Just mental really.

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Forget Mary Portas, for ladies i am the true retail genius. Not in the sense that i love working in retail, as no human should be objected to that chore, but in the sense i can spot a sale twenty miles off, get my elbow out and shove you off so i can whip that size 10 out of your paws. I've closely watched the pattern of the Topshop sale, call me a mental, but honestly i just want to nab a bargain. I even stumbled on the Net-A-Porter sale by accident the night before it launched, causing a twitter frenzy. I even was joking with Yinka about having a 'gut feeling' that even though the main Topshop sale would be going live on Christmas eve, that something would happen today. I woke up randomly at 5am, fuzzy eyes on the iPhone.. a mini preview sale?? Ten minutes later bleary eyed i bought two items i had been lusting at over for weeks (at a more friendlier price!) 

 Geometric Tuni Dress - Topshop (from £65 to £30)

Ever since trying this dress on in Westfield many moons ago, the mothership has been borderline harassing me to purchase this dress. It may not look all that appealing in its product shot, but on its another story. It would look amazing in Spring with tan brogues and black tights. (Spring? what the hell.)
Lace Full Skirt - Topshop (£38 reduced to £20)

Another purchase i had been ummming and ahhing over for achingly long time, its so classic and timeless. I will have to have to find a beautiful black silk blouse to wear with!

Pearl Knit Jumper - H&M (was £14.99 reduced to £7.49)

So whilst i was browsing online at this insane hour of the morning i stopped by H&M to grab some sale bargains that just cam back in stock. I love that H&M do that, they are probably the only store to restock their sale - yes you'll probably receive the order in July sometime but what the heck. This metallic jumper is an absolute bargain, mainly err because it is from the children's section (age 14+) . Yup, guilty as charged. I first saw gazed my eyes upon it with the H&M catalog sent to me, as soon as i saw it i needed it, but age 14, are you kidding me? Why don't make adult sizes? Zara are churning out the same design (albeit slightly bigger) for fifty quid! After trying one on instore (really embarrassing) and finding to my delight it fits in a warped way, and seeing it on a lady at the Mulberry sample sale (i asked her, she look mortified but agreed it twas the same jumper), i feel i have justified its existence in my wardrobe. 

Pleated skirt - H&M (reduced from £14.99 to £7.49)

Basic simple pleated skirt, staple for any wardrobe. Love the shape.

Fine knit scarf - H&M (reduced from £9.99 to £4.99)

I had been in need of a white/cream scarf forever, they are classic and simply go with every coat i own - i literally just keep forgetting to pick on up. 

So there you have it, a very metal blog post at 6.39am. I have a feeling i will read this in a few hours after going back to sleep and realise how bizarre i am, bizarre or not that lace skirt is perfection! Here are some sale start dates for your viewing pleasure (and add some no-nonsense to this post):

Topshop - sale preview now, but main sale starts tomorrow online & instore
Miss Selfridge - same as above
River Island - started online already
Boots - Christmas Day
French Connection - on sale now
Mullberry - Christmas eve online
Net-A-Porter - on sale now
Harvey Nicks -Boxing Day
John Lewis/Liberty/Selfridges/Harrods - 27th Dec

Care to share any others? Also when ever i type the word 'mental' i think of Ronald Weasly, no just me?