Three JESSICAs - same name but very different

Monday, April 12, 2010
Jessica Alba appears attractive and comfortable too. This is the way to dress when you go out. Appearing presentable and not untidy and sloppy. Full marks to Jessica

And now just look at Jessica Simpson. She is so pitiably dresses that one cannot imagine that she is a celebrity. She normally says, "I don't care how I look." And here she is just proving her statement true. Loose-fitting sweats, an odd shirt and wearing no makeup. She is looking like a house wife who is heading to clean the floors. For a change her stylish and designer hand bags saved her image a little bit.
She should learn some dressing sense from Jessica Alba or from Jessica Biel (below)
for that matter.

Jessica Biel, She is dressed so well that she is looking very decent and pretty.
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