Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Here is the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign featuring Madonna, shot by Steven Meisel.

I'm not going to lie, she does look amazing but i think we all know that Madonna clearly has many friends in the photoshopping department. 

The Current Economic Situation

Monday, June 29, 2009
One world's dark and gloomy recession, is another girl's luxury: cheap meal ticket and heavily discounted Prada!

With the downturn in the economic crisis, there has been standstill in the economy; people are protecting and stretching their pennies to last till next pay day. However, among the millions of civilians wondering how they are going to pay their next mortgage installment or whether they may face redundancy, there is that small minority that are seeing the highlights of a struggling economy. With few consumers paying money back into services and retailers to rebuild the economy, many are slashing the prices in a bid to seek new custom. This is a complete bonus for a student with no responsibilities and no bills to pay, the money I earn is mine to keep (and spend). There are endless restaurants and bars offering cheap meals and cocktail hour is fast becoming every hour! Both high-street and designer stores have been forced to bring their summer sale forward, with Selfridges sale starting a week early on 18th June and other high street stores offering discounts left right and centre; its now the time to stock up on classic pieces that will be wearable next year and though to the Autumn/Winter fall. Whilst many are abandoning their hopes for a summer holiday and resulting to the British seaside, tour operators are also slashing prices on last minute deals resulting in 4 star holiday in Egypt, all inclusive hotel for a week could set you back as little as £370 per person a far cry from prices last August. 

So as i plan my retail therapy trip to the sales of Guilford, with a cut priced meal and cocktails included, I'm safe in the knowledge that at least I'm doing my part to help the rebuild the economy of my country ;).

Highlights of the sales so far 

Missoni - All over floral silk scarf
£32.00 (was: £65.00)
Harvey Nicks

Christian Louboutin - Lillian Patent Shoes
£310.00 (was: £515.00)
Browns Fashion

Christian Louboutin - Yopi Patent Pumps
£210.00 (was: £345.00)
Browns Fashion 
Mui Mui - Shoulder Bowling Bag 
£424.90 (was: £607.00) 

Luella - Jacquard Envelope Clutch 
£150.50 (was: £215.00)

Preen Line - Tricks Cotton Drill Dress
£178.50 (was: £255.00)

Alexander McQueen - Side Peplum Dress
£1,360.50 (was: £2,613.00)

3.1 Phillip Lim - Silk Floral Print Dress
£269.50 (was: £385.00)

There are my top picks from the high end designer fashion online. Naturally, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Topshop sale, to see if it shows any of their cute summer dresses! so chow for now! And watch this space :)

On my wish list: everything on this list!
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The September Issue

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anna Wintour is the most prestigious and iconic woman in the fashion industry. Since taking on the role as editor in chief in 1988, Wintour has fiercely ruled the pages of the world's most fashion bible, Vogue. From handpicking designer items to establishing new designers, Wintour has one of the biggest influences in fashion. Marianda Preistly, the ficitional adaption of Wintour in the highly successful Devil Wears Prada plays on Wintours notorious character. Reffered to as 'Nuclear Wintour' by many in the industry, she has over ruling power within both the magazine and fashion industry. 'Nuclear Wintour' once famously made Milan Fashion Week move dates to fit in her schedule as well as instructing many well known designers what to include in their runway shows!

For the first time, British born Wintour allows director RJ Cutler to film her and her army of editors and assistants, which gives us an insider look into the biggest edition of the magazine; the September issue. In this 88 minute film you follow Wintour around all the shows, meetings with head designer at legendary brand YSL and her own personal views on her career, the fashion industry and her biggest publishing achievement Vogue. Anna Wintour, of course, does this in her trademark polished look, consisting of her immaculate bob hairstyle, Chanel suit and big framed glasses which is a must at every runway show.

Anna Wintour may lead the way in fashion, showing all types of women to way to dress; but she certainly sets her self above from the rest. She was born to lead and follow the trends in fashion and she has achieved this by imposing a strict over ruling in how the magazine is presented and what it stands for. This film, to be released in the year is a true gift and insight to any fashion fan.

To watch a trailer for the eagerly awaited film, follow this link: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810059626/video/14141305

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Friday, June 19, 2009
What a fabulous collaboration? H&M's past collaborations have included Matthew Williamson, Viktor & Rolf as well as head designer at Chanel, Karl Lagerfield. These capsule collections are offering high-end designer pieces at affordable prices for high street shoppers, this has been so highly successful previously that pieces were selling out in a matter of hours! Shoe designer, Jimmy Choo will be offering an autumn collection, including a range of bargain - priced, red carpet inspired shoes, bags and accessories as well as a rumored women's wear line to complete the collection. The collaboration will debut in November 2009, in H&M's 200 flagship worldwide branches, including the main Oxford Circus branch in London. Tamara Mellon, founder of the Jimmy Choo brand ensures that shoppers can expect 'sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection – the perfect party pieces to buy now and then wear out that night.”  We now can look forward to stepping in to Carrie Bradshaw's famous Jimmy Choos at a fraction of the price!

On my wish list: K Karl Lagerfield Graphic Print Teeshirt                                

Thought of the day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

'I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona and give one the chance to enhance one's best physical features.' Vivienne Westwood. 

Women spend thousands of pounds a year trying to create the prefect look, with their fabulous designer labels (or the high street copy, depending on your budget of course) and their skyscraper heels; when in fact they still look like trash as they forfeit endless clothes instead of a good quality hair cut, skin care routine and suitable makeup? Why max out your credit card when taking care of your skin and hair will, in the long run, benefit you further?  I'm not saying that one must leave the house with the full works: red lips, blushed cheeks and long fluttering lashes. However, many of us are using the complete wrong foundation type and colour, or not even bothering to remove make up properly; making the whole idea worthless. I have a strong belief in that fact that you must dress to impress everyday, for you never knew what you may face or meet. (hah, this doesn't include running to fetch milk ect.) And that in turn, makes me feel more confident in myself and that can't hurt right? 

On my wish list: Alexander Wang fitted corset dress 

Tube etiquette

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After embarking on my adventure of university life, I embraced one my true fears: the London Underground tube. It took many attempts to succeed in actually reading a tube map, let alone, trying to (gasp) board one. However, after many slow journeys with patient friends, I then grasped the manner in which to do so: push, take no casualties, push and furthermore do not get caught up in the moving bustle of people roaming in the wrong direction. After gracing the Northern lines for many months now, it has become apparent that in order to get to the correct location (and generally surviving) I must:

  • Make sure i have some form of ipod/iphone. This is crucial. After a failed conversation with a TFL employee, who i must admit looked like a mole- like creature, who tried to lure me into giving him my number by informing me about his mother, a disgusting drunk, who had many 'sexy plans' in store for Valentines day with her most recent boyfriend. epic fail.
  • Always have oyster card/travel card on hand. If you are one of those commuters or tourists who think its perfectly fine to decide to only search for their ticket whilst blocking the tube gateway; then clearly you should be banned from public transport. There is no excuse, be prepared. I have learnt this perviously: 'HURRY THE FUCK UP RETARD'
  • When embracing the escalator, commuters must understand the rule of left and right. Move to the right if you wish to stand patiently and continue to wait to reach the bottom. Move to the left side if you plan to power walk half run to the bottom - usually the case when late to a lecture or in a optimistic- healthy- active mood.
  • Another key lesson when boarding a tube, take note of your surroundings. Is it really worth sitting down to the man flustering his Metro all over the joint or the middle aged women sniffing and spluttering? One groggy morning, with the normal delays, I was overjoyed to find a carriage where it wasn't so overly packed. As the tube departs it soon becomes clear why, a screaming preacher who is staring into my eyes telling me that god will save my sins. Oh dear god, do i have have fucking red lights flashing above my head that attracts these outcasts? I frantically scan the faces of amused business men and women to find a seat, to my utter most surprise, i have a tube savior who swiftly removes a Metro off an empty seat and gestures for me to sit down! This kind, middle-aged man provides a glimmer of hope that we may need when faced with the freaks of society.
  • Finally, my last tip of embracing tube travel is of basic personal hygiene and belief that the people nearest to you are wearing deodorant! With temperatures to rival summer heat waves, the tube can be one sweaty, smelly and sticky place. And one must ensure, that like everyone else they must wear  suitable, subtle deodorant or perfume to overcome the ranging smells of bad body odour and tacky perfume!
On my wish list: Christian Louboutin Bianca 140 Platform Pumps.