very big bottle.

What a saving!

The parcel was massive! My poor father and boyfriend were slightly worried..

Little and Large.

Strangely with this size toner you get a pump with it, odd!

My normal bottle of toner vs. the massive newly acquired bottle, i don't think i will need to stock up for a while..

I also found another sneaky little bargain in the form of a Lancome blusher for £9, how could i say no?

I really, really recommend the Clinique Three Step, it cleared up my face to a treat. Plus i was wasting £5 a month on a bottle of drug store cleanser, when i pay £14 for a Clinique cleanser that lasts well over three months and actually works.

Plus, every girl should all cleanse, tone and moisturise.

(I hope i don't sound like a Clinique PR ;))

Winter Warmers

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My ideal winter outfit, stylish and snugly!
Considering the snow has completely disrupted all my plans - not a happy bunny!

i did it my way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
a certain little lady, whilst struggling hard with her bastard of a finance report, got some very, very good news.. she will from now on being interning every Wednesday at Hair magazine and will be paid in hair goodies.. ;)

watch this space!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have to say this year was pretty amazing, i got to do, see and speak to some beautiful people. I just hope this year is just as adventurous ! :)

I spent NYE in my GBF (gay best friends) apartment in Old Street, London. The night was spent drinking my god awful Margaritas and dancing to 80's music, as well as watching the London fireworks on his balcony. Start the year as you mean to go on: dressed fabulously and surrounded by the ones you love the most!

moi, GBF, bff

dress - Topshop
heels - River Island

Diane Kruger

For a while now, my love for Diane Krugers style has been growing. Everynow and then she graces the fashion pages with her amazing, bold yet stylish choices. I had always admired her from afar, but after looking back over her red carpet dresses and daily wear I can definitly admit that Diane Kruger is my new style crush. Diane, a hollywood actress, moves away from the stylist advised choices, to boldly choosing herself what to wear; that she carries off in an amazing yet unquie way. Another reason as to why she’s a great inspiration is that she mixes and changes her hair styles, from a sleek straight to an assortment of hair grips, and not just conforming to ‘safe’ redcarpet rules. Her basic bronzed, glowing skin and rosy cheeks, understated eye shadow and lip allow her natural beauty and dramatic dress and hair choices demonstrate her style.

loves: centre parting, killer groomed brows and nude lips with a sheen.

loves: bubblegum pink lip, rosy cheeks, curled bun with dramatic hair piece.

loves: bold red lip and taking bobby pins to the stylish extreme (would you ever see this on Jennifer Aniston? meh)
loves: subtle smokey eye and cute, simple bejeweled hair piece.

loves: all american, shiny beach waves.

loves: classic trench, gold hoops and patterned tights.
loves loves: Mario Testino.

loves: side, fish tail plait and tweed back dress with vintage gold buttons. chic.

loves: hollywood curled bun at the nape and classic smokey eye.

loves: barely there make up and natural waves.

with Karl Largerfield.

with boyfriend Joshua Jackson.

with Jason Wu.

loves: casual look, how warm does that grey knit look? :)

pictures taken from