The Lust List - 27th September 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heres the accessories lust list, the ones i would like to afford ;).

Mabel - Mulberry (£595.00)
Major lusting after this bag.

Charlie - Mulberry (£150.00)

Studded Shoulder Bag - Mui Mui (£820.00)

Train Card Holder - Marc Jacobs (£110.00)

Long Heart Pendant - YSL (£280.00)

Heart Pin - Mulberry (£40.00)

Mid Sized Chronograph Watch - Micheal Kors (£180.00)

Tribute Platform Sandals - YSL (£610.00)

Paquita 120 Sandals - Christian Louboutin (£520.00)

Bow Embellished Patent Sandals - Lavin (£635.00)

Morse Patent Flats - Jimmy Choo (£250.00)
The ones i can afford.
i heart these.
Nude Multi Studded Sandal - Miss Selfridge (£65.00)


Budget beauty brand ELF is storming the States like nobody business, was it any wonder that when it made its way across the pond that it would become such a success? You may or may not of the heard of the brand, but its received rave reviews from magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and Grazia to name a few! But why on earth, if its so amazing, have we not bought a single item yet?

Thats because of its genius brand economics, most items selling for the crazy cheap price of £1.50. Thats right, you can order an eyeshadow set, lipstick, mascara and even foundation for a the rather crazy, dramatic price. By substituting big advertising campaigns and fancy packaging, they can afford to charge small prices for good, quality products (in-fact some products such as the bronzer actually made a loss! hah). Founded in 1994, by Joseph Shamah living in New York states 'We never skimp on formulations, but we do on packaging. For examaple, we would love to put mirrors in our compacts and have great containers like Nars or Stila - but we're about something different: namely, giving women the chance to try anything without the commitment of the big spend.'

I think this is an amazing idea, because i am hardly adventurous with my make up and stick to good high end brands that i know are good quality, even if they are high priced. So to see a brand like ELF offering a wide range of eyeshadows and blushers for such a small price its great, but i am septical as to whether they are good quality as they claim and not just cheap rubbish. Which is an issue that the brand must encounter from many customers who feel better buying a £16 blusher, knowing and thinking it will be good quality than a £1.50 blusher from an unheard of brand. I will have to order some products to see whether they stand the test against the high end brands that i usually purchase.

Here are a few products that i thought were very good value and staples in any make up bag

Brightening Eye Colour - Butternut (£1.50)

Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow (£1.50)

Mineral Lipstick - Nearly Nude (£3.50)

This product is a higher priced because it is a mineral based product, however many of the high street brand mineral lipsticks value at £7 plus. ELF also offers a full rang of mineral make up, from powders, concealers and eyeshadows to blushers; to the price of £3.50.
Kabuki Brush - (£3.50)
There are two ranges of make up brushes in ELF, the basic and the studio lines. All the basic brushes are £1.50 each where as the studio brushes are £3.50, as it has a softer hair. However, most of the MAC brushes retail at £20, so this brush is good value. Also a Kubuki brush is specialised type of brush, as it provides better coverage and application using powders or bronzers, rather than a a normal brush.

Have you ever used ELF? What are your thoughts of using a lower priced product?

City Girl's Beauty Box?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Right, so another one of my passions is beauty. Whether that be make up, skin care, hair care, you name it; i own it all (or will at-least have tried it once). I will most defiantly post my reviews on here and must haves on the latest, fabulous products available. Plus its a good excuse to raid Clinque on my lunch break as well as saving you a few pennies shopping around.

In the words of Elizabeth Arden, every woman has the right to be beautiful.

I have a weakness for face masks, especially just before a night out, or when i'm feeling run down or in just general need of a good pampering session! I usually pick up a deep cleansing mask, which often results in an attack of imperfections. Although, there are many different face masks on the market, such as tightening and firming; but i'm not at that stage - just quite yet.

The two face masks i have used again again, both nourish and hydrate your skin to feel soft and smooth. They are perfect for these winter months, when you skin has lost it's summer glow and it looks dull, tired and grey. Both these products boost the skins moisture levels, adding a healthy glow and conditioning at the same time, fabulous. The two masks both have the same intention but are completely different price ranges and are applied differently.

The first mask is 'Garnier Skin Naturals Comfort Rich Mask,' price at £1.29 for two sachets, it is amazing value for the quality of the product.

So i stumbled upon this product while very hung over, how ladylike. But honestly, it works wonders. It promises to hydrate and protect and add moisture to dry to very dry skin. With the extra ingredient of acacia honey (whatever that may be) combats the drying effects of 'external aggravation,' feeling soft and supple. It really stays true to its claims, i don't tend to have dry skin but the added moisture which doesn't feel heavy or greasy, is really noticeable.

I apply this either before i'm due to go out or before bed, it acts really fast and visibly plumps up the skin after washing off. It has a consistency of a moistoriser rather than a clay mask and needs only to be left on for 10 minutes before washing off. This product is defiantly one of my must haves, the fact that its two sachets means i can prepare my face for a night out and use one in the morning to recover my over tired skin! But seriously, i will try to use this mask once a week, especially when the weather becomes so cold.

The second mask is applied like a moisturiser, Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins retails at £25 for 50ml. This miracle moistriser mask is worth every penny and trust me that little bottle goes a long way.

One applied to gives immediate radiance, as well as brightening and tightening the skin. It rids the skin of any tiredness, by adding a luminous sheen without looking greasy or making the skin feel tight or heavy. This product was given to me last year and the bottle is still pretty full, i use it quite regularly but only the smallest amount is needed.

The cream is quite thick, but thin enough to spread easily and not look like its plastered on. I apply it after moisturising, by stroking the mask on to my face. This application has to be done right, the cream has to be stroked on to the skin rather than rubbing, which will end up crumbling (not pretty). Then i apply my make up as normal on top. This difference is very noticeable and skin looks refreshed and healthy, its rather scary how good the cream is. The radiating glow that it achieves, looks like i've been detoxing for the past month on a island far far away; and thats a price i do not mind paying for.

However, i think you should not be put off by the price, for the small amount used and needed, and the quality of the product it really is worth while. Plus, an added bonus, the cream can also double up as a face mask so it can be used as a mini facial. This mask is also very well known with many beauty insiders and make up artists swearing by it, especially on many celebrity clients.

I would go out tonight, but i haven't got a stitch to wear.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
London Fashion Week.

I love, love british fashion. Sure give me that chic parisian Chanel and beautiful, italian Prada any day of the week, but right now it's all about the british designers.

Burberry has been a long love of mine, i just heart everything about it and right now, its the essence of screaming cool, young britannia. So well done Mr. Christopher Bailey, you bought Burberry back to where it belongs.

enjoy. i have ;)


20.00 PPQ

Loves: monochrome, bibs, big shoulders, leather, holdalls.


13.00 Matthew Williamson

Loves: intricate embellishment, bow tie front heels, pastels, texture, big shoulders, sleek lines.

18.00 Vivienne Westwood Red Label

big love to this handbag!

loves: florals, grunge, loose, frills, pastel, metallic, clinched in waist, dramatic.


10.00AM Luella

OH, how i heart Luella!

loves: retro, pea coats, pastel colours, big bows, box hand bags, prim, proper, big buns, floral, girlie, romantic, 60's, polka dots.. neat.


11.00AM Erdem

loves: trenches, texture, deep v- neck, florals, blue, lace, mary janes.

18.30 Burberry Prorsum

Heres Mr. Christopher Bailey to introduce his amazzing collection.

loves: why, i love everything.