Ins and Outs - 17th September

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Student's Life

Soon enough i will be starting my final year at university, major scary times. Yet i'm eager to get back into the swing of things, having a routined time-table and not to mention student loan ;) - but seriously after my stint at Stylist, i really see my self in this crazy world of magazine publishing. But before i even start planning out my ambitions and mapping my glamorous career, i've got a twelve thousand word + dissertation to write.. However nothing beats having a good spree in Paperchase, of course I'm not going to get this degree if i don't have the prettiest stationary, right?

Job Profile at Cupcakes and Cherries

I'm sure your all aware of the lovely Daisy, blogger of Cupcakes and Cherries? Well recently i took part in her Job Profile feature on her blog, talking all about my magazine interning adventures, from what i got up to, to how i managed to secure these placements - be sure to have a peak here. 


I'm not going to lie, i kind of need this in my life right now.

21st Birthday.

It's now only a little under three weeks until i turn twenty one, which is pretty freeking crazy - but trust me, age is just a number (hah!). I'm very lucky to say that i have finally booked my stay in Paris for me and my boy, where i plan to visit all the great landmarks, hitting up The Lourve for a good gawp at the Mona Lisa and not forgetting the Eiffel Tower (and Sephora and the Chanel store). 

Surprise Surprise

I bloody hate surprises, some people love them, i hate them. I think this derives from the fact that i'm so blunt, that if i don't like anything by the meerest twitch of my eyebrow everybody knows about it. Which, why at birthdays and Christmas, and even Valentines day, i have to write a wishlist for the boy of what i would like. Poor boy - he really doesn't have the faintest, but come to think if it, neither do i? What do i want for my birthday? Something special or lots of little things? 

London Fashion Week

I'm not there, yeah so? The day i go is when the time is right, i.e when they send me a hand written note from the designer requesting my presence. (This is a bitter lie by the way).

Dollar Dollar

Being skint, not nice. Counting down the hours till payday.

Here are my short In/Outs, do you have any ideas of suitable birthday presents for one's self? I really can't think of anything, i'm more frantically panicking about his 21st birthday which happens to be precisely twelve days after mine. help?