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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No7 Pampering Dry Oil Spray - Boots (£8.75)

I hate those blasted No7 vouchers, i stand there for ages lingering over what to buy. Despite the fact i love the eyeshadow brushes, the staff are starting to give me funny looks i've bought so many. No really. After trying various dry oils in all these beauty boxes and falling in love with the Nuxe one (then swiftly falling out with the price) i decided to try the Pampering Dry Oil Spray with my £5 off No7 voucher, making it a rather steal worthy £3.75. I'm not going to lie, a) i didn't have the highest hopes with this product but then b) i am horrendously lazy when it comes to slathering on body lotion after the shower. Its flipping freezing and the quicker i get in my pjs the better, but the guilt of dry skin in the winter is rather pesky too.

However, after i swifty jump out of the shower and towel dry, a few quick spritzs of the dry oil spray, my skin is silky smooth. It sinks in instantly, which i find really rather impressive. It is neither sticky or leaves any residue on the skin either. A little also goes a very long way, i've been using it religiously for the past two/three weeks generously spraying everywhere and i've hardly dented the bottle. With the spray applicator its easy to spritz all over, even the troublesome patch on your back you can never reach. Its not heavy in the slightest and i can see this becoming a future staple in both sumer and winter. It has quite a distinct fragrance, which i rather like, but some may not. However, it doesn't last long on the skin, neither interrupting with perfumes or such.

Next time the vouchers are lurking in the pits of your handbags, i really recommend picking up a bottle. Especially for the girl who like me loves to feel pampered, in a rather lazy, easy way!