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Sunday, January 1, 2012
Well better late than never - here are a few snaps of my Christmas. I found Christmas whizzed past this year, and as a result i'm having to scoff as many Pringles and Ferrero Rocher's in a bid to keep up with tradition. This year i visited family in Worthing for Christmas day, then after much drama resulting in no petrol (and nine petrol stations being empty) Matthew and i set off home to swap presents and spend the evening getting merry, eating nibbles and watching the Inbetweeners with friends. 
Me, Gran, Mother.
Champers all round.
Gran's present.
Gran, Grandad and me.
My Gran's Christmas cake that contained half a bottle of sherry, topped with icing that resembled cement. My arm still aches. 
Baileys Coffee with Whipped Cream.
Some of my lovely presents!

Possibly my favourite present - apart from fluffy dressing gown of course - cannot wait to give these a whirl!

I hope you enjoyed this post!