Not another bloody Clinique post!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Clinique have recently been on a PR mission for their Three Step Routine, which i think is fantastic because i personally love this range. I have used this well over a year and half now, and i can say it has played a part to my skin becoming more clearer and cleaner.

I bang on about this range all the time, i can understand that shelling out for three high-end products is pretty expensive, but Clinique are offering a limited amount of people to try a sample kit.
Simply go to this link, scroll down and sign up:

There are only a selected amount being given away, but it's worth a try! If not you could always purchase a try me kit for £10. I wish other brands would offer sample sizes, i would most definitely be more open to trying newer brands, especially if they were high-end. I don't mind buying a slightly more expensive product, if i know that it actually works.

Let me know if your successful and i hope this helps, currently myself, my mother and brother have all signed up for one.. ;)

The Lust List - 28th June 2010

I haven't compiled a Lust List for quite a while, simply because i haven't lusted over anything, oh how depressing of me! Autumn/Winter is far more exciting i think, or maybe i'm just bitter that i didn't have the excuse of a holiday this year to bulk buy those floral, frilly, coral, chiffon, floaty summer clothes, boo!

But never the less, there a quite a few in-between season pieces floating about in Topshop, hence why the list is basically compiled of Topshop..

This khaki green sequin top looks absolutely fabulous in real life, but online it just looks crap. It would look super fierce with a tan (i feel like i always say this?) and some black skinnies, neither of which i am or own. So although i'm lusting from afar, this can stay looking pretty instore, and with that price tag, my purse can sigh a breath of relief.

Back to basics, with all the printed and tailored skirts and shorts i own, i need some thing to balance it out. And nothing beats the feeling of a brand new, fresh white teeshirt. With the rolled up sleeves and cute pocket are simple yet good added details.

I adore this skirt. Is it because it sparkles? It is because it looks worn out? I don't know, i just want it.
I'd buy it for £45, even with student discount, thats a pricey skirt. Although a similar skirt is selling All Saints for £130, mmh.

I'm buying these without a doubt, i just love the powdery, dusky pink and they are tailored. Effortless.

I think this is one of those dresses that looks naff on the hanger, so you bypass it. Then two weeks later, you see some one actually wearing it, and you kick yourself because it actually looks amazing on. This dress is that dress. Yet - i will not be trying it on, just because i know i will buy it. hah.

I know people find Topshop rather pricey, i suppose i look slightly past that because i have student discount (my love for NUS will never die) but just looking at these items, i really think they have notched up the prices. Even still, i think i will still go on to purchase, would you?

what you need, you know i got it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thought of the day:

Wearing Glasses.

Last week as per usual i pick up my copy of Look magazine to read on my lunch break, casually flicking through there was a double page spread written by the editor Ali Hall on the subject of laser eye surgery. It was an interesting read about her before/after transformation with laser eye surgery, after reading on i came across the phrase which went along the lines of '..and who wants to spoil their bikini look wearing specs? It's not very Kelly Brook.' This article caused quite a stir on my Twitter feed and i think that phrase is a tad bizzarre. Normally, i couldn't give a toss about some one's opinion on body-weight/ skin/ hair styles, but i think this was pretty careless throw-away comment without any intention to offend, but it got me thinking.

I'm blind as a bat, yet i never wear my glasses. Not because i don't like them, i just haven't got used to them or needed to rely on them fully yet, but on the other hand i still wouldn't want to wear them constantly. Like Ali Hall, i am interested in laser eye surgery. My mum had the underwent the process and hasn't looked back (baha bad pun), practically transforming her life. I personally think that it's amazing, sure i think it's a bit creepy and gross, but for 10 minutes of weirdness - it is worth the perfect vision. As soon as my eye sight levels to a certain point, i will definitely seek this treatment out, regardless of the cost.

But for the mean time, i should definitely embrace wearing my glasses more, even if i look like an eight-eyed freak watched 3D films, i personally couldn't give a toss about swaning about on a beach like Kelly Brook!

What are your thoughts on glasses or Laser eye surgery? worth the hype or far too weird?

2010 MTV Movie Awards - fashion thumps up n down

Saturday, July 24, 2010

 Whitney Port - Would you call this a fashion disaster???... No did not like the idea at all.. the combination of skin color and yellow did not go well..and even the skin color is not gelling well with Whitney's skin color. To make it more worse..she opted for those footwear.

 Amber Lancaster - The dress is giving an impression as if was for some on else.. for a more healthy lady and Amber mistakenly put this on :)... The designer tried some innovation.... did it come out well??? decide yourself.

 Anna Kendrick - Red short dressed pepped up with tinges of black.... she is looking good.. apart from the extra wide curve of the lower portion of the dress??

 Audrina Patridge - Simple, sweet n sober she is looking yet making an impact.

  Christina Aguilera - what to say... I will keep mum...

Eva Mendes - Looking gorgeous as always. She knows how to carry a dress, that is why she is looking special in this not so special outfit.

Jessica Biel - Looking cool and calm and beautiful.... she should stand a bit straight though

Julianne Hough - She is looking hot in that black one piece dress.

Katy Perry - No words.. I will call this a fashion disaster.... at least by 60%

Kristen Stewart - That pose is not looking too good but Kristen is looking good in that dress.

Lindsay Lohan - One more fashion disaster... So beautiful she is, but she choose to wear such a nightmare kind of dress.

Lo Bosworth - She is looking beautiful in that red gown. The red color is really enhancing her beauty.

Nicky Hilton - hmm... simple and sweet again.

Paris Hilton -  More than the dress.. its the expression of Paris Hilton which makes her still awesome. The white short dress here is equally making her look hot n happening and gain the expressions are too good.

Scarlett Johansson - Go green... is the message here.... but she is looking good... isn't she.

Stephanie Pratt - She is sizzling... and going justice to that dress. But could have chosen some better one.

Vanessa Hudgens - White again.... and it is cool again. she is making an impact.

Victoria Justice - Inovation again.. but this time its not too bad.. infact Victoria justice is doing justice to this dress

Hollywood fashion disaster, Victoria Justice fashion disaster,
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Ashley Greene - Tight Jeans & Long Boots

Friday, July 23, 2010

 What do you say about Ashley Greene's dress here... I think she is rocking in that tight jeans and long boots. cool

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Celebrity Hairstyles for Oval face

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

 Victoria Beckham
 Paris Hilton
 Demi Lovato
 Beverley Knight

 Helen Mirren

 Valerie Macon

 Stephen Lovekin
 Jo Champa
 Bar Rafaeli
 Singer Rihanna
 Lauren Santo Domingo
 Sienna Miller
 Claudia Schiffer
 Singer Pink
 Anna Kournikova
 Halle Berry
 Nora Zehetner

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