the room is on fire, but she's fixing her hair.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm not buying a single item of clothing for a month, yes i said it.

It all started on the morning of my first day at Hair magazine, it includes a missing black skirt teamed with a complete outfit breakdown and an overall conclusion that nothing in my wardrobe matches together. So cut a long story short, instead of picking a spring dress or cute floral skirt here, i'm determined to save my pennies and do a mass shop (avec the mother) at the end of the month and buy things that actually match.

However, times are proving hard, because of course, Topshop have half price delivery (and may i add they never, absofuckinglutly, never have offers on) annd i've practically found my whole spring waldrobe on there. I hate you Topshop - (i don't really).

humpf. i need this in my life right now..

i don't even think i like playsuits, but seriously a little part of me died when i saw out of stock, the bastards.
this post has discovered i have no self control. if it comes back into stock, this disgustingly cute playsuit will be in my wardrobe faster than you can say confessions of a shopaholic.

FYI i must have a case of the Borrowers, as i never ever came across that little black skirt.