kiss with a fist

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was having a good old natter with an elderly lady whilst i was at work the other, we were discussing her eye popping coral nail varnish, she was a pretty trendy eighty-something lady! I was telling her about my disgusting habit, the fact that i'm a nail biter. I just can't help it. Even since i was little, my aunt and grandmother have tried in all their best effort to stop my gnawing habit: brightly coloured nail varnish? No. Fake nails? Never again. Even the fowl tasting nail varnish? I'm not going to lie, after a while it tasted like coffee.. After telling this to my stylish customer, she asked me of my age, to which i replied that i was turning twenty one next month. To which she out-cried and said you can't be a nail biter at that age! Some what embarrassed i promised to her that i would attempt to fight my nail biting habit. I was also slightly heartbroken to see that one of my oldest friends and fellow nail biter, whose been away in the sun for a number of weeks has come back with a lovely, neat long nails. 

Thinking about it i've always strived to grow my nails, having them always neat, i just happen to be a bloody nail biter! I mean i always, always have to have them freshly painted. Its not that i want overgrown talons, just a neat squarish neat nails. So thats my challenge, i have less than a month before i go to Paris and hears hoping they will be in decent shape. I think i might have to indulge in a manicure to reward ones self. Plan?

A week on, i'm proud to announce that i've haven't given in my nail biting habit, but they are steadily growing nicely. And hopefully it will continue this way, i really do hope so, because that lady was pretty damn scary! Watch this space.

Are you a nail biter? Do you have any tips? I must confess, i have been re-painting them every other day to prevent ones self!