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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i happen to be a very, very happy girl.
oh yes.
i hit up Selfridges and Bond St.
you know what that means?

say hello to LUELLA PUMPKIN. the latest addition to my handbag collection.
i was heart broken when i found out Luella was closing, so i'm glad i have a part of Luella in my life before it was too late!

Luella Pumpkin Bag - (was orginally £700.00 - reduced to £209.00!) OH HI!

i also couldn't resist picking up this cute notebook by Luella for all my scribbles.

i wasn't the only bargain hunter of the day, the GBF (gaybestfriend) picked up this pair of Dolce and Gabbana sneakers, as if he needs another pair ;)

January Sales.

Sunday, December 27, 2009
I'm actually disgusted and pleased with myself, if that's possible? I managed to purchase and blag some amazing items in the sale, that a) i will actually use b) i actually wanted c) will be a investment. But still i manage to go on a shopping frenzy - is there no restraint? ;)

I bought these in a last minute dash with the boy, how could i say no to more pearls? especially at £2!

black fabulous pumps at a more fabulous price?

These technically weren't in the sale.. but they do look fabulous in a high-top bun!

I eagerly snapped this Dior set up today, i usually pay £19.50 for my Dior Black Out Mascara, so this was an absolute bargain at £13 from Debenhams! It includes a Doir Iconic mascara which also comes with a diddy lipstick in Rogue, i can't wait to try this out.

As i worked on Boxing day (painful, long story that is) i decided that i owed my self a treat. So straight over to Boots in my lunch break i picked up these two goodies, at half price. I did have to shove and grab but it was so worth it. As if i don't need any more bath and shower bits - i picked up this Elle Macpherson gift set for £4 - crazy.

It included a body buffer mitt (not shown), this is actually crazy good. I hope you are able to buy them separately because it really did buff and exfoliate all the body really well - perfect for the pre-tanning for NYE. It also includes a mini shower gel, body scrub and body butter; they smell delicious too!

This Tony and Guy set was also a steal at £5! I mainly picked up this set because of the mini hairspray and brush which are ideal handbag size to carry around. It also includes and shampoo, conditioner and a Funky Gum which i can't say i'll use but hey ;)

Printed Zebra Top - Topshop (was originally £28.00 - then £15.00 - then with Student Discount £13.50)

I have to admit that i actually ran, yes ran to Topshop on Christmas eve. My manager at work very kindly let me and a work friend raid Topshop at dead on nine am. With no other faffing women we had first picks of the sale - muwahahah. I swiftly picked up this printed blouse, it has a lovely gold zip detail at the back as well as cute frilled collar.

Gold Zipped Trench - Topshop (was originally £75.00 - then £40.00 - with SD £36.00)

I have crushed and swooned over this trench for a long time coming, i had my suspicions that it would enter the sale. This photo really doesn't give it enough credit! Its perfectly structured with gold zip detailing and buttons with a check lining. PERFECT.

Dotty Shorts - Topshop (was originally £28.00 - now £16.00 - with SD £14.40)

hello Blair Waldorf.

Sequined Dress - Topshop (was originally £55.00 - then £30.00 - with SD £27.00)


The perfect LBD! It fits like a glove! Its lace! Its sequined!

I don't know whether you can see the cut out bit at the black in the photo, but this dress is simple yet chic ;)

I'm very proud in the knowledge that all the sale items i bought i will actually wear and use, trust me - i will not need to buy any hair care or shower bits for the next year? I'm also on a mass shop in London tomorrow as i saved my pennies and received a large amount of Christmas money :) i have a few things that i have my eyes on, a few are rather exciting.. so watch this space. here i come Bond St... ;)

Its Christttmas!

Here are a few bits and bobs that i received from Santa :)

from the boy! - love, love, love.

Selfridges gift card from the GBF (gay-best-friend)

GHD travel dryer kit, with shampoo, conditioner (not shown), heat protector and protecting mist plus grips. This is amazing! I'm not too keen on actual GHDs because of my very fine hair, but this travel hair dryer beats my fullsize one in terms of heat and blast - very impressed!

Michael McIntire DVD, CoCo Before Chanel DVD and my current addiction being thriller novels.

My parents got me this stunning coffee table book on Chanel, its beautiful pages contain iconic prints, adverts, fashion and beauty photography and on Gabrielle Chanel herself. This is perfect gift for any true fashion fan.

Revlon hair brush, face mask, tights, millions of hair care products! and Mac Nail Varnish in Vamp, ooooo.

Seeing as most Mac holiday collect bags had sold out boo! I received the Smokin' Eyes set from Benefit. I was a little sceptical of whether they lived up to what was promised, but i was very pleased with the results!

- It contains a 'proper' application brush (not the shitty little ones you usually assume when buying a pallet) with a sharp edged brush (for brows and eyeliner shadow) as well as a fluffy eyeshadow brush, which is very easy to blend.

- Eye Bright (the pink strip)

- Pink highlighter and Pewter shadow

- Deep Charcoal shadow (ammmazzzzing!)

- Smokin' Liner Pencil

- Brow Zings Wax - this deserves a post to itself entirely

I was a very happy girl!

Lets get Carried away..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The new trailer for Sex and the City Two!



Team LC!

Sunday, December 20, 2009
The fabulous Lauren Conrad goes for dinner with her mother in LA. After leaving The Hills, LC has gone on to produce more of her clothing line as well as penning her first novel LA Candy; where Jane a young girl new to LA is discovered by a producer that wants to cast them in a new reality show, full of drama, fashion and men. Sound familiar? Also sounds abit naff, but big love to LC who managed to get LA Candy on the The Times Number One Bestseller list, so maybe i shouldn't be so critical?

The sunny yellow coat is so adorable with of course the standard Chanel bag. LC is definitely a style icon, her flicked out eyeliner and centre parting with a neat ensemble of clothing never fails to make her look perfect and glamourous. One day i will master the art of perfecting that eyeliner flick!

Any one been watching the new series of The Hills? The ratings have dramatically gone down after Conrad made her exit and Kristen appeared on the scene. I've grown to Kristen and her man eating ways, but i still can't get her 'STEE-PHEEEEN' out of my head - Laguna Beach.

Team LC or Team Kristen?

Karl who? (so true, unfortunately)

I have two rules in my terms of style. I never, ever wear jeans; i can't for the life of me remember the last time i wore a pair? They just don't suit me and i feel boring in them - which is rather sad as i have a great pair of Sevens hidden away somewhere..

Another item missing from my wardrobe is teeshirts, i own one baby yellow Star Wars tee (i'm a secret Star Wars geek, shoot me.) that i whip out on the beach over my bikini.

Im prim and preen, im no Serena in my jeans and teeshirt; im Blair in my preppy dress and flats.

However, when i set eyes on these teeshirts from Urban Outfitters, i feel a change comming on. I'm desperate to get my hands on each one of these tees.

peace please? loving the vintage feel of the faded print.

i love the deep V. i love Paris.

summer plus baggy tee plus knackered denim shorts.

THIS. these teeshirts so made my week! If you do not know who Anna or Karl is, please kindly leave my blog.

Anna Wintour - the editor of fashion, aka American Vogue.

Karl Largerfield - head designer at Chanel.

sharp tailored blazer, either tee, black satin shorts, tights, killer heels.

Karl Largerfield: why oh why are you friends with Lily Allen and not moi?

more shoes! i hear you cry!

Why go to Mui Mui, Alexander McQueen or Chole when you can hit up Office?

The Mui Mui velvet flat:

The Office velvet flat:

The Alexander McQueen square toed heel:

The Office square toed heel:

The Chole bowed heels:

The Office bow heel:

I will most certainly be rushing to Office to pick up those ammmmazzzzing Mui Mui rip orrf flats, gorgeous.

or hell it, i might pick up the Mui Mui pair ;)