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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was love at first sight.

H&M - (£39.99) - Online

Trying to find the perfect pair of boots, is like trying to find the perfect boy. You want them to be of good quality to last all season, become that trustworthy piece you need in your wardrobe (well life in boyfriend terms) and most importantly they need to look damn right hot and comfy at the same time. Don't ask me how comfy translates in to the boyfriend territory err.. Enough of the crappy comparisons. 

Basically, i've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots. And as much i get that if i splurge on a decent pair, they will last me eternally, i just cannot fork out £90 plus on a decent pair, when i know that although i'm sure i will get lots of wear out of boots - i love my flats too! Much to my annoyance, my mother has the best worn out (yet chic) biker boots from Bertie that were worth every single penny. Sigh, so the search for the perfect winter boots are these classic tan riding boots from H&M. They are my middle ground. Sure they may not be leather, but i still think they are a bloody good deal.

Also, can i just ask Mr Highstreet, when are you actually going to start selling some decent winer coats? 
Not the entire female population want to live in aviator jackets, yaknow.

On another note, tomorrow i am heading up town to be whisked away to the theatre for a birthday surprise from two of my lovely & closest friends! Very exciting, plus some hard-core dedicated shopping will clearly be taking place before hand.

Thought of the Day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

You're either gonna hate me, or totally understand what i mean with my following thought of the day. 
It's like Marmite, you either totally understand the fascination, grasp this latest trend; or like me, you step back and think, how freaking ugly. As was with my utter discomfort of wet-look leggings, my latest dislike is two particular jewellery brands. Both Links of London and Pandora bracelets somewhat horrify me, in terms that I think they are over-priced mess of uglyness and that people flock towards them. They aren't classic, delicate or even making a statement. I genuinely think they are just fug. 

The Pandora bracelets are the ugly-step-sister of the charm bracelet, even a little creepy looking. And the fact that you can only really afford a few proper charms to fill it, leaves it rather sad looking.

The Links of London friend-ship bracelets look slightly weird too, i mean - i'm not going to lie, they look like a souvenir from a holiday flea market, not a high-end jewelers? I just find them ODD.

What can i say? They just baffle me - i just don't get the hype. After asking on Twitter whether i was the only one who thought this, the general consensus was, that other people thought the same too. These are my personal thoughts and taste, but i apologise sincerely, if you do own one of these bracelets, however don't get your kickers in a twist ;)

The Lust List -25th September 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

this lust list is rather short - what can i say? i'm not greedy.
yes please.

Mui Mui Suede Strappy Platform Sandals - (£370.00)

these are too beautiful.

Christian Louboutin Spiked Ballerina Flats - (£625.00)

my chosen weapon of choice, how fierce! 

Herm├ęs Enamel Bracelet - (£380.00)

lust, lust, lust.
i'd sell my brother for this (again.)

this bag is currently what i'm saving my pennies for, oh yes. 
as much as i love the studs i don't think i'm that much of a dedicated saver,
 plus my father might just have a heart attack at the price. 
lets wait till the christmas sales, yeah?

Mui Mui Studded Leather Bag - (£1,200.00)

(yeah, and i just said the 'c' word, gotta plan early.)

the specials

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whilst waiting for student funds to arrive - my wardrobe is seriously lacking the much needed A/W must haves. In the time being i thought i would show you my loves, 'mehs' and dislikes of the beauty world of this moment in time, there are many products you hear me batter on about but truth be told i'm rather addicted to trying out new skin and body products, so here goes:


Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask 

This mask is a godsend, something pretty special - have i ever found something like this on the UK market? No. This American brand Queen Helene's clay mask is formulated to dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores, gross?  But, hey it works a treat. I've used countless clay masks promising to do the same, and sure they make a slight difference but not in any way as deep cleansing as the Mint Julep Mask. Working like any other clay mask, it is to be left on the skin for 15 minutes and then washed off, yet straight after use-age you can visibly notice the impurities being bought to the surface, yes, pretty gross again but the mask is actively working away at imperfections you have rather than just working to prevent new ones forming. I use this two/three times a week and can see my pores improving. The only drawback is that this brand in American, meaning it can only be bought online, i bought mine off of Amazon for roughly £5 - and this is amazing for the size of product sold (i cannot see myself running out of this any time soon!).

No7 Tinted Moisturiser - Boots (£11.00)

I have pretty much always over looked the No7 brand, simply because it struck me as outdated, with thoughts of blue crumbly eyeshadow accompanied by orange cakey foundation was enough to scare me off. But since Boots introduced their £5 off vouchers, it was practically inviting me to try some products rather than just stocking up on the amazing eye shadow brushes that they offer. I am a self confessed foundation addict, always on the search for the next perfect formulation. After my stint with the Lancome lady (for an update see end of post) i decided that at the moment my skin doesn't require such a heavy coverage, and slathering on foundation looks so tacky. So i gave the No7 Tinted Moisturiser in Fair a shot, it states that it is suitable for all skin types, it has SPF 15 and provides a beautiful sheer colour. First off i wondered how can one product be suitable for an oily skin as well as a dry skin? Secondly, already a winner for having an SPF. And thirdly, i don't understand the term sheer..

All you need to know is that this tinted moisturiser covers and blends perfectly to provide a very light base, enough to look like you are alive, but enough to make you look very natural. I simply add concealer on any blemishes or dark circles, and to keep the shine at bay i just re-powder like normal. I have an oily skin, and i wouldn't stay it applies either dewy or matte - just enough balance.

(click to read moar)

Johnson's Facial Wipes (£2.99)

I bought these for my holiday in Egypt last year, since then, i always have a pack of these within my beauty box. These go so much further than just your normal wipes, they check all the boxes for removing make up, but the way they make your skin so soft is just damn right crazy. I went through a stage of stoking my face after using these, in awe of soft they made my skin! Plus they smell so refreshing and don't tend to dry out at all. Winner. 

Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel (£28.00)

Yes, a tad pricey but this product has been a staple in my make-up routine all summer, in-fact i have used this ever since i bought it and i haven't even dented the amount! This bronzer politely shoved my Nar's Laguna to one side, creating the perfect bronzed base. It can built up to create a really sunkissed glow or applied lightly to contour and add that extra hint of colour. I apply this after my foundation, using the ELF powder brush, which creates a seamless, natural finish. I really recommend this product for fair skins, who just want that light touch of tan. Plus is smells LOVELY, all tropical and fruity, yum.

Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil (£18.00)

I have very, very fair eyebrows. Needless to say, it actually looks like i don't have any. grump grump. Thanks to Mrs Mercier, i have conquered the brow pencil in a shade that actually suits me. Due to very crappy experience at the Mac counter, where the SA shaded in the darkest brown eyebrows which resulted in caterpillar vs alien territory, i'm a firm believer in sticking to your own mind, and thank god i did, this blonde brow pencil works wonders!  


Revlon Colour Stay (£11.99)

For some people this is the holy grail drug store foundation, and i'm not going to lie, i thought so too. Until i looked in the mirror one day and wondered why my pores on my face looked twice the size, for that reason alone it completely fails. The coverage of this product is surprisingly good for a drug store foundation, i want to love it, but i just can't. Plus the shade Buff that i bought, is slightly peach toned which could possibly verge of the balance of looking to orange - it sucks. Another major rant, why the hell did Revlon not add a pump? See all that mess? Do not want.

Benefit Pop of Colour Palette 

Giving this product it's due, i did buy this a few years back and granted you can no longer buy it. Yet, Benefit do still stock the shades with the palette, so i thought i would throw my two cents in. The pink shade, known as Dandelion does not show on the skin. Instead if the pop of baby pink you expect: nada.    It states that it's a brightening face powder, but why on earth would i want a dusty layer of this on my face? Hoola, the bronzing face powder is like mud, it literally just looks like dirt. And Dallas, another bronzer, i personally dislike due to the glitter - ew. All round waste of money, and the brush is laughable. 

Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturiser - unless you are actually orange do not purchase

Bastistse Dry Shampoo in Blush - the smell of this, i find nauseating - stick to the original or Tropical.

And a product that doesn't get enough love..

Mac's lipstick in Chatterbox.

Have you tried any of these products?

(I'm still conversing with Boots on my experience at Lancome, but they Customer Service team are fantastic (oh the irony!) and i will post once i have received further correspondence).

twenty ways to see the world, twenty ways to start a fight

Monday, September 20, 2010



(as spotted in Grazia)

Hey kitty, kitty.

My boy's family are pretty crazy about ginger cats. Personally i'm not a cat person, but when i saw a photo of his new little kitten Wookie (we are self confessed Star Wars fans) my heart melted. I cannot wait to meet him properly, and will upload a photo as soon as i can. In mean the mean time, this following spread was taken from this week's Stylist magazine, where i interned recently. They say you should never work with animals or children, but a roomful of well-groomed felines, jaw-dropping expensive jewels complete with their own body guard it takes it to another level, no?






These are some of the fiercest felines in town.
You can view the spread here online at Stylist magazine, with its specially designed LFW issue, that houses some great interviews, espesh with Hannah Marshall and Erin O' Connor. 

L is for the way you look at me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010









Olivia Palmero for Tatler, US
I need to get my hands on a copy of this.

Olivia Palmero is my ultimate style icon, she has such a classic style.
A style her truly own, with her own stamp. 

Last week Olivia debuted her new shorter locks at New York fashion week, after saying she had been thinking about it for a while. Her hair looks so fresh and healthy, i'm tempted to go for the chop now...


love or hate her, she's got the new Mulberry S/S 11 like putty in her hands and model boyfriend to die for.

Ins and Outs - 17th September

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Student's Life

Soon enough i will be starting my final year at university, major scary times. Yet i'm eager to get back into the swing of things, having a routined time-table and not to mention student loan ;) - but seriously after my stint at Stylist, i really see my self in this crazy world of magazine publishing. But before i even start planning out my ambitions and mapping my glamorous career, i've got a twelve thousand word + dissertation to write.. However nothing beats having a good spree in Paperchase, of course I'm not going to get this degree if i don't have the prettiest stationary, right?

Job Profile at Cupcakes and Cherries

I'm sure your all aware of the lovely Daisy, blogger of Cupcakes and Cherries? Well recently i took part in her Job Profile feature on her blog, talking all about my magazine interning adventures, from what i got up to, to how i managed to secure these placements - be sure to have a peak here. 


I'm not going to lie, i kind of need this in my life right now.

21st Birthday.

It's now only a little under three weeks until i turn twenty one, which is pretty freeking crazy - but trust me, age is just a number (hah!). I'm very lucky to say that i have finally booked my stay in Paris for me and my boy, where i plan to visit all the great landmarks, hitting up The Lourve for a good gawp at the Mona Lisa and not forgetting the Eiffel Tower (and Sephora and the Chanel store). 

Surprise Surprise

I bloody hate surprises, some people love them, i hate them. I think this derives from the fact that i'm so blunt, that if i don't like anything by the meerest twitch of my eyebrow everybody knows about it. Which, why at birthdays and Christmas, and even Valentines day, i have to write a wishlist for the boy of what i would like. Poor boy - he really doesn't have the faintest, but come to think if it, neither do i? What do i want for my birthday? Something special or lots of little things? 

London Fashion Week

I'm not there, yeah so? The day i go is when the time is right, i.e when they send me a hand written note from the designer requesting my presence. (This is a bitter lie by the way).

Dollar Dollar

Being skint, not nice. Counting down the hours till payday.

Here are my short In/Outs, do you have any ideas of suitable birthday presents for one's self? I really can't think of anything, i'm more frantically panicking about his 21st birthday which happens to be precisely twelve days after mine. help?

look at the stars, look how they shine for you.

This month was one long budgeting process, considering the previous month i was interning at Stylist and earning no dollar. However, the money faeries (student loan to you and i descends upon one's self next Friday, and there will be no holding me back. 

I have adored these shift dresses from afar for too long - i mean who doesn't love a shift dress? Topshop came out with these a few months back and to be honest i thought they were a little 'meh' - boring. Until that is until i read Laura's blog and saw her wearing one, that moment i knew i had to buy one, they are such perfect day dresses. With a sharp blazer, thick tights and chunky knitted scarf or a great tan and sandals for the summer - perfect. Although some times i think i dress too smart? I never really dress down, but is that a bad thing? I don't know and don't care, i love classic styles.


Laura really brings this dress to life, something i would have just left looking a tad bland on the hanger she makes look damn right good, with the waist belt in tow. 

The Tuck Shift dress is from Topshop, it retails at £45.00 and comes in mink, navy and sea green. An all  round waldrobe staple, i'm tempted to buy all three! The navy: so classic, the sea green: a colour i don't usually wear and the mink: a lovely pastel nude. What do you think?

And if you haven't already, you must check out Laura's blog Wearing It Today, she has the most amazing style, pairing the most gorgeous high-end pieces with a good high-street find in-between. Did i mention she was fashion editor for Red magazine? Get your skates on over there.

kiss with a fist

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was having a good old natter with an elderly lady whilst i was at work the other, we were discussing her eye popping coral nail varnish, she was a pretty trendy eighty-something lady! I was telling her about my disgusting habit, the fact that i'm a nail biter. I just can't help it. Even since i was little, my aunt and grandmother have tried in all their best effort to stop my gnawing habit: brightly coloured nail varnish? No. Fake nails? Never again. Even the fowl tasting nail varnish? I'm not going to lie, after a while it tasted like coffee.. After telling this to my stylish customer, she asked me of my age, to which i replied that i was turning twenty one next month. To which she out-cried and said you can't be a nail biter at that age! Some what embarrassed i promised to her that i would attempt to fight my nail biting habit. I was also slightly heartbroken to see that one of my oldest friends and fellow nail biter, whose been away in the sun for a number of weeks has come back with a lovely, neat long nails. 

Thinking about it i've always strived to grow my nails, having them always neat, i just happen to be a bloody nail biter! I mean i always, always have to have them freshly painted. Its not that i want overgrown talons, just a neat squarish neat nails. So thats my challenge, i have less than a month before i go to Paris and hears hoping they will be in decent shape. I think i might have to indulge in a manicure to reward ones self. Plan?

A week on, i'm proud to announce that i've haven't given in my nail biting habit, but they are steadily growing nicely. And hopefully it will continue this way, i really do hope so, because that lady was pretty damn scary! Watch this space.

Are you a nail biter? Do you have any tips? I must confess, i have been re-painting them every other day to prevent ones self! 

Fashion's Night Out 8/09/2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out took place on Wednesday night right in the heart of the city, myself and three friends went to celebrate the art that is: fashion, compiled with endless champagne, Gucci printed chocolates and a whole lot of swooning and ahhing at many beautiful designer pieces.

Picture heavy post - click to read more.

My freinds and i set off up to London early as i had to pick up a goody bag from my recent internship Stylist magazine - lots and lots of beauty bits! Swoon. After that we grabbed some dinner in Holborn and set off for Mount St. where Mr Marc Jacobs and Christain Louboutin are housed. This part of London is simply lovely, the endless rows of cute apartments and little parks are so perfect (and expensive!) Whilst waiting for the actual event to begin we took some snaps!


me wearing:

blazer - Zara
tee - Topshop
skirt - Topshop
necklace - Go Go Phillips
bag - Mulberry


the lovely Elizabeth.


the lovely Daniella.


the lovely Sarah.

We then made our way back to Marc by Marc Jacobs where it was all starting off. This shop is the biggest fashion secret in the heart of London, in fact i don't even particularly want to let you in on it ;) , but i guess one must! Marc's shop houses two lines, both his high-end spin off line Marc by Marc Jacobs which is moar hip and young (as opposed to the original Marc Jacobs) this store also houses an uber cheap line which is affordable to everyone. It sells t-shirts, tote bags, mirrors, pens, necklaces all at dirt cheap prices. There i said it, just our little secret!


inside the Marc Store.


The first 100 customers who bought an item also received a free t-shirt, so clearly this had to happen - see below. The whole event coincided with the release of Marc's new aftershave for men called BANG. What was also bloody amazing is that they had also set up in store a platform where customers could pose with the original advertising poster and create their own poses with the bottle! Then they kindly printed them out for us to keep!



After having a good pose and working the camera (hah) we popped along next door to Christian Louboutin where a Mad Hatters Tea Party was taking place with Nars Cosmetics. We drank tea and champers, had a mini dance, swooned over many pairs of disgusting gorgeous heels and saw others being matched their perfect Louboutin red lippie by the Nar's ladies.



look at that yummy masterpiece!




We then made our way to Bond Street, where the majority of events were taking place, we visited most shops for a quick peer around and drinks, filling in competitions in Alexander McQueen, watching some people murder the karaoke in Mulberry, saw Alice Delal pondering about for a lighter.



the weird and wonderful Louis Vuitton store.


Pixie Lott in Juicy Couture, i got an e-vite to this guest list party but it looked pretty crowed and i'm not that keen on Pixie..


Alexander McQueen


Real life model in window


Stella McCartney


Gwyneth Paltrow being ushered in to Stella's, she was bloody beautiful!

We then made our way to Matthew Williamson's store where he was hosting a party inspired by a Moroccan Souk! He was also joined by that Jameel lady, but she swanned off pretty quickly!



myself and Matthew.


sipping a mojito whilst having a browse.




We then made our way to Prada, where we watched their latest A/W 10 show on a large screens while drinking Pimms and eating fish and chips, yes mini fish and chips. So yum! Prada fish and chips, yes please!

Eddie and Sarah.




probably the best fish and chips, ever.

Then for a final drink we want to Dolce and Gabbana, where they made the ultimate Vogue martini.


Then it was time for bed! It was a great night to celebrate fashion, although it still wasn't as busy as we expected, more champers for us!


Here are a few little bags i came home with..


my free MJ tee - pwoar he has a banging body (see what i did there ;)?)

I would love to say i bought some cute pumps or kitten heels from Christain Louboutin but i'm equally excited to say they were giving out goody bags! Decent ones at that! It included:


Cowshed shampoo


TIGI blow dry balm


Nars nail varnish in Louboutin red!


I also purchased another cotton tote from MJ, they are practically a steal at £19!


I hope you enjoyed this ever lasting post, next year i'll be doing the NY Fashion's Night Out ;)
did you go?