I'm throwing my arms around Paris

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
This post is all about my winter warmers, with the cold weather causing havoc with my skin i raided my beauty box to unearth some hidden treasures. I've been religiously using these three products for the last month or so, and can definitely see a much-improved difference, plus its added brownie points for using up my massive product stash in prep for the onslaught of the beauty gifts i've popped on my Christmas list! 

First up is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, a rather iconic product known for its multiple uses. The herbal smelling orange gel can be used on skin irritations, sun burn, scrapes or dry skin to heal and sooth. However i find this is the perfect lip balm, its thick consistency only needs the tiniest smidgen to instantly hydrate and really sink in, then in the morning, hey presto! beautiful silky soft lips. I suffer horrendously with a rather bizarre dry patch on my upper lip, bought on from the air con at work (boo!) and this does wonders. Pricey for a lip balm? Yes, but it will last you forever. One thing you'll have to get used to is the icky herbal scent on first application, but i assure you it's worth it! 

Next up are two products by a brand called Trilogy, an Aussie brand that relies on natural ingredients, mainly the legendary Rose Hip Oil, that boast some pretty amazing qualities. To tell you the truth, i hadn't really thought to use these products until i found them stashed away. But for a brand that hails all natural ingredients, i am seriously impressed with my first foray into the Trilogy brand.  

The Everything Balm is pretty much your standard balm that you can use of any dry patches, elbows, ankles or feet. You can find on these balms from most brands nowadays, from the Body Shop to Liz Earle. Though the Trilogy Everything Balm is jam-packed with a long list full of moisturising oils. from marjula, rose hip, olive oil, coconut, jojoba and the list doesn't end there! Its one little pot of moisturising goodness. Its hard white texture instantly smoothes out to an oil consistency, absorbing fast and easy to spread. I have been using this little skin wonder on my tootsies, with summer long-gone in to the distant past, thats no excuse to forget about your feet. I rub this in after a hot shower, then wear a pair of cotton socks to soak in over night. In the morning i'm left with baby soft feet and it seems to have completely moisturised away any hard skin. Now if that isn't impressive, i don't know what is! 

The Trilogy RoseHip Oil is a 100% skin care oil that caters again for a number of things, alike Bio Oil, it can used on scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. I however have been using this as a night time facial oil after applying my night time moisturiser. The pipette makes and easy application and upon three drops i massage it into my face, avoiding the eye area. I won't bang on about all the Rose Hip Oil goodness, as you can find it here, but what i will say is that when i wake up my skin is very smooth, not overly soft but smooth. It improves the appearance of my pores and any pimples i have, i honestly feel that this definite giving my skin a much-needed moisture boost. On application it isn't neither greasy or just laying on the skin, it sinks it rather well. My only bug bear is the smell, the faint smell of dead roses isn't that appealing, but it wears off pretty quickly.

If you wanted to try some Trilogly products, Boots are doing a fantastic Christmas set here for £19.50. Next on my list to try is Origins brand. What are your winter saviours? 

I'm now off to brace the cold, wet and wind to attend a Mulberry sample sale! Hurrah to saving all my birthday money, definite watch this space!