We heart Blair Waldorf.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I plan to buy every single hair band on this list, from Accessorize. Its my new staple. (what a way to hide my bad hair days!). I personally always, always forget to wear jewelry and i think changing your hair or adding something like a very big satin bow! can really transform how you look. And why would you want to look just the same as the girl standing next to you?

Embellished Hair Band - (£14.00)

Victorian Glitzy Super Embellished Alice Band - (£14.00)
Scarlett Satin Statement Flower Alice Band - (£8.00)

Poppy Jewel Hair Band - (£10.00)

Metallic Chain Alice Band - (£5.00)

Carrie Statement Feather Black Alice Band - (£12.00)

Ditzy Print Fabric Bow Hair Band - (£6.00)

orrrr Marc by Marc Jacobs of course! Velvet Bow Hair Band - (£105.00) Strictly for special occasions obviously.