On a day like this.

Sunday, November 13, 2011
I've been itching to write this post for the past week, let me roll back to the Monday before last, one of my lovely friends eagerly text me to say that her Elle subscription had been delivered and along side was a gift card for Kurt Geiger. Lets just say, i hunted out the latest copy of Elle like some crazed woman, blazing down the isle of my local Tesco whilst kicking myself wholeheartedly to never renewing my subscription. 

Forgetfulness aside, the December issue of Elle with cover-star Michelle Williams delightfully has a £20 gift card attached for Kurt Geiger. Have i ever shopped there? Never, too bloody expensive. But £20 gift card? Yes please! I'm honestly a marketing departments wet dream.* I haven't really heard too much said about this amazing freebie to be honestly, so i thought i'd compile a lovely little lot of shoes i'm planning on maybe using my gift card on.

Polka Dot (£30.00) / Leopard Print (£30.00) / Camel Lola (£30.00)
Nude Lucy (£45.00) / Black Lucy (£45.00)
Tan Larry (£45.00) / Black Larry (£45.00)
Snakeskin Leena (£45.00) / Metallic Leena (£45.00) / Black Lola 2 (£30.00)

And the beauties i will be snapping up, who doesn't love a sparkly Mui Mui inspired flat?

Licorice Gold (£45.00)

The gift card can only be used on selected KB brands, mainly their own, and the gift card can only be used on full price items only (bastards). However, some the pumps i've spied above are rather amazing at the now-reduced price of £10, something i definitely don't mind shelling out. If you were feeling more flashy, they do have some lovely heels, but i'm far too tight to pay out for those and not near enough brave to actually wear them out of the house. What you could even do, which is rather sneaky, but clever and economical at the same time is buy another magazine, activate it online, then stash it away till summer and use it towards a new pair of summer sandals - as you have a full twelve months to redeem the card. Whats more is that a selected number of cards once activated can hold up to £1000 store credit to use, of which you may be able to afford one their horrendous Kurt Geiger handbags priced at the extortionate price of £400, jeeze louise, get off your high horse. 

Will you be nabbing a pair of KG with your £20 gift card? Eurgh and i tell you what always annoys me, every time Michelle Williams is on a front cover, every single headline or story revolves around Heath, give the gal a break for chrissake.

(*yeah gross, sorry about that)