The Transformation of LC's braid

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Lauren Conrad has been wearing her signature plait twist since like forever? From two neat twists to plaits here, there and every where; this trend quickly caught on, both in London and over the pond. I myself have been wearing a centre parting for months - which i haven't done so since i was like 8 years old? With her masses of barrel curls, cute braids, Chanel bags galore and cute blazers, LC has steadily risen in my style stakes.

When she appeared on The Hills, even Laguna Beach, i envied her Californian tan and blonde locks (and Jason, nom nom). She always looks primmed to perfection, without a hair out of place. All i need to do, is too attempt her signature eyeliner flick!

LC > Spedi!

the messy french plait.

french plait pulled into a low bun

messy updo with small braids

the original twist plait

I raided H&M for some much needed basics.. clearly stealing some LC style!

the h&m version of those American Apparel tees
perfect for summer - with denim shorts or a fitted blazer

the perfect little bargain! this pop of colour is really summery, can't wait to wear this.

LC inspired outfit

worn with some sky scraper nude heels & black fitted Zara blazer

an old Marc B quilted bag (yes, my rip orf Chanel)
i bought this a good four years ago!
before they were everywhere..

je m'appelle Sarah

i picked up this pretty little vest too, from H&M's new Garden Collection.

(i think its time to whip out the fake tan again, ladies!)