stop crying your heart out

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After what seems like an eternity of the foreign (drug store mascaras), i finally succumbed to indulging in my all time favourite dirty little piece of luxury - the amazing Doir Show mascara. Ever since i resorted back to this mascara, i've had a whole host of compliments; yet when the complimenter asks the brand/price i get the reaction that i've just murdered their first born. I mean come on people, i don't smoke, do drugs, and yes occasionally i like to have a good (round) of cocktails, but seriously, if i want to spend twenty one pounds fifty pence on a mascara, then i will.

Some ladies need that show-stopping red lipstick, some need that immaculate, flawless finishing foundation - i just need this mascara. The following photos show the Doir Show in all its fabulousness, compared to a top contender that i found.

Photo 566

First up, i apply L'Oreal Lash Serum before applying any mascara, it lengthens and nourishes lashes, while separating lashes. It transforms any mascara to their full potential, generally making it much easier for the mascara to apply. Plus, this does wonders to any mascara thats on it's last legs. buy it, buy it.

Photo 567

17 Wild Curls Mascara (£5.99) vs Doir Show Black Out (£21.50)

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Photo 558

with the 17 on the left and Doir on the right.

Photo 562

Well i can certainly tell the difference, basically the Wild Curls is more separating and more wispy looking with a good level of length for that price. The Doir elongates ever lash for a false lash effect, boosting each lash to crazy volume. And in the top photo you can clearly see the umph!

But still both mascaras have cons, the Wild Curl drops during the day as well as leaving bleeding under my bottom lashes, and with the Doir the wand is nearly as big as the Bad Gal mascara by Benefit, which some people have difficulty with, although i don't.

Basically, Doir Show in Black Out is fabulous, but if i need a cheap fix the Wild Curls is the next best thing.

Have you tried these mascaras? A lot of hype has been around the Max Factor False Lash Effect, i have serious issues with the mascara, firstly i cannot stop prodding ones eye and secondly its just dull.

Oh, and if your going to judge my expensive mascara habit, i'll just bat you off with my long pretty lashes ;)