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Thursday, January 5, 2012
As i mentioned previously in my last post, to say i hit the sales is pretty much putting it lightly. Its not that i went overboard, irrationally spending and wasting money on bits and bobs i don't need. Because i've come to realise that 'a bargain is only something you wanted when it was full price,' a motto to live by ladies. I learnt this after spending a small fortune on Prada perfume in the sale without smelling it before hand, believing i had struck gold when frankly it smelt more like 'your a fool for buying perfume online.' Another small note i wish to mention, when i told a rather bemused customer i went a bit crazy in the sale, and she replied 'thats dreadful you'll have to budget the rest of the year' - well, i said, miss middle-age-know-it-all i budgeted for the sale, yes sir-re i have been waiting for this moment (smug face and all). And so for your sanity and mine, that i wouldn't include everything here, i'll save those for a later date.

Balenciaga Paris Perfume 50ml Gift Set - Selfridges (was £65 reduced to £32)

For Christmas i was lucky enough to be gifted with a Selfridges gift voucher from one of my darling best friends. A pretty impressive present if i dare say, men take note - because he certainly did. And by 7.30am on Christmas day, i had spent it on the online Selfridge's sale. Having had long admired the violet notes in the iconic Balenciaga perfume, its hefty price tag was severely off-putting. I even considered shelling out thirty something quid for a 20ml bottle, but honestly after a few spritz's the bottle would have been hung out to dry. To the gift set that containing a 50ml bottle, that retails at £60, for half price, plus gift card, i squealed with delight and have since been spraying like a mad woman.

Philosophy Jolly Jubilee Gift Set - Selfridges (reduced from £18 to £9)

I couldn't say no. Every year the Philosophy Christmas gift sets get me, but up until now i hadn't indulged. Shame on you if you don't know this brand, their beautiful scented bath/body lotions and potions are to die for. They make truly wonderful presents, and i cannot wait to give this a whirl.  

Hello Kitty Liberty Bath Set - Boots (£18 reduced to £9)

I can't say I'm a Hello Kitty fan, bit weird if you ask me. But the Liberty print floral wash bag sucked me in entirely and it now houses all my nail care bits and bobs nicely. The bubble bath and scrub are  lovely added extras!

Coco De Mer Naked Body Set - Tesco (£9 reduced to £6)

I am a massive fan of the all natural Naked range, especially the scent Coco De Mer of which has a strong resemblance to the rich scents of Chanel. Its honestly like bathing in Chanel No5 - heavenly. I had already received some Coco De Mer goodies for Christmas, but when i saw this set was reduced i couldn't help but pick it up. Mmmm.   

Lancome Hypnose Mascara - Debenhams (£21.50 reduced to £13.50)

This was one of the first high-end mascaras i ever bought, not in league with MUF Smokey Lash but it's a trusty reliable formula and at that price whose complaining?

Raspberry Clutch - Topshop (£25 reduced to £15)

I had seen this beautiful raspberry clutch a month or so back and toyed on purchasing, as i can't really keep hauling my Alexa out and about on nights out. But despite the fact that the Mulberry Alexa bag was an insane amount of money, i couldn't bring myself to splash out £25 on a Toppers clutch (no i don't know either, weirdo). As i eagerly entered my local Topshop on Christmas eve just before work, this beauty was hanging up with ten quid knocked off, bargain. Another reason i bought this was, not going to lie, to stop my self from buying this Mulberry bag in the sale, ahem. 

What goodies did you snap up in the sale?