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Friday, December 2, 2011
A week or so ago i was invited to the Tesco S/S 12' launch at the Oxo Tower with a few of my other favourite bloggers. I've been to rather a few Spring/Summer preview events, but honestly whilst the weather is currently below freezing, i can't quite muster up the enthusiasm to show you the latest pair teeny tiny pair of hot pants on show. However, i was pretty much blown away with what Tesco have to offer next summer, their designs were bang on trend, mirroring the romance of sunny whimsical days out to the Victoria Beckham-esk clean, structured lines. I'm really not fibbing when i say i could happily buy most of the collection, it also makes me wonder, does my local store even get most of this stuff in? I bloody hope so, the prices were cheap as chips (on par with Primark's more pricey side) but excellent quality. 

I've got a bit of a soft spot for Tescos, i always have a sneaky browse around their clothes department whilst i'm in the middle of my grocery shop. Grocer shop meaning stockpiling on magazines and sweets but still, i have found some amazing gems, that i still wear now. They are my go-to for swimwear as you can mix and match all sizes (perfect for when your flat chested with hips the size of a small killer whale) at really affordable prices. I've definitely got my eye on their Cath Kidston-esk printed bikinis, far too pretty. 

Sadly i didn't get too many photos, as i was suffering with Man Flu and juggling a box of tissues and a camera around the swanky OXO tower wasn't an easy feat. But definitely check out Sarah, Hannah, Emma and Sophie's blogs for more snaps.
DEFINITELY having one of these at my wedding!
I was also kindly gifted with a voucher to use on the Tesco's website, which of course they really couldn't expect me to wait till summer could they, not when these babies look so toasty!

These slippers were already on my Christmas list, but i really couldn't wait that long! They are unbelievable toasty and comfy, especially so when you get home from a long day serving customers in the Christmas rush. I've also spied this tartan dressing gown too, of which will be going straight on my Christmas List!

Longtime readers of mine, will know of my underlying love of knitted tights. I usually pick up a good few pairs to last me through the winter season, they really are so much better than normal tights for staying warm in the freezing British weather! This pair are super soft and fitted perfectly, i dare say i'll be popping in for a few more pairs. I adore these floral ones, embracing my inner 5 year old no? Anyone else have to pick up Large to accommodate their rather long legs? 

F&F Checked Shorts  - (£16.50)

This photo really doesn't do these tailored check shorts any justice. Never-the-less, i picked these as i really love wearing shorts in the winter, paired with you guessed it, a thick pair of wooly tights. I have so many dainty cream blouses that would look great paired with these, for a overly British tweedy look. 

My favourite purchase being this cable knit grey skirt, however i have no ideas what so ever how to wear it? As with a jumper i look far too snuggly and resemble a wooly sheep. What would you pair it with, any ideas welcome on a postcard please.

What do you think of Tesco's clothing?