I need you tonight.

Thursday, December 15, 2011
A few weeks back i snuck into to Topshop on Oxford St. and made a few sneaky purchases. Teamed with a gift card and an unusual but rather delightful discount that came with Stylist magazine, i made a beeline for two items that had caught my eye. I decided to make thorough use of my time and take the fifty thousand items to the fitting room to have a good trying on sesh, while mentally add them to my 'Must-buy-in-Sale' list. In the mean time i snapped some obligatory changing room snaps, terrible photos, but alas i couldn't resist..   
My actual outfit:

Cranberry Coat - New Look (£34.99)
Fur Stole - H&M (last years stock)
Grey Knitted Tights - Tesco (£6.00)
Red Flats - New Look (£12.99)

Striped Nautical Dress - Topshop (£22.00)

I do love snippet of nautical, in-fact my entire wardrobe is one big stripe overload. Three quarter length sleeves, slashed neck, a hem line that stretches further than your bum and amazing body-con powers, this dress clings in all the right places. And, not going to lie, makes my bust look rather impressive - optical illusions i dare say ;) It is the ultimate staple item, yes sir-re.

Bird Sequined Jumper - Topshop (£46.00)

Oh look at that - i ventured outside for that outfit photo. Tad pricey i must admit for a jumper, but really cannot resist any sparkle, especially in bird form! A bit lost at what to wear this with, apart from black skinnies, but Michelle clearly came to rescue with her What To Wear post, the beautiful dark purple shade skirt will be mine. This jumper is the perfect blush/apricot shade and it super soft, not itchy like i feared. I would definitely look out for this in the sale if its caught your eye. 

So many thoughts and scribbles i have to tell you, but most importantly, one phrase: the NET-A-PORTER SECRET SALE LADIES! Thats right you heard, get in line, behind me. I've whipped out my fifty quid voucher and touch wood, i hope i get lucky! The details: 11am, tomorrow, follow the link from the Net-A-Porter Facebook

Will you be logging on?