Stop! in the name of love.

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Whilst we have literally just fallen into the first few days of November, which of course officially means that Christmas is just around the corner, i have indeed, not going to lie, don't hate me, basically, already completed the majority of my Christmas shopping. I'm never normally this prepared, but i've been feeling overly festive rather early, maybe its the lure of sequins and sparkle, but i adore choosing gifts and quite frankly my house does resemble the local post office with incoming deliveries. But back to the point of this post, after buying everyone else wonderful gifts i thought it was about time to treat oneself over the past few weeks...

Wine Cable Jumper - Primark (£14.00)

Primark is such a hit and miss shop for me, i mostly pick bits and bobs up, head the dressing room and find it freakishly sized wrong. Or i get home it gets completely and utterly mangled after one wash. However, this jumper is a definite exception. It is rather well made, extremely toasty, rather long in the body and i really, really cannot get enough of this shade. Move over navy, burgundy wine is my new black (you know what i mean).
Embellished Sequin Blouse -Primark (£12.00)

If your a loyal reader of mine, you'll know that i seriously swoon every season over an embellished blouse - yet i really cannot justify the hefty price tags that even the high-street has to offer, especially on something so delicate (that my mum may butcher in the wash). As soon as i saw this beauty, i hopped skipped and jumped to try it on, and i really does look fabulous over a white vest with nude chiffon skirt or black skinnies.

Brown Ankle Boots - H&M (£29.99)

I have no idea why I'm drawn to these boots, they really are slightly out of my style. But their overall chunkiness and dark chocolate colour are really asking to toughen up a dainty tea dress. Perfect for dare i say puddle splashing?

Grey Knitted Leggings - H&M (£14.99)

Charcoal grey knitted leggings are my ultimate winter purchase. Tucked into my tan riding boots with chunky cream socks i think so! 

Wine Tailored Coat - New Look (£34.99)

I made a sneaky New Look order within the week as they had a 25% off, with an added stolen student discount from the brother i really couldn't resist. This coat had caught my eye a month or so ago, and such heavily discounted it was rude to say no. This photo really doesn't do justice, its simple gold buttons on a dark burgundy red tailored cut make it so perfect. Its horrendously boring to conform to a black coat and blend it, but this red really stands out against a crowd. It also amazingly works well with half the outfits in my wardrobe, i really do love this coat.

Pumps - New Look (£12.00)

I live in flats and i was really missing a dark red pair, my newest addition to my wardrobe were not only a steal but a great pop of colour to any outfit.

Mittens - New Look (£4.19)

I detest paying for delivery charges, so instead of paying the four quid delivery charge i bumped up my total with these adorable furry mittens to qualify for free delivery. They are unbelievably warm, and to cute to resist really.

Nail Varnish in Exquisite & Wild Curls Mascara - Boots (£2.99 & £6.29)

I popped into Boots to pick up my trusty cheap-fix mascara 17's Wild Curls, and  yet again it didn't disappoint. It volumes and lengthening power are set to rival my DiorShow and MUF Smoky Lash, with many compliments on my lashes this week too i highly recommend. I also picked up this varnish in Exquisite, a deep dark green, definitely in the festive mode. With my two purchases i was able to pick up the 17 Femme Noir Set freebie that includes a wonderful red lipgloss, liquid eyeliner and a smokey grey eyeshadow.

I am officially in love with this Berry lipgloss, it is the perfect pigmented cherry red. I may not be able to work a red lipstick, but boy, do i love this lipgloss. 

There are my recent purchases, i sneakily whisper that there were a few other things but really they deserve a post of their own due to being so wonderful and pretty. This week has been pretty manic, dinners with friends and working all week, but i was very lucky to be invited to a Forever 21 presentation (more to follow, but i'm amazed) and an Ebay event, where lets just say Sarah and i were very small fishes and a very big blogging pond (the W hotel) and yes, more to follow on that too.