Hey ho, lets go!

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Ted Baker is a brand i admire from afar, being rather on the premium side of the high-street its a tad too pricey for my budget. However, i thought i'd do a very sneaky post for today only they are having 20% off everything online and in-store! Some of their pieces are a tad hit and miss i won't lie, but some are disgustingly pretty and feminine to resist. My mum scored a beautiful bright fushia pink trench coat last Spring, its rather well made and very tailored, plus despite whipping it out continuously she still gets compliment after compliment, and has somehow lasted every dry-clean. I had a quick peak at the Ted Baker website and picked out my favourites..

Mesh Detail Dress (£149.00) / Heart Detail Dress (£149.00) / Faux Fur Coat (£199.00) / Lace Skirt (£99.00) / Pleat Flats (£90.00) / Lace Detail Jumper (£99.00) / Sequin Hem Skirt (£119.00)

Long Purse (£79.00) / Long Printed Scarf (£55.00) / Printed Wash Bag (£19.00) / Hot Water-Bottle Set (£45.00) / Tote Bag (£119.00) / Printed Ikon Bag (£35.00)

I've definitely fallen head over heels with that sequin skirt, and i definitely think splurging on one timeless item is worth it. One for my Christmas list i feel, especially alongside those bed socks. Hands down, not going to lie, received some last year for Christmas, best bed.socks.ever. I'm going to stock up like a mad woman in the sales. I know quite a few of friends are firm fans of their ionic purses and tote bags, worth stocking up for Christmas gifts with the discount i dare say.

To take advantage of the 20% discount, simply sign up here and enter your details. I might have to treat my dad to another pair of men's socks as a stocking filler! Anything fancy catch your eye?