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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buddhist Punk
and McQueen

So Dior – where’s the party?

Jimmy Choo,
Westwood, Gucci too,

Stella McCartney,
in the back of my red Ferrari

I’m in fashion


Oooh, looking forward to launch night!


Tights Tights Tights

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rose Net Tights - Marks and Spencers

I just want to share my love for these beautiful lace tights, they were seen all over the runway a/w and they are the perfect touch to my winter wardrobe.

There is currently free delivery on Marks and Spencers, so snap them up whilst you can!

Spread Some Topshop Love!

Sunday, October 25, 2009
I adore Topshop, some women blabber on that its really pricey but i can assure you i would rather buy a £30 jumper than three awful, ill-fitting, bad quality items from Primark.

Honestly i do not know what possesses people to shop in Primark, its horrific - i always end up binning clothes bought from there. They never suit any shape and are so, so badly made. Rant over - back to Topshop.

I can safely say that i still have dresses and jumpers from Topshop that i have worn again and again (and again) from up to three ago and i still love them! I can always rely on Topshop for an outfit, knowing that it will be bang on trend and unique (well as unique as you can be on the high street). Ever since it went Stateside, it has been seen on everyone from Whitney Port to the Olsen twins - well every one loves a bargain don't they ;)

So i decided to post some Topshop pieces that have been spotted on celebs recently:

If its good enough for Beyonce, its good enough for moi!

Make up Haul - 25th October

After investing in Mac Studio Fluid Fix, which is absolutely amazing may i add, i decided to splurge on a new concealer, powder and brushes. Like i've said before, i have also been more of a Clinque girl, well my dears, that has changed. I may be a little slow and behind, but i have certainly joined the ranks of other Mac addicts!

I really wanted a powder to set my foundation, i only use the slightest amount - because there is nothing - i repeat nothing- worse than looking chalky!

The Mac sales assistant found the perfect shade, a few tones darker than my foundation so that i wasn't washed out. She did offer me the Mineral powder, however i didn't want to run the risk of looking glittery. It also comes with a small pad applicator which is fine if you need full coverage, but i use my massive Clinque powder brush for a small coverage.

This concealer is my holy grail product! This is amazzzing! As my foundation isn't heavy at all, the concealer is the perfect cover up for big pores or imperfections. The pot is quite small, but a this product goes a very long way - only needing the smallest amount. I would definitely recommend using a brush when applying, as using your finger you take alot of product that you don't really need. Also, if you use Benefit's Bo-ing, this is a cheaper, much better alternative.

I picked this up whilst on my lunch break in Boots where its currently on a save £3 offer. My eyelashes are healthy but i do use alot of mascara, my Doir Show is quite heavy, so i bought this treatment to give them extra strength and boost!

The wand isn't a normal brush but a banana shaped wand that you brush the clear liquid on to your eyelashes. It really made a difference when i applied it on before i went to bed, it made my lashes long without even using normal mascara! I also tried it on underneath my Doir mascara, and it did seem to separate and define my lashes more - but no real difference. But still, i will definitely continue to use this before i go to bed.

This product is new to L'Oreal and is a bigger version on the double ended Double Extension Mascara - which has both the clear lash treatment and mascara.

I am obsessed with buying nail vanishes at the moment. I love nude/baby pink tones as they look so neat and sophisticated, I picked up Baby Pink from Barry M in Superdrug for £2.95.

After buying my new Mac concealer, i wanted to try out a cheap but quality brush to see whether it was the best application. So i headed to No7 (i have soo many £5 off vouchers its silly) in Boots, but the only brush that seemed big enough was the eye shadow brush! Their actual concealer brush was pathetic, a bit like a lip brush - how odd! Although this brush does the job perfectly and for 75p it was a bargain!

I also purchased a foundation brush, after seeing the Mac sales assistant use it so effortlessly i thought i would give it a try. With another voucher, a £6 brush was a cheap way of exploring with a foundation brush. I'm still tackling the art of application with a brush, watch this space.

This beautiful blusher was a gift for my birthday, it has actually changed my complete make up routine! I simply haven't had time to blog about it, but it really does deserve a post to itself.

Its a cream blush by Laura Mercier in shade Oleander (£17.62). I've found it so hard to find a powder blush in the right shade with ultimate staying power, as well as the fact that i simply cannot apply it what so ever.

But this cream blush adds a sheeny pink pop of colour, which is incredibly easy to blend and apply. I have truly be converted to cream blushes, they don't dull out your skin - they provide a glowing pop of colour!

ZOO magazine

Last week i completed work experience at ZOO magazine, if your not sure what this is - it's a lad mag aimed at 15-26 year old men who are interested in sex, football, getting pissed and boobs! This was an amazing opportunity and i was excited to see how the magazine is put together in time. Both ZOO and Nut's magazine get alot of bad press, but i actually think they are hilarious (as-long as you look past all those half naked ladies!).

I got to Bauer office just off Oxford St. on Wednesday morning, which was very sleek and posh. When i arrived in the office, i was given my own Mac which was directly opposite a poster (the size of the actual wall!) of a naked and very, very big busted blonde! I was set to work by handing out post, meeting everyone on the team (they were so friendly- so not Devil Wears Prada!) then i spent time searching for stories that we could pull for the next issue - such as 'Women, 49, takes husband in to the woods for sexy romp after drugging him with 'Horny Goat Weed' where she slits his throat in attempted murder' - very crazy stuff.

Then i was sent off in search of fireworks for an up and coming shoot - do you know how hard it is to find fireworks in central London?! I trawled around with the company credit card, with no idea of how much to buy when i finally ended up in Camden Sainsbury's where i bought so many rockets and sparklers! The following day i also went to North London, to a tiny, tiny shop in a weird, deserted town - which was the only place that stocked giant rockets! I felt like i was taking part in The Apprentice! I was however very worried about taking a massive black sack of assorted fireworks on the underground, incase i was a suspected bloody terrorist.

My next task was very daunting, i was to take to myself and a large camera to Oxford St. and ask three girls very personal, raunchy questions (hah). For example: What has been your most adventurous sexual adventure? Would you ever sleep with a guy on a first date? Have you ever been caught having sex in a public place? This wasn't even the hardest but, i firstly had to stop and find only very pretty, young girls to ask, in rush hour on Oxford Street - very scary! The amount of girls and women who went running off as soon as i mentioned i was from ZOO magazine was crazy, i feared for my safety. Although, I managed to succeed in asking three girls, whether they would ever sleep with a guy on a first date, god knows how!

I also went all over London to pick up assorted items needed for shoots and the office, upon returning to the building there were a large media storm and fan group waiting outside, apparently waiting for Jordan to come out. So naturally i did have a sneaky look around the offices but unfortunately i didn't get a sneak peak!

I also completed quite alot of editorial work, which is great for building up my portfolio. I wrote many questions for up and coming interviews for glamour girls and film actor Danny Dyer, i also found a hidden talent for writing sexual confessions (ahaha) which will be printed in the magazine soon, hopefully! I packed various goodie bags and big packages full of back issues that will be sent to troops in Afghanistan.

I had a great couple of days at ZOO, it was knackering but well worth the experience. I really hope they will have me back again because it was so random (they actually have a cupboard full of bras and thongs!) and i learnt so much - that i would never learn in a lecture. I will be definitely purchasing my copy of ZOO on Tuesday to see my printed name (heh!) and look forward to seeing my sexual confessions - which are strictly all fictional by the way! And i can truly admit that i have had my fair share of double DD's for a long time coming..


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This week i'm currently on work experience at ZOO magazine and it is so fun! If you don't know, this is one of the ultimate lad mags on the markets, lots of sex, boobs and football. My first day was like a twisted LC at Teen Vogue, just with more boobs and fireworks (no really). I will post more on what my adventures have been, because i'm simply knackered from all my errands that i did today.

Also, i have managed to secure tickets for the Jimmy Choo for H&M LAUNCH PARTY.. how crazy! On Friday the 13th of November, a friend and i will have first pick of all the new collection as well as sipping cocktails with the Vogue and GQ staff, oh and did i mention goody bags! I am so excited for this, of course il take lots of photos and blog blog blog.

My 20th Birthday

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

During my birthday on the 10th of October, a friend and i went shopping in London for the day. I took quite a few photos enjoy!

Birthday Outfit:
Blazer - Zara
Black Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Mulberry
Shoes - Topshop

In the Champagne Bar, Selfridges overlooking all the gorgeous handbags.
Yummy Birthday Cakes!

The craziest Chanel glasses.

The most beautiful, delicate Chanel necklace.

Chanel mannequin wearing the iconic Jade Vanish.

Christian Louboutin Window and lovely lilac heels.

Marc Jacobs.

So precious they are under lock and key!

gotta love marc by marc jacobs.