Sunday, February 28, 2010

I broke my promise, i had to buy it.

I snapped up this floral bargain at my local Tesco - verry impressed Mr F&F. I'm be sure to keep my eye out whilst i ponder round the aisle of Tescos, i managed to nab some great tan riding boots last year - and evveryone asks me where i bought them. Who says pretty dress have to cost the earth? ;)

The Lust List - 28th February 2010

My apologies for this being the first Lust List of 2010! I decided to wait a while for all the spring/summer bits and pieces to start flittering in stores. Due to banning myself from spending anything on clothes (which i failed at quite miserably at - see post above) i have been concentrating majorly on my university work -boo! - hence at lack of posts.

And now i'm longing for some retail therapy and some sunshine, pretty please? I even attempted to fake tan this evening, in order to look slightly healthy rather than looking my deathly, usual self. But right now instead of getting on with work, i'm just freeking out about waking up tomorrow and finding out i've been tangoed overnight, looking like all the orange girls who adorn my facebook (do they seriously think orange looks good? not understanding that! maybe they think its normal?) and finally spending the whole day at work tomorrow smelling of fake tan, which weirdly smells like tropicana fruit juice..

Anyway! this post is practically an online shopping list for me - oddly quite therapeutic.

I need these silk vests in my life, damn you Mr New Look, please re-stock them! These are perfect for hot summer days in the city! of course, with a real tan.

Im living in tube skirts, the savior of in-between seasons. Do i possibly need another lace skirt, yes?

I love this print, weird but wonderful?

THESE SHORTS ARE AMAZING, silk, cream, shorts, they may have well walked off the Lanvin catwalks!

The clever genius at Topshop have released this rouched Burberry inspired dress in baby pink and blue too, as well as cream. Why not own all three?

Short but sweet.

Outfit of The Day - 21st February 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Items in this set:

3.1 Phillip Lim Tired Silk Top (£225.00)
Elizabeth and James Ruched Sleeve Jacket (£320.00)
Balenciaga Jacquard Shorts (£195.00)
Mui Mui Bow Front Leather Shoes (£375.00)
Chole Haley Large Zipped Canvas Bag (£510.00)
Zoe and Morgan Earrings (£65.00)

Inspired by Olivia Palermo

Avatar vs Vogue

The Warrior Way by Vogue, modeled by Daria Werbowy, shot by David Sims.
March US 2010

Her tattered minis strapped with shoulder armor and breast plates, she's the alpha female of the battlefield.

'Princess Neytini could have worn this in the Hallelujah Mountains of of unearthly Pandora right?'

I went to see Avatar last night, it was beautiful to watch the lush forest and inhabitants, highly recommend.

Fashion For Relief

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion for Relief kicked of London Fashion Week, organised by Naomi Campbell and Sarah Brown (PM's wife) it raised thousands of pounds for Hati earthquake victims, by auctioning the model's outfits. However, this was not your standard LFW, models included James Corden, Nicola and Kimberly from Girls Aloud and even Ronnie Corbit..

Kate Moss (looking haggerd) wearing Alexander McQueen, which was later auctioned off for £100, 000 to Topshop owner and close personal friend Sir Philip Green - adopt me now Phillip!

Naomi Campbell -looking feirce

Naomi with Piers Morgan
Emilia Fox - love her!
Alice Delall - fierce x 2
Eva Herzigova - i want those legs now.

Ronnie Corbett - looking very dapper!

Trudie Styler
Kimba from Girls Aloud

Pixie Geldof -baby prostitute
Erin O' Conner -love

Nicola Roberts - loving her mane

Geri Halliwell - where did they dig you up from?
Dame Shirely Bassey - cause there ain't no age on glamour sweetheart.

Best till last..

David Walliams and James Corden,

what's occurring!

walk walk fashion baby work it move that bitch crazy

Say hello to my addiction. Seriously, you cannot move for shit in my room without stumbling over a pile of vintage Glamours or the odd Esquire. I'm so bundled down with work, that i've only been able to gaze over fashion week and not have any time to post my ramblings on favorite collections - sob! But i'll be back on form soon enough, roll on Easter.

FYI i study Magazine Publishing at LCC, London Uni of the Arts, Lanndooon.

I've also started my internship at Hair magazine, which is crazy amazing. Bar a few fights with a printer and getting a couple of models lost, i'm learning so much in the industry. I'm sitting next to Instyle and Marie Claire, and i so did not gawp through the glass whilst the LOOK ladies were having a meeting.. I've even been given a few freebies to trial and test, exciting! do i really need two pairs of new hair straighteners ;) i'll say no more!


My bbfs.

Daniella- she's working backstage at LFW. yes you are allowed to hate her and her backstage photos.

Sarah - her amazing natterings on her favorite collections.

the room is on fire, but she's fixing her hair.

I'm not buying a single item of clothing for a month, yes i said it.

It all started on the morning of my first day at Hair magazine, it includes a missing black skirt teamed with a complete outfit breakdown and an overall conclusion that nothing in my wardrobe matches together. So cut a long story short, instead of picking a spring dress or cute floral skirt here, i'm determined to save my pennies and do a mass shop (avec the mother) at the end of the month and buy things that actually match.

However, times are proving hard, because of course, Topshop have half price delivery (and may i add they never, absofuckinglutly, never have offers on) annd i've practically found my whole spring waldrobe on there. I hate you Topshop - (i don't really).

humpf. i need this in my life right now..

i don't even think i like playsuits, but seriously a little part of me died when i saw out of stock, the bastards.
this post has discovered i have no self control. if it comes back into stock, this disgustingly cute playsuit will be in my wardrobe faster than you can say confessions of a shopaholic.

FYI i must have a case of the Borrowers, as i never ever came across that little black skirt.

Are you lazy?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."

declared Helena Rubinstein.


Happy Valentines Day.

(the perfect excuse to listen to Frank Sinatra full blast - not that i need one)

Any offers?

I need an excuse to buy this dress.
Someone invite me to a wedding, christening, heck even a bar mitzvah!
This dress is far too beautiful to end up catching dust on a shop floor.
And may i add, a fucking good bargain at that.