You know i'm a dancing machine.

Friday, November 11, 2011
After a speedy delivery of a new Macbook charger, i'm back on top blogging form. With the recent boredom ensued from lack of the internet i decided to do a mass room overhaul, which led me to find a brand new, unused Moleskin note book. As much as i was slightly horrified at the fact that i can easily forget about such things, i'm delighted to be able to jot my bloggy ideas down in such beautiful leather stationary goodness, so do brace yourself because i have a lot to share! First up being this beautiful cream embellished beret i spotted in good old Marks and Sparks. Evoking my inner magpie, the sparkly beads and faux diamonds caught my eye and i bought it on the spot.

Embellished Cream Beret - Marks and Spencers (£15.00)

The beret it's self is a soft creamy white mohair material which the vintage looking embellishment to the side. It looks undeniably pretty, and rather a statement piece. I cannot wait to wear it when it gets rather chilly, however i dare say i look a bit top heavy with my glasses - but with my new contacts it works well, especially since my stobborn hair has finally grown. I'd say it is rather pricey at fifteen squid, but the quality is there as the beads are throughly attached. I did think about buying this as a gift for someone for Christmas, but honestly, its far too pretty to give away! 

Berry Lipgloss by 17 - Boots (£3.99)

I thought i would share some photos of the lipgloss i snapped in this post, simply because i'm really quite obsessed. Its the perfect answer for some one a tad too scared for a bright red lipstick, this gloss is still highly pigmented and a true red, it just doesn't seems a hella of a lot easier to wear.. plus it makes me feel all festive. 

The prefect stocking filler gift or too pretty to give away?