The September Issue

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anna Wintour is the most prestigious and iconic woman in the fashion industry. Since taking on the role as editor in chief in 1988, Wintour has fiercely ruled the pages of the world's most fashion bible, Vogue. From handpicking designer items to establishing new designers, Wintour has one of the biggest influences in fashion. Marianda Preistly, the ficitional adaption of Wintour in the highly successful Devil Wears Prada plays on Wintours notorious character. Reffered to as 'Nuclear Wintour' by many in the industry, she has over ruling power within both the magazine and fashion industry. 'Nuclear Wintour' once famously made Milan Fashion Week move dates to fit in her schedule as well as instructing many well known designers what to include in their runway shows!

For the first time, British born Wintour allows director RJ Cutler to film her and her army of editors and assistants, which gives us an insider look into the biggest edition of the magazine; the September issue. In this 88 minute film you follow Wintour around all the shows, meetings with head designer at legendary brand YSL and her own personal views on her career, the fashion industry and her biggest publishing achievement Vogue. Anna Wintour, of course, does this in her trademark polished look, consisting of her immaculate bob hairstyle, Chanel suit and big framed glasses which is a must at every runway show.

Anna Wintour may lead the way in fashion, showing all types of women to way to dress; but she certainly sets her self above from the rest. She was born to lead and follow the trends in fashion and she has achieved this by imposing a strict over ruling in how the magazine is presented and what it stands for. This film, to be released in the year is a true gift and insight to any fashion fan.

To watch a trailer for the eagerly awaited film, follow this link: