Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quite frankly, as eager as i am to see the second film of the ever popular television show Sex and The City, i do have some doubts looming. Will this film live up to the previous television series or just ruin and cash in on its success? How far can we follow four single women into marriage and bearing children? This surely disrupts the main ideas and themes of the show? Do i want to see Carrie Bradshaw shopping at Barney's children's department or stomach another break up with Big? Although, i have never been disappointed with previous story lines (thank christ they got rid of the Russian) and i think with Sarah Jessica Parker and Darren Star (the director) working closely together; it could be a neat end to six seasons worth of Jimmy Choos, cosmos and men. The closure that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte needed.

Filming of the second film was due to start early summer however was delayed, here are some shots of a scene being filmed.

Some one please buy me a lovely glittery pair of Christian Louboutins!