Sexy and i know it

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Metallic Jumper - H&M (£7.49)
White V-Neck Tee - Forever 21 (£3.75)
Skinnies - H&M (p/s)
Red Pumps - New Look (p/s)
Raspberry Clutch - Topshop (£15.00)
Watch - Marc Jacobs

Despite the fact this metallic jumper is actually children's wear, and i'll say it is slightly 'cropped' - it is my new love. Now i'm off to do some serious spring online window shopping, then get ready for my first Zumba class on Monday (if i keep it up good excuse to buy these, no?) and plan my outfit for Ted Baker S/S Press Day on Wednesday that one of my bff's is organising, exciting! 

Any exciting plans for this week? FYI the Chanel fund is still going strong, hurrah!