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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
This post is all about my winter warmers, with the cold weather causing havoc with my skin i raided my beauty box to unearth some hidden treasures. I've been religiously using these three products for the last month or so, and can definitely see a much-improved difference, plus its added brownie points for using up my massive product stash in prep for the onslaught of the beauty gifts i've popped on my Christmas list! 

First up is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, a rather iconic product known for its multiple uses. The herbal smelling orange gel can be used on skin irritations, sun burn, scrapes or dry skin to heal and sooth. However i find this is the perfect lip balm, its thick consistency only needs the tiniest smidgen to instantly hydrate and really sink in, then in the morning, hey presto! beautiful silky soft lips. I suffer horrendously with a rather bizarre dry patch on my upper lip, bought on from the air con at work (boo!) and this does wonders. Pricey for a lip balm? Yes, but it will last you forever. One thing you'll have to get used to is the icky herbal scent on first application, but i assure you it's worth it! 

Next up are two products by a brand called Trilogy, an Aussie brand that relies on natural ingredients, mainly the legendary Rose Hip Oil, that boast some pretty amazing qualities. To tell you the truth, i hadn't really thought to use these products until i found them stashed away. But for a brand that hails all natural ingredients, i am seriously impressed with my first foray into the Trilogy brand.  

The Everything Balm is pretty much your standard balm that you can use of any dry patches, elbows, ankles or feet. You can find on these balms from most brands nowadays, from the Body Shop to Liz Earle. Though the Trilogy Everything Balm is jam-packed with a long list full of moisturising oils. from marjula, rose hip, olive oil, coconut, jojoba and the list doesn't end there! Its one little pot of moisturising goodness. Its hard white texture instantly smoothes out to an oil consistency, absorbing fast and easy to spread. I have been using this little skin wonder on my tootsies, with summer long-gone in to the distant past, thats no excuse to forget about your feet. I rub this in after a hot shower, then wear a pair of cotton socks to soak in over night. In the morning i'm left with baby soft feet and it seems to have completely moisturised away any hard skin. Now if that isn't impressive, i don't know what is! 

The Trilogy RoseHip Oil is a 100% skin care oil that caters again for a number of things, alike Bio Oil, it can used on scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. I however have been using this as a night time facial oil after applying my night time moisturiser. The pipette makes and easy application and upon three drops i massage it into my face, avoiding the eye area. I won't bang on about all the Rose Hip Oil goodness, as you can find it here, but what i will say is that when i wake up my skin is very smooth, not overly soft but smooth. It improves the appearance of my pores and any pimples i have, i honestly feel that this definite giving my skin a much-needed moisture boost. On application it isn't neither greasy or just laying on the skin, it sinks it rather well. My only bug bear is the smell, the faint smell of dead roses isn't that appealing, but it wears off pretty quickly.

If you wanted to try some Trilogly products, Boots are doing a fantastic Christmas set here for £19.50. Next on my list to try is Origins brand. What are your winter saviours? 

I'm now off to brace the cold, wet and wind to attend a Mulberry sample sale! Hurrah to saving all my birthday money, definite watch this space! 

Check on it

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miso T-Bar Heels - Republic (£35.00)

Despite the alarming fact i wouldn't even be able to strut to the end of my street in these, they really are too pretty to resist. Now, answer me this: the cream or black pair, or dare i say, both? With free next day delivery online currently and 20% with sneaky code REP55 - i'm finding it hard to say no! 

Tell me the hidden platform will make the strutting my stuff all the bit easier? 

The Lust List - 16th November

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tulip Scalloped Skirt - New Look (£29.99) - All i can say is boy, New Look - you've upped your game.

Embellished Collar Shirt - Miss Selfridge (£39.00) - Clearly i'm going through a ridiculous sparkle and embellished faze, but in all honesty this shirt is far too pretty for words.

Best of the Minis - OPI (£27.50) - I'm a sucker for mini varnishes, and theres a distinct lack of OPI in my varnish collection, do i need any more excuses?

Fleece Foral Print Robe - Topshop (£36.00) - Crazy overpriced, but how cute? My own dressing gown is currently sporting a hair dye DIY dalmatian print masterpiece, whoops.

Brown Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins (£70.00) - Yes, i do already own fifty thousand coats already - including a faux fur one already - but its pretty hard to pull off leopard print fur when you live so close to East Croydon. I have however been eyeing this beautiful simple brown fur coat in Dorothy Perkins, i feel a splurge coming along.

Orgasm Lust Set - Nars (£22.00) - You can never have enough Nars, and you if don't shame on you. Although this is the perfect starter kit for any Nars virgin, as it houses their best sellers in a travel friendly duo, both Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. Pretty much a steal at that price, especially with the added matching mini gloss.

Diamonds by the Yard necklace - Tiffanys (£160.00) -This wouldn't be a lust list without a sprinkle of Tiffanys, however - dainty diamonds really are a girls best friend.

Christmas Sock - Topshop (£3.50) - Who doesn't love a Christmas sock? I do hope they make a matching jumper.

Leather Tote Bag - Mui Mui (£695.00) - I need not justify this lust. 

All About Cheeks Pallette - Nars (£45.00) - My uttermost favourite lust. Also putting an end to the pain staking qualms of traveling: 'Sarah do you need to take FOUR blushers with you on holiday?' Seriously swooning right now, amidst the confused face of baffled mother. 

After being super super organised with my Christmas shopping, i literally only have to buy presents for the boyfriend, the hardest and most expensive of them all. Despite the fact we swapped Christmas gifts for the past eight years, boys are really hard to buy for. So while i type random boy interests into Amazon, i've decided to indulge in some serious online window shopping. These will probably make to on to my Christmas list (i have been ever so good this year), if i don't sneakily buy them in the mean time!

Here i am, a walking primrose.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Colour Panel Dress - Topshop (£50.00)

You know that moment you fall in love with piece of clothing, walk away, then swear at yourself repeatedly for never buying it? Well thats this dress. It came and went, much to my sadness. However after a naughty (before pay-day, whip out the credit card) Topshop ponder, i was so relived to see it back in stock and hey presto, the optical allusion-esk colour panels really do portray an amazing hour glass shape, if i do say so myself! And of course, as soon as i stepped into my freezing garden, this little fellow bounded over...

Hey ho, lets go!

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Ted Baker is a brand i admire from afar, being rather on the premium side of the high-street its a tad too pricey for my budget. However, i thought i'd do a very sneaky post for today only they are having 20% off everything online and in-store! Some of their pieces are a tad hit and miss i won't lie, but some are disgustingly pretty and feminine to resist. My mum scored a beautiful bright fushia pink trench coat last Spring, its rather well made and very tailored, plus despite whipping it out continuously she still gets compliment after compliment, and has somehow lasted every dry-clean. I had a quick peak at the Ted Baker website and picked out my favourites..

Mesh Detail Dress (£149.00) / Heart Detail Dress (£149.00) / Faux Fur Coat (£199.00) / Lace Skirt (£99.00) / Pleat Flats (£90.00) / Lace Detail Jumper (£99.00) / Sequin Hem Skirt (£119.00)

Long Purse (£79.00) / Long Printed Scarf (£55.00) / Printed Wash Bag (£19.00) / Hot Water-Bottle Set (£45.00) / Tote Bag (£119.00) / Printed Ikon Bag (£35.00)

I've definitely fallen head over heels with that sequin skirt, and i definitely think splurging on one timeless item is worth it. One for my Christmas list i feel, especially alongside those bed socks. Hands down, not going to lie, received some last year for Christmas, best bed.socks.ever. I'm going to stock up like a mad woman in the sales. I know quite a few of friends are firm fans of their ionic purses and tote bags, worth stocking up for Christmas gifts with the discount i dare say.

To take advantage of the 20% discount, simply sign up here and enter your details. I might have to treat my dad to another pair of men's socks as a stocking filler! Anything fancy catch your eye?

You acting kinda shady, ain't calling me baby.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
This post is the first of many of a new feature i've decided to write leading up to Christmas. You'll be relieved to know that this isn't no ordinary gift guide, as i've already practically memorised (and circled with a big fat red marker) the entire contents of the Boots catalog. I've decided to showcase the many beautiful coffee table books i have acquired over many past birthdays and Christmases, maybe as a gift idea for a lovely friend, or lets not beat around the bush, your Christmas list. They all range from beauty, fashion and style, to kick of this week i decided to start with my favourite book that resides on my overflowing bookcase.   

I first came across the beautiful Chanel, Collections and Creations written by Daniele Bott when i was searching for a gift for a close friend. This amazingly detailed coffee table book not only houses a wealth of knowledge surrounding the iconic French fashion brand but unveils the most beautiful imagery, of which is undeniably stunning, detailing the moving journey of Chanel, from Coco to Karl. After my friend received this, she then made prints of the images and framed them, hence the long over-zealous photos i had to include as in-sight..

The ever-changing design of buttons on the iconic tweed suit.
The Cameila in a range of different creations, different sizes and fabrics.
The Camelia bun!
The iconic N.o5 diamond necklace as seen on Nicole 

The house of Chanel opened its private image archives especially, showing the historical journey of the Chanel brand, from the iconic exact designs from Coco Chanel to the modern day transformation of Karl Largerfield. The book itself covers five central themes rooted to Chanel: the classic tweed suit (of which i will own several of by my seventies), the camellia, fine jewellery, fragrances and cosmetics, and finally the little black dress. I could waffle on about this grand yet sleek coffee table has to offer on each theme but i will say what i learnt from this guide, is the story behind the Camelia, the famous flower incorporated in many classic designs, still to this day. The Camelia is a simple, classic white flower favourited by Coco, for its likeness to her style: feminine yet androgynous. The flower also bares no scent, as not to interfere with any perfumes - something i find fascinating. Even still to this day Karl Largerfield always reworks the Cameilia into each of his collections, its always present yet in a completely different creation.

Any other titles devoted to Chanel i should hunt out?

On a day like this.

Sunday, November 13, 2011
I've been itching to write this post for the past week, let me roll back to the Monday before last, one of my lovely friends eagerly text me to say that her Elle subscription had been delivered and along side was a gift card for Kurt Geiger. Lets just say, i hunted out the latest copy of Elle like some crazed woman, blazing down the isle of my local Tesco whilst kicking myself wholeheartedly to never renewing my subscription. 

Forgetfulness aside, the December issue of Elle with cover-star Michelle Williams delightfully has a £20 gift card attached for Kurt Geiger. Have i ever shopped there? Never, too bloody expensive. But £20 gift card? Yes please! I'm honestly a marketing departments wet dream.* I haven't really heard too much said about this amazing freebie to be honestly, so i thought i'd compile a lovely little lot of shoes i'm planning on maybe using my gift card on.

Polka Dot (£30.00) / Leopard Print (£30.00) / Camel Lola (£30.00)
Nude Lucy (£45.00) / Black Lucy (£45.00)
Tan Larry (£45.00) / Black Larry (£45.00)
Snakeskin Leena (£45.00) / Metallic Leena (£45.00) / Black Lola 2 (£30.00)

And the beauties i will be snapping up, who doesn't love a sparkly Mui Mui inspired flat?

Licorice Gold (£45.00)

The gift card can only be used on selected KB brands, mainly their own, and the gift card can only be used on full price items only (bastards). However, some the pumps i've spied above are rather amazing at the now-reduced price of £10, something i definitely don't mind shelling out. If you were feeling more flashy, they do have some lovely heels, but i'm far too tight to pay out for those and not near enough brave to actually wear them out of the house. What you could even do, which is rather sneaky, but clever and economical at the same time is buy another magazine, activate it online, then stash it away till summer and use it towards a new pair of summer sandals - as you have a full twelve months to redeem the card. Whats more is that a selected number of cards once activated can hold up to £1000 store credit to use, of which you may be able to afford one their horrendous Kurt Geiger handbags priced at the extortionate price of £400, jeeze louise, get off your high horse. 

Will you be nabbing a pair of KG with your £20 gift card? Eurgh and i tell you what always annoys me, every time Michelle Williams is on a front cover, every single headline or story revolves around Heath, give the gal a break for chrissake.

(*yeah gross, sorry about that)

You know i'm a dancing machine.

Friday, November 11, 2011
After a speedy delivery of a new Macbook charger, i'm back on top blogging form. With the recent boredom ensued from lack of the internet i decided to do a mass room overhaul, which led me to find a brand new, unused Moleskin note book. As much as i was slightly horrified at the fact that i can easily forget about such things, i'm delighted to be able to jot my bloggy ideas down in such beautiful leather stationary goodness, so do brace yourself because i have a lot to share! First up being this beautiful cream embellished beret i spotted in good old Marks and Sparks. Evoking my inner magpie, the sparkly beads and faux diamonds caught my eye and i bought it on the spot.

Embellished Cream Beret - Marks and Spencers (£15.00)

The beret it's self is a soft creamy white mohair material which the vintage looking embellishment to the side. It looks undeniably pretty, and rather a statement piece. I cannot wait to wear it when it gets rather chilly, however i dare say i look a bit top heavy with my glasses - but with my new contacts it works well, especially since my stobborn hair has finally grown. I'd say it is rather pricey at fifteen squid, but the quality is there as the beads are throughly attached. I did think about buying this as a gift for someone for Christmas, but honestly, its far too pretty to give away! 

Berry Lipgloss by 17 - Boots (£3.99)

I thought i would share some photos of the lipgloss i snapped in this post, simply because i'm really quite obsessed. Its the perfect answer for some one a tad too scared for a bright red lipstick, this gloss is still highly pigmented and a true red, it just doesn't seems a hella of a lot easier to wear.. plus it makes me feel all festive. 

The prefect stocking filler gift or too pretty to give away?

Stop! in the name of love.

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Whilst we have literally just fallen into the first few days of November, which of course officially means that Christmas is just around the corner, i have indeed, not going to lie, don't hate me, basically, already completed the majority of my Christmas shopping. I'm never normally this prepared, but i've been feeling overly festive rather early, maybe its the lure of sequins and sparkle, but i adore choosing gifts and quite frankly my house does resemble the local post office with incoming deliveries. But back to the point of this post, after buying everyone else wonderful gifts i thought it was about time to treat oneself over the past few weeks...

Wine Cable Jumper - Primark (£14.00)

Primark is such a hit and miss shop for me, i mostly pick bits and bobs up, head the dressing room and find it freakishly sized wrong. Or i get home it gets completely and utterly mangled after one wash. However, this jumper is a definite exception. It is rather well made, extremely toasty, rather long in the body and i really, really cannot get enough of this shade. Move over navy, burgundy wine is my new black (you know what i mean).
Embellished Sequin Blouse -Primark (£12.00)

If your a loyal reader of mine, you'll know that i seriously swoon every season over an embellished blouse - yet i really cannot justify the hefty price tags that even the high-street has to offer, especially on something so delicate (that my mum may butcher in the wash). As soon as i saw this beauty, i hopped skipped and jumped to try it on, and i really does look fabulous over a white vest with nude chiffon skirt or black skinnies.

Brown Ankle Boots - H&M (£29.99)

I have no idea why I'm drawn to these boots, they really are slightly out of my style. But their overall chunkiness and dark chocolate colour are really asking to toughen up a dainty tea dress. Perfect for dare i say puddle splashing?

Grey Knitted Leggings - H&M (£14.99)

Charcoal grey knitted leggings are my ultimate winter purchase. Tucked into my tan riding boots with chunky cream socks i think so! 

Wine Tailored Coat - New Look (£34.99)

I made a sneaky New Look order within the week as they had a 25% off, with an added stolen student discount from the brother i really couldn't resist. This coat had caught my eye a month or so ago, and such heavily discounted it was rude to say no. This photo really doesn't do justice, its simple gold buttons on a dark burgundy red tailored cut make it so perfect. Its horrendously boring to conform to a black coat and blend it, but this red really stands out against a crowd. It also amazingly works well with half the outfits in my wardrobe, i really do love this coat.

Pumps - New Look (£12.00)

I live in flats and i was really missing a dark red pair, my newest addition to my wardrobe were not only a steal but a great pop of colour to any outfit.

Mittens - New Look (£4.19)

I detest paying for delivery charges, so instead of paying the four quid delivery charge i bumped up my total with these adorable furry mittens to qualify for free delivery. They are unbelievably warm, and to cute to resist really.

Nail Varnish in Exquisite & Wild Curls Mascara - Boots (£2.99 & £6.29)

I popped into Boots to pick up my trusty cheap-fix mascara 17's Wild Curls, and  yet again it didn't disappoint. It volumes and lengthening power are set to rival my DiorShow and MUF Smoky Lash, with many compliments on my lashes this week too i highly recommend. I also picked up this varnish in Exquisite, a deep dark green, definitely in the festive mode. With my two purchases i was able to pick up the 17 Femme Noir Set freebie that includes a wonderful red lipgloss, liquid eyeliner and a smokey grey eyeshadow.

I am officially in love with this Berry lipgloss, it is the perfect pigmented cherry red. I may not be able to work a red lipstick, but boy, do i love this lipgloss. 

There are my recent purchases, i sneakily whisper that there were a few other things but really they deserve a post of their own due to being so wonderful and pretty. This week has been pretty manic, dinners with friends and working all week, but i was very lucky to be invited to a Forever 21 presentation (more to follow, but i'm amazed) and an Ebay event, where lets just say Sarah and i were very small fishes and a very big blogging pond (the W hotel) and yes, more to follow on that too. 

All we need is music, sweet music.

Friday, November 4, 2011
Marc by Marc Jacob Rose Gold Ring - My Wardrobe (£40.00)

Major lusting after this beautiful heart charmed ring. On first appearances it looks rather bulky, but after closer inspection it is rather dainty and feminine. I adore rose gold, and of course Marc Jacobs. I somehow acquired a twenty pound gift card from My Wardrobe as part of a loyalty scheme when i purchased my Alexa, which would make this ring a worthy steal at twenty quid.

Should i splurge or put it on my christmas list and save my voucher for a rainy day (aka the sale)?

You will have to excuse my absence from the blogging world as on Tuesday night my Mac Book died a tragic death. After many tears (yes really) and flashes of coughing up nine hundred squid for a replacement, I nearly kissed Rick the Apple Genius Bar assistant when he said i needed to replace the battery. So whilst that's on speedy delivery I retreat the iPad, tar-rah.

Heard it through the grapevine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No7 Pampering Dry Oil Spray - Boots (£8.75)

I hate those blasted No7 vouchers, i stand there for ages lingering over what to buy. Despite the fact i love the eyeshadow brushes, the staff are starting to give me funny looks i've bought so many. No really. After trying various dry oils in all these beauty boxes and falling in love with the Nuxe one (then swiftly falling out with the price) i decided to try the Pampering Dry Oil Spray with my £5 off No7 voucher, making it a rather steal worthy £3.75. I'm not going to lie, a) i didn't have the highest hopes with this product but then b) i am horrendously lazy when it comes to slathering on body lotion after the shower. Its flipping freezing and the quicker i get in my pjs the better, but the guilt of dry skin in the winter is rather pesky too.

However, after i swifty jump out of the shower and towel dry, a few quick spritzs of the dry oil spray, my skin is silky smooth. It sinks in instantly, which i find really rather impressive. It is neither sticky or leaves any residue on the skin either. A little also goes a very long way, i've been using it religiously for the past two/three weeks generously spraying everywhere and i've hardly dented the bottle. With the spray applicator its easy to spritz all over, even the troublesome patch on your back you can never reach. Its not heavy in the slightest and i can see this becoming a future staple in both sumer and winter. It has quite a distinct fragrance, which i rather like, but some may not. However, it doesn't last long on the skin, neither interrupting with perfumes or such.

Next time the vouchers are lurking in the pits of your handbags, i really recommend picking up a bottle. Especially for the girl who like me loves to feel pampered, in a rather lazy, easy way!