Thoughts of the Day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Suri Cruise is the most adorable celeb child and her dress sense is pretty stylishh for a three year old! Check out those sparkly silver heels, practicing for a pretty pair of Manoloes? The bit that i can't quite understand is how the the hell a three year old can muster the art of walking in heels while i can only handle a brisk jog where i look like i'm disabled? Oh the shame.

OH! this made me chuckle. I seriously hope that Miss Alexa Chung isn't thinking..

'Bloody hell, where do i know this women from? With that freaky hair style and sun glasses indoors?'

That would be Anna Wintour. Bang goes your Vogue cover, Miss Chung.

Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof sitting front row at Sienna Miller's twentytwelve runway show.
I wonder if Nuclear Wintour apolgised to Sienna, with her 'toothy smile' and 'unruly hair.' heh.

Victoria Beckham> Naomi Campbell

Clearly fashion brings everyone together, after bitchy, acid tongued Naomi Campbell sarcastically asked Victoria why she was called 'Posh' Spice which prompted Victoria to call her a 'massive cow'!
How british! and well said, i must add.