The Lust List - 16th November

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tulip Scalloped Skirt - New Look (£29.99) - All i can say is boy, New Look - you've upped your game.

Embellished Collar Shirt - Miss Selfridge (£39.00) - Clearly i'm going through a ridiculous sparkle and embellished faze, but in all honesty this shirt is far too pretty for words.

Best of the Minis - OPI (£27.50) - I'm a sucker for mini varnishes, and theres a distinct lack of OPI in my varnish collection, do i need any more excuses?

Fleece Foral Print Robe - Topshop (£36.00) - Crazy overpriced, but how cute? My own dressing gown is currently sporting a hair dye DIY dalmatian print masterpiece, whoops.

Brown Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins (£70.00) - Yes, i do already own fifty thousand coats already - including a faux fur one already - but its pretty hard to pull off leopard print fur when you live so close to East Croydon. I have however been eyeing this beautiful simple brown fur coat in Dorothy Perkins, i feel a splurge coming along.

Orgasm Lust Set - Nars (£22.00) - You can never have enough Nars, and you if don't shame on you. Although this is the perfect starter kit for any Nars virgin, as it houses their best sellers in a travel friendly duo, both Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer. Pretty much a steal at that price, especially with the added matching mini gloss.

Diamonds by the Yard necklace - Tiffanys (£160.00) -This wouldn't be a lust list without a sprinkle of Tiffanys, however - dainty diamonds really are a girls best friend.

Christmas Sock - Topshop (£3.50) - Who doesn't love a Christmas sock? I do hope they make a matching jumper.

Leather Tote Bag - Mui Mui (£695.00) - I need not justify this lust. 

All About Cheeks Pallette - Nars (£45.00) - My uttermost favourite lust. Also putting an end to the pain staking qualms of traveling: 'Sarah do you need to take FOUR blushers with you on holiday?' Seriously swooning right now, amidst the confused face of baffled mother. 

After being super super organised with my Christmas shopping, i literally only have to buy presents for the boyfriend, the hardest and most expensive of them all. Despite the fact we swapped Christmas gifts for the past eight years, boys are really hard to buy for. So while i type random boy interests into Amazon, i've decided to indulge in some serious online window shopping. These will probably make to on to my Christmas list (i have been ever so good this year), if i don't sneakily buy them in the mean time!