Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Over the weekend i went out for my first Christmas shenanigans with a few old school girls, then spent Sunday recovering (wine is not my friend) so this post is more of a Tuesday catch up, snap shot. if you like.
On Sunday i wrapped all my presents, and bloody heck there was a lot of them. The first few i busted out my amazing wrapping skills, getting all fancy with festive and strategically placed bows, evoking that Love Actually moment with all the finishing touches and decoration. Not forgetting my Christmas slippers at the ready and my ultimate get-into-christmas film, Mary Poppins on in the background. 

After perusing around Boots on payday, i decided to splurge on a red lipstick named 'Hollywood' from 17. Their Mirror Sine formulas are incredible, with a striking resemble to Chanel's Coco Rouge Shines. They apply really creamy, with a strong moisturising/hydrating feel on the lips, but looking ever so shiny. After previously purchasing the nude shade Beehive, i knew Hollywood would be a nicely pigmented (not overly so) but with a enough shine to not look too out there. Slowly taking those baby steps to a wearable red lip! Definitely be whacking this out at the Work Christmas do, then maybe one day Mac's Ruby Woo.
Last night i went out for a second Christmas rendezvous, dinner with the girls. The lovely Sarah gifted me with these beautiful presents. Hands-down she is the best gift giver, and no you can't steal her. The Liz Earle hair set has been a long favourite of mine (i highly rate it), Victor & Rolf fairy tales is another beautiful coffee table book for my collection, and sorry - but Fashion Designer Top Trumps - amazing!
Black Rainbow Beaded Mini - New Look (£10.00)
Tulip Sequin Mini Skirt - New Look (£6.50)

These two skirts are no lie, probably two of the best clothing buys of this year. I spied the two embellished beauties back on the New Look website in early November, but never looked twice as combined they came to a good eighty quid. I bought them both on Saturday night for a horrendously amazing £16! The black and gold sequin skirt is made of surprising good quality, with a fitted lining and embellished gold waist band, a skirt i'll definitely be wearing on Christmas eve. The pale nude pink skirt is a rather Mui Mui-esk scalloped edged with dainty sequin flower petal detail, one to definitely be worn in summer. Such great buys for my wardrobe, perfect with a silk vest top or dressed down with a black blazer and plain white v-neck tee! 

Also, a short little note to say please keep a beady eye on your dashboard tomorrow as there is a very, very exciting Christmas posts due to be popping up by some of my (and yours!) fellow bloggers..

Whats your favourite Christmas film?