Papas got a brand new bag!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

 Last Wednesday i was luckily enough to be invited to a Mulberry sample sale at the Music Rooms, South Molten St. How did i nab that invite? I don't know, but god bless that mailing list. After attending last year, i upped the ante, took various saved birthday money and aimed for a more peaceful hour of shopping around 3pm. Who was i to kid? These women were crazed Mulberry addicts, and i was right there with 'em. Bypassing the bags (there was a reason they didn't sell first time around), i could have nabbed some serious bargains accessory wise (£37 for a laptop case - serious regret!). But with my wise head on I snapped up this dark brown make-up purse for a rather tidy sum of £70, something i know i will forever use and also happens to nicely match this little purse i bought last year!

Fear not ladies, for the Mulberry January sale is just as good, if not a little dangerous. Look out for the online sale for some rather good reductions, and if your local House of Fraser stocks Mulberry, definitely check out their concessions. My local HOF always has some great sale pieces that don't sell out too quickly! I may have my eye on this. I have been awfully good.