Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Yesterday, a friend and i went to London to do some much needed shopping. My friend Sarah, (yes, she is really called Sarah too) also had an interview to intern at Southwark Theatre, so went up fairly early. I really miss traveling into London when i'm on uni holidays, i do love living in my ickle village but sometimes its good to be in the city, so many adventures to be seeking out.

so sunny in Trafalgar Square, so busy too.


was very lush and sunny!

trench - Topshop
floral blouse - Topshop
bodycon skirt - New Look
bag - Mulberry
flower in hair - Dorothy Perkins

After pondering over the Laura Mercier eye brow pencils, i went into Liberty's and bought myself the Blonde pencil. The sales assistant also pointed out and drew what eye brow shape i should aim for, which was really helpful. Not ever having any eyebrow with a natural shape is quite confusing when you want to 'fake' them. She also gave me a mascara wand to brush through my eyebrows and suggested that i should purchase a LM pencil sharpener because the pencil is a funny, triangle shape - although this makes it much easier to hold the pencil and lightly brush on the skin with ease.

Eyebrow pencil in Blonde - (£15.00)
Pencil Sharpener - (£3.00)

this is me with my normal eye brows, they are starting to come through thicker but they are so fair towards the end. i really wanted eyebrows to frame and shape my face, its amazing to see what a difference they made.



as you can see i haven't gone the full whack, partly because its damn right odd seeing myself with a full on brow and i don't want it to be so obvious that i have drawn them on, yes?

ironically, after uploading my video the other night which i state that its pointless me buying lipsticks or lip glosses because i never wear them, i went out straight the next day and bought Cherries in the Snow by Revlon. Its such a bright pink, red lipstick. I really felt like a change, and with freshly new dyed darker brunette hair it really looks pretty.

Cherries in the Snow - Superdrug (£7.00)

the lipstick is more intense than what's shown in this photo, but without eyeliner it can look abit odd, so i blotted it.

this super cute tailored shorts were a must when i saw them, they remind me of Chole and Burberry.

Zara - (£19.99)

these vintage looking sandals were a savior, after walking up, down, all around Oxford St, the shoes i were wearing were not cut out for hardcore shopping. so after having my eye on these for a while, i snapped them up on the asap.

Topshop - (£25.00)

all the cardis i seem to have are all wintry, so i popped into h&m to pick up some for Spring/Summer.

mink cardi - H&M (£14.99)
peach cardi - H&M (£9.99)

I'm really loving peach at the moment, it such a soft summery colour.

i also purchased some Pan Oxyl online, this spot cream is only available over the counter. as i don't have acne i didn't think i would qualify to buy it, so i bought it online. Apparently this gel is suppose to be a miracle worker, completely destroying spots over night, however i will have to give it a trail before i fully comment on this product. For £3.50, i will be interested to see what its like. After using my Clinique cleanser and toner my skin has radically become less congested, but before then i spend far more that this price trying to find a wonder product.

Pan Oxyl - Amazon (£3.50)

Have you tried Pan Oxyl?

I also had a BIG BOX delivered from Mulberry.. but sadly it was only leather cleaner, but they gift wrapped and sent it in the biggest Mulberry gift bag and box, my poor post man!