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Friday, November 4, 2011
Marc by Marc Jacob Rose Gold Ring - My Wardrobe (£40.00)

Major lusting after this beautiful heart charmed ring. On first appearances it looks rather bulky, but after closer inspection it is rather dainty and feminine. I adore rose gold, and of course Marc Jacobs. I somehow acquired a twenty pound gift card from My Wardrobe as part of a loyalty scheme when i purchased my Alexa, which would make this ring a worthy steal at twenty quid.

Should i splurge or put it on my christmas list and save my voucher for a rainy day (aka the sale)?

You will have to excuse my absence from the blogging world as on Tuesday night my Mac Book died a tragic death. After many tears (yes really) and flashes of coughing up nine hundred squid for a replacement, I nearly kissed Rick the Apple Genius Bar assistant when he said i needed to replace the battery. So whilst that's on speedy delivery I retreat the iPad, tar-rah.