Spread Some Topshop Love!

Sunday, October 25, 2009
I adore Topshop, some women blabber on that its really pricey but i can assure you i would rather buy a £30 jumper than three awful, ill-fitting, bad quality items from Primark.

Honestly i do not know what possesses people to shop in Primark, its horrific - i always end up binning clothes bought from there. They never suit any shape and are so, so badly made. Rant over - back to Topshop.

I can safely say that i still have dresses and jumpers from Topshop that i have worn again and again (and again) from up to three ago and i still love them! I can always rely on Topshop for an outfit, knowing that it will be bang on trend and unique (well as unique as you can be on the high street). Ever since it went Stateside, it has been seen on everyone from Whitney Port to the Olsen twins - well every one loves a bargain don't they ;)

So i decided to post some Topshop pieces that have been spotted on celebs recently:

If its good enough for Beyonce, its good enough for moi!