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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Day One

i need long thick hair, now please?
i adore tea dresses and blazers, a tea dress has a soft summery feel whilst the blazer gives it an edge.
it's nice to see some one actually wearing a bold lip, every ones gone pastel crazy and im all for a good nude lip - but some times it just looks chalky and matte - yak!

Day Two

i spy a Phillip lim spotted blouse, which i've had my eye on for a while in cream, twins much!
i could also tell you thats a Topshop linen skirt ;)

Day 3

i personally think its just greedy to own a Balenciaga weekender bag and a Chanel quilted..
i always fly in leggings, they are just so damn comfy!

Day Four

i need this scarf in my life now, keep the wellies (nice, but im waiting on summer) and of course, i wouldn't say no to the Chanel.


Monday, March 29, 2010
OOH! I'm excited, is it sad that i'm this obsessed with Topshop? yes, i guess so. But who cares if i secretly want Philip Green to adopt me? As i have said countless times, when all else fails i can simply always find something to wear in Topshop, always. Some people strop that it's expensive, and my books, honey it's reasonable price to pay! avec student discount ;). Quality, is a key factor with Topshop clothing, i've had many jumpers and coats that i bought a few years ago and i still wear them, plus Topshop is one of the only high street stores i don't have to faff around with sizing.
A size 10 is a size 10.

However, will all these qualities translate to it's very own make up line? When i think of high-street store embarking on their own cosmetic line, i cringe.

Chalky eye shadows, lipsticks that are practically all the same, pearly pink colour, a naff design with most products having an strong chemical scent white washed with cheap perfurme.. lovely! Yet, somehow i have an inkling that Topshop won't disappoint, taking on Kate Moss and designers such as Christopher Kane, they diddn't do by halves, so why should they this? I guess only time will tell.

But time will be the only thing to tell, because this launch is very hush hushed. Whilst at Hair Mag, we can log onto an online site called Beauty Directory which acts as a phone list for every PR and details PR events, as such the Topshop Launch was listed a few months back. After that, i expected leaked photos everywhere, but nada. According to British Beauty Blogger (check her out on the asap) strict confideality was in place, because of course, a deal with a leading fashion magazine had already been set in place and for a fair few ££, this was neatly held under wraps..

until the May issue of Elle landed on my door- step..

(click for larger scans, although i do advice anyone to purchase the latest issue of Elle, of course)

Unfortunately, this feature is a bit of a tease without going into full on details. Elle caught up with Hannah Murray, make - up artist, to chat about her new collaboration with Topshop. Basically she didn't give much away - boo! but other online sources (leaks) which has subsequently vanished (sued more like) hinted at 34 piece set with a special seasoned collections, sold both online and in-store.. if memory serves me right!

Grazia has mentioned that the release date with be within May, and most products were demonstrated on the Topshop Woodland A/W 2011 LFW show, if you want a sneak peak!

What are your thoughts? I feel there's going be an almighty stampede for this and i certainty can wait to see if it lives up to my fan-crazy thoughts of Topshop.


Saturday, March 27, 2010
i don't care what you say, i love good old marks & sparks!

Limited Collection Floral Lace Dress (£49.50)

i heart this dress, except in real life its grey and not lilac, boo!
i don't want to look like a pair of dirty net curtains, i'l have to suss what its really about in store.

but hell, i had to post this, as it made me feel all springish and summery, yeah!

Ear Piercing Styles !

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Swinging 60's!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lisa Eldridge is a highly regarded make up artist in the industry, having created looks for many magazine spreads such as Glamour and Vogue, catwalk looks and has appeared on Channel 4's Ten Years Younger. I have notably been following her work since she made over my own mother, since then i have been glued to her You Tube channel where she gives amazing make up tips and advice, as well as showing how to re-create looks.

One of my favourite looks ever! is this model in a Glamour magazine shoot. I adore the 60's blow dry, full volume hair style with barrel curl flicks. Mostly i envy the smokey eyes complete with long lashes and the pouty coral lips! If i only i could pull this off everyday (and have thick, tamed brows - boo!). So imagine my delight when Lisa posted a video on how to achieve this fabulous look..

I'm so tempted to purchase the Ilamasqua lipstick in Obey, although i am notoriously bad at buying lipstick after lipstick and leaving them lying at the bottom of my make up box, choosing to pick up my trusty nude Mac and Benefit lipglosses.

However, this is very tempting - its such a beautiful summery colour! I think I'll have to raid my nearest counter for a full on trying session, or see if there's a cheaper dupe available. I have been patiently waiting for my next student loan to come through - so i can have discover the wonderful world of Inglot at Westfield.

What are your thoughts?

How to look slimmer !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

  • Choose clothing all in one color to give yourself a long, lean look.

  • Choose the colors of your clothing wisely. Try to wear blacks or stripped clothes. It gives you a slimmer look.

  • In choosing stripes, go for vertical stripes. This will give you taller and leaner look.

  • Avoid too tight or too loose clothing. Too tight clothes will expose your fatty or heavy areas and too loose clothes will make you look even fatter.

  • Wear wide necklines to balance wide bottoms.

  • Choose pants that have narrow or sharpened legs to hide a large midsection. Tight pants will only reveal your heavy and fat buttocks.

  • You can also style your hair to look slimmer. A tight and high pony tail, the deep side part, matting your hair down with gel or mousse may help in a great cause to look thinner and slimmer.

  • The best solution is exercise and work-outs. Nothing can replace these to get slim, fit and healthy.

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Aishwarya Rai in different hair styles !

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Nail Art: Innovations with nail paints and nail tatoos

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