The Lust List - 28th June 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I haven't compiled a Lust List for quite a while, simply because i haven't lusted over anything, oh how depressing of me! Autumn/Winter is far more exciting i think, or maybe i'm just bitter that i didn't have the excuse of a holiday this year to bulk buy those floral, frilly, coral, chiffon, floaty summer clothes, boo!

But never the less, there a quite a few in-between season pieces floating about in Topshop, hence why the list is basically compiled of Topshop..

This khaki green sequin top looks absolutely fabulous in real life, but online it just looks crap. It would look super fierce with a tan (i feel like i always say this?) and some black skinnies, neither of which i am or own. So although i'm lusting from afar, this can stay looking pretty instore, and with that price tag, my purse can sigh a breath of relief.

Back to basics, with all the printed and tailored skirts and shorts i own, i need some thing to balance it out. And nothing beats the feeling of a brand new, fresh white teeshirt. With the rolled up sleeves and cute pocket are simple yet good added details.

I adore this skirt. Is it because it sparkles? It is because it looks worn out? I don't know, i just want it.
I'd buy it for £45, even with student discount, thats a pricey skirt. Although a similar skirt is selling All Saints for £130, mmh.

I'm buying these without a doubt, i just love the powdery, dusky pink and they are tailored. Effortless.

I think this is one of those dresses that looks naff on the hanger, so you bypass it. Then two weeks later, you see some one actually wearing it, and you kick yourself because it actually looks amazing on. This dress is that dress. Yet - i will not be trying it on, just because i know i will buy it. hah.

I know people find Topshop rather pricey, i suppose i look slightly past that because i have student discount (my love for NUS will never die) but just looking at these items, i really think they have notched up the prices. Even still, i think i will still go on to purchase, would you?